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Zach Grasswind

Postby Zach Grasswind on August 9th, 2018, 2:33 pm

Zach Grasswind


Race: Human, Drykas
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Fall 32, 491 a.v.
Height: 5’11”

Place of Birth: Endrykas
Clan: Emerald
Current City: Lhavit
Profession: Hunter
Guild: Lhavit Hunter’s Guild

Fluent: Common,
Good: Pavi, Grassland Sign
Religion: Zulrav, Caiyah, Semele



Zach is what one would call a laid-back individual. Hardly anything fazes him, and he is not one to make a fuss unless he is very irritated. Which is not often. His personality might be described as breezy, with his boyish charm and a bright smile. Tending to get along with most people he meets, Zach is not easily offended, and possesses a light humour. Always up for an adventure, he has a tendency to leap before he looks, not usually one for consequence. Fiercely loyal to those he holds dear, Zach has a big heart underneath the roguish exterior.

Since losing his Strider in 516 a.v., Zach’s bright personality has dulled somewhat. He spent a long time in a deep depressive mindset that he refers to as his grey state. Since leaving Endrykas some of the spark has started to return, and he is making an effort to be his friendly, former self, though he is occasionally still caught up in his own world of loss.

Lhavit, and the people he has come to know in the city, have bought Zach almost back into his former self. His personality is bright once more, but he now has a little extra thoughtfulness about him. He is not what you would deem introspective, but there is definitely more of an emotional depth to the Drykas nowadays than there was before.


+ Loyal: Looking out for those he holds close, Zach is extremely devoted to anyone in his inner circle. He is someone they can depend on and he will always make time for his friends.

+ Laid-Back: Zach is pretty easy-going when it comes to most things in life. He rarely makes a fuss, tending not to even be bothered by negative outcomes, unless of course they have a dramatic effect on him or those close to him. He is not easily offended and is more than happy to go along with other people’s plans if asked.

+/- Straightforward: Sometimes a good thing, and sometimes a bad thing. Zach says what he means and is always honest about it. He’s not one for sugar-coating his words, so if he sees a mistake he will say so. If he’s upset, he will say so. Equally he will always offer up a genuine compliment and sincere thanks. At least you never have to search for hidden meanings in his words!

- Impulsive: More often than not it works out for the better, but Zach has a habit of leaping before he looks. He tends not to think about things before he does them, however this is something he is constantly trying to work on.

- Facetious: Not intentionally so, and not all the time, however Zach often has trouble when dealing with awkward situations, or with people exhibiting strong feelings (especially upset). His automatic response is to head towards humour to try and uplift the situation, even if it is not the most appropriate thing to do.


With dark blonde hair, light blue eyes and a bright smile, Zach is not hard to look at. Light stubble often dusts his jaw and his skin is tan from spending his entire life beneath the sun. He stands at a fairly average height of 5ft 11, and his frame is corded with muscle thanks to wrangling horses and hunting with a bow and arrow.

He dresses simply in fairly plain clothing, favouring un-patterned items for the most part. Usually clad in brown trousers and a green or blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, he’s not particularly pushing the boundaries of fashion. As hunting is his profession, simple and functional is what he needs. ImageHe either wears boots, or no shoes at all if he can get away with it. In warmer weather he forgoes a shirt entirely, and when it grows cold he dons a simple tan coat.

Zach keeps his hair much shorter than what one might expect of a typical Drykas. He never did grow it particularly long anyway, but since leaving Endrykas it has been cut shorter yet.

Eyes: During Fall 518 a.v., Zach was given the ability of Pathfinding. As such his blue eyes have a starburst of golden yellow surrounding his pupils, starkly contrasting the blue of the outer irises. When he is not using his ability the yellow is much the same brightness as the blue, but when Pathfinding is active his eyes seem to be 'lit up'.

Windmarks: Zach’s windmarks cover his left shoulder and upper arm. Received when he was 15 after bonding with his first strider, the marks feature bold black lines of various interlocking patterns.
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Zach Grasswind

Postby Zach Grasswind on August 9th, 2018, 8:18 pm


Zach was born in Endrykas to Makka and Linnaea Grasswind, of the Emerald Clan. He is the second son to the Ankal’s first wife, with an older brother and then a sister who arrived a full 10 years later. His childhood was happy, although it contained the usual harshness that followed the lives of all Drykas. He knows what it is to be hungry, but he has also experienced his fair share of feasts.

