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Zach and Dev'Ania spend an evening on the Peaks

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Beneath the Stars

Postby Zach Grasswind on November 5th, 2019, 12:18 pm

24th Fall, 519

The Dusk Rest was drawing to a close, the sky above the city starting to fade from a cool blue into an inky black, splashed through with faint pinpricks of starlight. Zach had not long awoken in his room at the Solar Wind Apartments after a long day of hunting for the Jugged Hare and was rummaging around for a shirt that didn’t currently have dirt smeared on it. Finding one, he pulled it on, the soft midnight blue fabric only a little creased.

On his way to the door, the hunter paused as a gleam of metal caught his eye. Moving over to the small desk, he picked up the polished silver rectangle and frowned at his reflection. Would he ever get used to his ‘new’ eyes? The warm blue pupils were now cut through with golden sunbursts and the sight still jarred him whenever he saw it. He wasn’t hiding them anymore, so it happened frequently.

Zach returned the metal mirror to his desk and stepped out of his room. His coat was left on its hook, for the night air was warm. Even though it was fall, the weather appeared not to realise; the rains had stopped, and the sun was relentlessly scorching during the daytime hours.

He took his time walking to his destination. The Peaks were busy, people toing and froing from work or entertainment. Tonight especially seemed set to be busier than usual - perhaps there was a particular musician at The Scholar’s Demise, or maybe the Tea House had announced another special drink. Zach would normally be inclined to see what the fuss was about, but today he had other plans.

Zach passed over the bridge that linked the Zintia Peak to the Sihinyama, eyes flicking along the shop fronts as he drew near to them. The shop he was looking for was one of the closest to the bridge and it didn’t take him long to seek it out, the little sign out front declaring the modest building to be his destination. He made quick work of the small hill it sat upon, and was soon pushing open the door to step inside.

The shop was empty of people from what he could see. Dev’Ania was likely through the doorway in the back, possibly with a customer. A gentle meowing caught his attention, eyes falling on a small black cat stretched out on the main counter. Zach moved into the shop properly, shutting the door behind him, the scent of incense filling his nose. He propped an elbow on the counter near Dev’Ania’s cat and let his eyes roam over the tapestry on the wall before him.

The cat - Ember - meowed again and stretched out a paw to him. The hunter was not really a ‘cat person’, much preferring company of the canine sort, though he would admit that Ember was sweet. He absently scratched the cat’s head, eyes still flicking over the tapestry as he waited for Dev’Ania to appear from wherever she was currently.
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Beneath the Stars

Postby Dev'Ania on November 14th, 2019, 2:28 am

24th Fall, 519 AV

“Thank you so much for doing this reading for me, Dev’Ania. It was quite informative actually. I appreciate it.” The customer stood from her seat across from Dev’Ania and made for the door.

“Oh, of course. It was nothing. This is my job after all. I hope you come back soon.”

The woman began walking out of the shop before stopping to speak to Dev again. “Oh, and, Dev… You stay safe out there. With the killer and everything, ya know.” With that, she gave a nod and walked out.

The comment left Dev with no words to respond. Wren was right. What if someone targetted Dev for being a fortune-teller. It wasn’t really a magic, but some may have considered it one. The Konti needed to ensure that she was safe at all times. There was no telling when the killer was going to strike again. Everyone was at risk. Especially everyone who had been investigating. Surely, the killer - whoever it is - knew who was investigating who he or she was.

The Konti shook the thoughts of what could happen to her out of her mind. She blew out the candle on the table in front of her, watching as the smoke swirled into the air and the burnt wick of the candle glowing incandescently. The sun had just set leaving the only light in the shop from the shining moon outside and a couple of lit candles on the shop’s counter.

After a long reading, Dev’Ania was ready to leave for the day - whether to go home or to wander the city, she did not care. She rose from her seat, reaching her arms into the air and twisting her body as she stretched. The chairs weren’t the best or the worst, but sitting in one for most of the day was not the most terrific feeling.

Her body adequately relieved from aches, she gathered her cards and boxes of tea that lay next to the table and walked them into the dark back room. Just as she was to enter it, Ember let out a growl and rushed out of the room. Dev jumped frightened and dropped the objects in her hand.

“Em! You scared me, silly kitten!” Dev’Ania picked back up her dropped items and began arranging them on the ragged shelves in front of her.

The sound of the door opening was heard from where she stood. “I’m sorry, but I am closed for the night!” Dev yelled from the back storage room as she finished organizing the items on the shelves. She exited the small room to see who had entered the shop.

At the sight of Zach, a warm smile spread across her face. “Zach! It’s so nice to see you again! What brings you here tonight?”
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