Open Matters of Life and Leth

The city celebrates the moon god

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Matters of Life and Leth

Postby Pluckett on September 21st, 2019, 10:30 pm

22nd of Fall 519

The sun was already below the horizon when Pluckett left her apartment for the night. The lanterns seemingly appeared over the rest all over the city, giving it a beautiful glow under the already soft light of the stars and moon itself. She looked up at the full moon, enjoying Leth's gentle light. She wasn't much of a religious woman, but Pluckett felt the power of the gods on this night. She traced the easiest path to Shinyama mentally, then started off. The city was alive at this hour as Lhavit tended to be. The dim lanterns and starlight reflected many bits and bobs from large flowing cloaks and scarves worn by the cityfolk, and the day's heat had long disapated, leaving behind only a comfortable warmth.
The bridge connecting the peaks seemed to be more decorated as she approached Shinyama. The moon temple was visible even from the distance, its large dome emphasized by the lights within shining through the skyglass. The sounds of celebration were carried, and she soon merged with a crowd of party-goers adorned in their finest Leth-honoring outfits. Dark colors and large sweeping fabric dominated this group, with the twinkling of glass beads and an occasional silver bell clinking.

The Temple of the Moon was surrounded by odd groups enjoying the air, and the front doors were held open and revealing the inside. A few booths along the road hosted vendors showing off their goods. Pluckett noticed a stand full of fabrics - the twins of the Silk Palace were both holding one end of a scarf to a customer. Pluckett made her way over.
While most of their clothes were custom-tailored in the shop, the trio had made a small selection of more one-size items. Cloaks, capes, and scarves hung around the stall, each one each one tied with a tiny slip of paper displaying a price. Pluckett noticed a scarf hanging on the side. She carefully lifted up the tag. It was silk, dyed a dark blue, with many small stone beads sewn to hang from the edges. She could afford it, and as soon as she had that thought Shilo Hai was beside her.
"Interested in the scarf?"
Pluckett touched the fabric, and nodded.
"It's beautiful."

Scarf purchased, she wrapped it around her neck and shoulders. The beads gave it a comfortable weight. Not far away was a woman was helping another tie flowers into her hair. She plucked a flower from the pile beside her before slipping the stem against a strand she was braiding. The process was almost done.
Pluckett walked over. It felt like forever since she had let her hair become decorated - lately it had always hung down or in simple braids.
"Would you braid mine next?"
The woman smiled. "Sure thing, deary. I'm almost done here."
Pluckett sat patiently until the process was done. The woman handed a few kina to the braider, thanking her, and walked away. After letting her readjust, Pluckett kneeled in front of the woman as well, feeling her begin to tug her hair into braids. Soft flower petals touched her ears. She recognized the colors, but not the names.
"I have skyglass flowers and keokina," she stated, "they're lovely any time of year, and they likely will stop flowering soon. That is if we get a winter."

The outer layer of her hair now had the braided flowers, and the woman gave her notice of the completion. Pluckett turned, and she said "no strict cost - this is just a hobby" as Pluckett opened a pocket of money in her backpack, signifigantly lighter already.
Pluckett took out a few kina to give as a tip, and went onwards into the Temple.

Memo Amount (Kina) Balance (Kina)
Scarf* 37.5 424
Hair braids 5 419

*(Scarf) .10 x (Silk) 25 x (Dyed) 1.5 x (Beaded) 10 = 37.5 kina

[i]word count: 627
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