Growing up, Zach was surrounded by the dogs his father breeds, and the hunters of the Emerald Clan. His older brother had chosen to undertake the knowledge required to join the family business, but Zach wanted something faster paced - he wanted adventure. With the intent of becoming one of Endrykas’ fearless hunters, the young boy took up the bow and arrow.

He practiced with his chosen shortbow during every waking moment. He would join other young and aspiring hunters in their target practice and with general fitness training. Eventually, Zach had his first hunt at 13 years of age. He left before the dawn with a few of his kin, and upon his successful return with the body of a coyote his Pavilion threw a great feast.

At 15 years of age, Zach bonded with his first Strider. The stallion was named Wirren, and upon his bonding Zach experienced his second feast. This was a great party that lasted two full days to celebrate the boy becoming a true Drykas. Following this, Zach received his windmarks – bold lines of flowing patterns that winds over his left shoulder and upper arm.

His life continued as it always had, tracking and hunting to make his living and to keep his place among both his Pavilion and his Clan. While on a routine hunting trip in 516 a.v., Zach’s Strider was killed. The group managed to return to Endrykas but Zach was forever changed. He lost his zeal for life, his calm and happy nature replaced by a sullen emptiness. He was barely able to function for a time, and even after that he appeared a shell of his former self for the better part of a year. Gradually, he was encouraged to pick up a bow again, and a tiny spark returned.

Zach was able to mostly pull himself out of his grey state, but he could never shake off the feeling of emptiness completely. Being around so many other bonded Drykas felt like a permanent arrow in his side, and eventually it became too much for him again. He needed to get away, to go somewhere to heal fully. And so he left his Pavilion, and the city, when they next passed Kenash, and slowly made his way north to find himself in Lhavit.

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Zach Grasswind
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Zach Grasswind

Postby Zach Grasswind on August 9th, 2018, 8:22 pm


Skill XP Total Proficiency
Hunting 20sp +3 +2 +1 +2 28 Competent
Observation +5 +3 +5 +4 +5 +1 +1 +5 +4 +2 +5 +5 +5 50 Competent
Socialisation +4 +4 +2 +5 +4 +2 +5 +2 +5 33 Competent
Weapon: Shortbow 20sp +2 +2 +1 +1 +1 27 Competent

Skill XP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics +1 1 Novice
Agility +1 1 Novice
Animal Husbandry +1 +3 +2 6 Novice
Arcanology +1 1 Novice
Botany +1 1 Novice
Climbing +1 +1 2 Novice
Dancing +1 1 Novice
Endurance +2 +1 +3 6 Novice
Foraging +1 1 Novice
Interrogation +5 5 Novice
Intimidation +1 1 Novice
Investigation +2 +2 4 Novice
Land Navigation +3 +3 +1 +1 +4 + 2 14 Novice
Leadership +4 4 Novice
Logic +3 +1 +1 5 Novice
Medicine +2 2 Novice
Mountaineering +3 3 Novice
Negotiation +1 1 Novice
Painting +5 5 Novice
Pathfinding +2 2 Novice
Persuasion +2 +1 3 Novice
Philosophy +3 3 Novice
Planning +1 +1 +1 +2 +1 6 Novice
Rhetoric +3 +2 +4 9 Novice
Riding 10rb 10 Novice
Running +2 +2 4 Novice
Seduction +2 2 Novice
Stealth +3 +2 +1 +1 7 Novice
Teaching +2 2 Novice
Tracking 5sp +3 +2 +2 +3 +4 19 Novice
Trapping +3 3 Novice
Weapon: Hunting Knife +1 1 Novice
Wilderness Survival* 5sp +3 +2 +1 +1 +3 15 Novice



Animal husbandry: Soothing a scared and injured animal
Botany: Blueberry bush appearance
Dancing: an awkward endeavour
Endurance: Moving through pain
Endurance: Pushing through the pain of a dislocated shoulder
Endurance: Adrenaline dulls pain
Hunting: Place snares near warrens, dens, and trails
Hunting: Setting a snare
Hunting: Bow shots are harder to make the denser the forest gets
Hunting: Stay down wind
Hunting: Prey is more plentiful further from the city
Land Navigation: staying away from cliffs
Leadership: taking charge in a crisis
Logic: simple deduction
Malediction: basic overview
Medicine: Popping your own dislocated shoulder back into place
Medicine: Dressing a wound
Medicine: Apply pressure to wounds to slow bleeding
Medicine: Using a tourniquet to stop bleeding
Navigation: Using the sun to tell direction
Negotiation: working out a deal
Observation: reading people
Painting: Painting emotions can change your view
Painting: Mixing blue and yellow to make green paint
Painting: Adding black to make a colour darker
Painting: Using water to thin the paint
Painting: Using left to right strokes for a forest canopy
Pathfinding: Different creatures leave different coloured djed trails
Pathfinding: Following your own djed trail
Persuasion: gentle coaxing
Persuasion: de-escalation
Planning: Conserving energy for the future
Seduction: Paying another a compliment
Stealth: using a slow, deliberate gait
Stealth: Stepping carefully to avoid making noise
Socialization: sincere compliment
Socialization: Inviting an acquaintance to a party
Socialization: Buying food for another is a nice gesture
Tracking: Distinguishing Old Tracks from New
Tracking: following scat
Tracking: identifying runs
Tracking: you must know the habits of the animals you’re stalking
Tracking: following human tracks
Tracking: Discerning predator from prey via footprints
Tracking: An Okomo hoofprint
Tracking: Following prey to find predators
Tracking: Move to where birds take flight
Tracking: Following a blood trail
Tracking: Following an injured animal is easier
Trapping: set snares along a well-travelled path
Trapping: how to build a snare
Wilderness Survival: taking stock of the terrain
Wilderness Survival: conditions for a landslide
Wilderness Survival: how to survive a landslide
Wilderness Survival: Keep dogs close at hand so they don't get lost or injured
Wilderness Survival: Being prepared with supplies
Wilderness Survival: Being extra vigilant with inexperienced people about

Lhavit Location: The Jugged Hare
Lhavit Location: Sunrise Nook
Lhavit Location: Alheas Park
Lhavit Location: Tain’s Studio
Lhavit Location: Divine's Gateway
Lhavit Location: The Scholar's Demise
Lhavit Location: The Catholicon
Lhavit: Strange and terrible happenings
Lhavit Location (Shinyama Peak): The Temple of the Moon
Lhavit Location (Sartu Peak): The Hunter's Guild
The Hunter's Guild: Displays trophy heads
The Hunter's Guild: Joining requires a hunt to prove one's self
The Hunter's Guild: General layout
The Hunter's Guild: A place of camaraderie
The Hunter's Guild Mark: Brass and cord bracelet with an etched bird in flight
The Catholicon: Willing to treat animals in an emergency
The Unforgiving: Aptly named
The Temple of the Moon: Don't touch the reflecting pool
Lore of the history of Lhavit
Lore of the eccentricities of Lhavit
Sea of Grass: Dangerous
Sunberth: Anarchic City
The Outpost: Doorways To Everywhere
The Outpost: The Keiss
The Outpost: Open Sky Bazaar

People: Dev'ania
Dev'ania: beautiful Konti
Dev'ania: a fortune teller
People: Madeira Craven
Madeira: not an outdoorswoman
Madeira: wields a crossbow
Madeira and Allister: Together at the scene of a murder
People: Allister Useless
Mauriel: bard Ethaefal
Mauriel: Horns are yellow in the fall
Lomki: Butcher at the Jugged Hare
Orim: A founder of the Hunter's Guild
Stannis Sunwalker: A founder of the Hunter's Guild
People: Aysel, a Lethaefal
Aysel: Helps run Lhavit
Shinya: Lhavit's guards
People: Doctor Alessia Amaryllis
People: Rasika, receptionist at the Catholicon
Corin Row: Summoner and researcher at the Divine's Gateway
Ruik: Corin's familiar
Chiona Dusk: Murdered an Ethaefal
Myra: New to Lhavit since Summer 518 AV
Myra: from Ravok
Myra: Hobby herbalist
Raeyn: Has a twin sister, Mara
Liard: not friends with Madeira
Alric: Odd Jobs Man
Alric: Sunberth Citizen
Alric: Troubled Man
Self: Hates the forest
Self: Likes the sunlight filtering through the canopy of the forest
Self: Green and gold colors remind him of home
Zach: loneliness
Zach: Insomnia caused by pain
Alheas Park: Relaxes Zach
Employment: A hunter for the Jugged Hare
Zach: His first hunt was when he was 13
The loss of Wirren was a wound to deep to recover from
Zach: Past Traumas

Summer 518 AV: Wild djed acting strange in Lhavit
The Moon Festival: A once a year celebration in fall
The Moon Festival: A time for reflection and change

Race: Ethaefal
Ethaefal: feed on moonlight
Ethaefal: Turn to dust when they die
Ethaefal: Change hair and horn colors seasonally
Race: Akvatari
Lore of Kelvic shift
Djed: A type of energy
Djed: Everything has it
Djed: Means 'backbone' in the Ancient Tongue
Wild djed: Unpredictable and dangerous
Wild djed: Can cause death and mutations
Misty Peaks fauna: Misty fox
Misty Peaks fauna: Bears are bigger than expected
Lore of skyglass
Lore of the Gods Domain
Lore of being buried alive
Lore of standing up for a stranger
Lore of the workings of fortune telling
Story: The ghost in the Unforgiving
Drykas: Bond to Striders
Okomo: Sacred to Lhavitians
Lore of being initiated into pathfinding
Lore of being caught in a hanging snare trap
Drykas: Bond To Horses
Drykas: People of the Grassland
Grasswinds: Emerald Clan
Luvanor Grassland Hunters: Dogs of My Childhood
Painted Desert Dog: Desert Breed
Spicecoat: Mountain Hunting Dog

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Zach Grasswind

Postby Zach Grasswind on August 9th, 2018, 9:16 pm


An intricately carved shortbow gifted after his first hunt. (Heirloom)
>The shortbow has a static charge - challenge prize.The weapon creates a mild electrical charge. The first minor wound caused by the weapon is upgraded to Moderate while active. Activates via command word.

- Shortbow and quiver purchased from The Outpost ***

Green shirt
Blue wooled shirt
Brown trousers
Simple Undergarments
Tan coat
Leather boots
A bracelet made from brass and cord, an etching of a flying bird adorning it. The bracelet marks him as a member of the Hunter's Guild.





Location: Lhavit
Lifestyle: Common

House: Zach lives at Ember Cottage at the Okomo Estates with Dev'Ania.


Purchase In Out Total
Starting 100 Ki - 100 Ki
Cash in housing +500 Ki - 600 Ki
Hunters Toolkit - -25ki 575Ki
Yarn - -5 TKi 574 Ki 5 TKi
Summer 518 Living - -135Ki 439Ki 5Tki
Summer 518 Rent - -20Ki 5Tki 419Ki
Summer Wage +455Ki - 874Ki
Art Supplies * - -35Jki 873Ki 65JKi
Woollen Shirt - -1Ki 872Ki 65JKi
Challenge Coin +500Ki - 1372Ki 65JKi
Fall 518 Living - -135Ki 1237Ki 65JKi
Fall 518 Rent - -45Ki 1192Ki 65JKi
Fall Wages nil - 1192Ki 65JKi
Spring 519 Living - -135Ki 1057Ki 65JKi
Spring 519 Rent - -45Ki 1012Ki 65JKi
Spring Wage nil - 1012Ki 65JKi
Summer 519 Living - -135Ki 877Ki 65JKi
Summer 519 Rent - -45Ki 832Ki 65Jki
Fall/Winter 519 - -360Ki 472Ki 65Jki
Shortbow * - -50Ki 422Ki 65Jki
Fall 521 Wage +637Ki - 1059Ki 65JKi
Fall 521 Expenses - -180Ki 879Ki 65JKi
House purchase - -516Ki 7JKi 363Ki 58Jki
Winter 521 Living Expenses - -135Ki 228Ki 58JKi

Ledger note: Zach was inactive during Winter 518 a.v. and Spring 520 - Summer 521 a.v.
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Zach Grasswind

Postby Zach Grasswind on August 9th, 2018, 9:17 pm


Winter 521
Date Title Summary Status
30 Shall We Move In? ... Ongoing

Fall 521
Date Title Summary Status
1 A Reunion Zach seeks out Dev'Ania Ongoing
3 The Familiar Hunt Job thread - Zach and Long Stan go hunting Complete
3 - Long Stan teaches Zach how to process and cook deer Solo
5 To Meet Again Zach visits Madeira Ongoing
8 The Eyes Have It Zach and Moritz meet in The Outpost. Complete
31 The Eyes Have It II Zach and Moritz meet again. Ongoing
52 The Lone Wolf Job thread - Zach helps Long Stan hunt a lone wolf that has been terrorising some Okomo Complete
68 Creatures and Connections Zach meets Alric and buys a dog Ongoing

Inactive Spring & Summer 521

Inactive during 520 a.v.

519 :
Fall 519
Date Title Summary Status
8 Starry Eyes and Hunter Magic Zach seeks out Madeira's help Ongoing
28 Midnight Meetings Lhavit Quest Ongoing

Summer 519
Date Title Summary Status
- An Unexpected Hunt Job Thread Ongoing
50 Better Homes and Hauntings Zach joins the residents of Infinity Manor for breakfast. Ongoing

Spring 519
Date Title Summary Status
13 Aim True Job thread -
29 Songs of a Stranger Zach and Dev meet. Graded
26 Skills for a Hunt Job thread Ongoing
75 Let's Be Friends Zach meets Madiera Graded

518 :
Winter 518

Fall 518
Date Title Summary Status
9 Paint How You Feel Zach has a go at painting. Graded
22 In Honor? Zach and Mauriel attend the Moon Festival -
34 The Okomo Rescue Squad Zach meets Raeyn and joins the Hunter's Guild -
36 A Simple Task Zach takes Myra out foraging. -
42 Falling Prey Quest Complete

Summer 518
Date Title Summary Status
50 The Amaranthine Gate Zach arrives in Lhavit. Complete
50 The Cosmos Center Zach acquires housing ect. Complete
53 Spark Zach meets Mauriel Complete
58 An Unpredictable Thing Moderated event. Wild djed lesson. Graded
62 Can't See the Prey for the Trees Zach sucks at hunting in a woodland. Graded
65 Snared Zach tries to hunt with snares. Graded

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Zach Grasswind

Postby Zach Grasswind on October 6th, 2019, 4:59 pm


Dev’Ania CS
Dev’Ania is a Konti from Mura, and now, the love of Zach’s life. They met while she was working at a bar and a patron harassed Dev, causing Zach to come to her aid. It took a while, but eventually the pair confessed to each other how they felt, and now they are inseparable.

Madeira Dusk CS
Zach met Madeira outside the Hunter’s Guild one morning and ended up saving the spiritist and her son from a landslide. As a result, she recruited Zach to gather certain supplies for her, but the pair have become friends. Zach considers Madeira his closest friend in the city.

Stannis Sunwalker NPC (city)
Since joining the Hunter’s Guild, Long Stan has seemed to have taken Zach under his wing. Zach looks up to the older hunter as a mentor and great friend.


Zach was born to the Grasswind Pavilion, members of the Emerald Clan. He is the second son of the Ankal’s first wife, and the middle of their three children.
(note: these are not approved NPCs - they are not being used actively in rp.)

Makka Grasswind Ankal
Zach’s father is one of the dog breeders of the Emerald Clan, specialising in the Luvanor Grassland Hunters. He has a keen eye for selecting the best dogs and doesn’t hesitate to sell on animals that don’t meet his standards. His dogs are bred for hunting, and they all tend to possess the exceptional speed the breed is known for. When it comes to his family, Makka ensures that each member does their fair share of work. He is stern, but fiercely protective of his Pavilion.

Linnaea Grasswind First Wife
Originally from the Opal Clan, Linnaea always intended to work as a healer. When she met Makka however, she turned her healing touch to animals. She helps to make sure that their dogs are healthy and strong. She is kind and compassionate, and always likes to know that her children are happy.

Samuel Grasswind Oldest Son
Samuel is proud to be a Drykas, and proud to help his father breed the best dogs possible. Samuel also acts as the main trainer for most of the dogs within the Pavilion, ensuring that they do not leave for new homes without the skills the Drykas require them to have. He has married a woman from the Amethyst Clan named Frey.

Kiahara Grasswind Youngest Child
Kiahara, or Kia, is the baby of the family. She has a passion for needlework and cooking, and therefore lends her hand to help out as a primary cook for the Pavilion. Kiahara has learned embroidery and is also learning the art of pottery under tutelage from her fiancé’s mother. Kiahara is engaged to Luca of the Ruby Clan.
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