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Postby Octarus on November 16th, 2019, 5:34 pm


General Information

Race: Ethaefal/Human
Fell: 12th of Winter, 496 AV Time spent on world: 23 years
Gender: Male
Race: Ethaefal of Leth
Birthplace: Shores of Alvadas

Physical Description:


Ethaefalian Form: At night, Octarus changes to stand at six feet tall. His body is made gracefully slender and well toned. While his skin shines like a pearl, his cobalt eyes seem to drink in the moonlight. Beautiful horns slope out from his tussle of hair that compliments his wide cheekbones, broad forehead and pronounced jawline. With the start of spring, his hair takes on a silvery blue, shifting to a coarse black during the summer, a pale gold in the fall, and a lush silver during the winter that complements his fair luminescent skin as he basks in the moonlight. His horns change from a opalescent white in the spring, emerald green during the summer, golden yellow in the fall, and black in the winter.


Human Form: In the morning he is rendered mortal once more. His tenuous connection to Leth severed. Now he is made plain, his stature now that of a man of five foot, eight inches, with plain brown hair and eyes. His face is a plain, honest one where a coarse stubble ranges across his squared jaw. The graceful body that once was is now thicker with muscle. His skin is now sunkissed, except where pale pink scars encircle his biceps, and a dark, block of ink mars much of the flesh on his back. There is a rather dingy quality to him in this form as he seems to go for days at a time without a good wash, and his clothing is rather tattered.

Character Concept

Octarus prefers his own company, and that of the Okomos he helps care for. Yet, he is restless in his solitude. For many years he has been on this journey, this pilgrimage to devote himself to Leth, but he is still he feels incomplete. To compound things, sins of the past have follow him to this sacred place, and infect his peace. Soon even his work won't be able to distract him from the demons within.

So he strives to find what gnaws at him, and hopefully before it is too late.

Character History

Octarus fell off of the shores of Alvadas on the 12th of Winter, 496 AV. There, he had the fortune to be found by a woman who gave him a place to stay for a few days while he adjusted to his suddenly mortal life. She was a middling herbalist of some repute and allowed him to help her work in exchange for his stay. There he learned some rudimentary things about animals and herbalism before taking off with some wayward Svefra.

From there he ended up in Riverfall for a time, awed by its martial beauty, and took to lessons with the bow. He liked the idea of trying to brave the Sea of Grass, but drifted with indecision. So eventually when he got a letter from the woman in Alvadas, he returned without hesitation.

His return was too late however, for he came at the tail end of Summer, while she had been dead and buried before mid spring. In the revelations that followed, he had the tattoos he carried from a former life covered up in slashes of ink that erased their beautiful patterns.

Alvadas had nothing left for him, so he left for Lhavit, longing to find a place for himself again.

Octarus came to Lhavit on the 22nd of Summer, 519 AV. Since coming to Lhavit, he hasn't been it the best mental state, and it has started to have an effect on him. His cottage has been vacated as he gravitated towards roaming the streets. This change is immediately significant to anyone who encounters him as they can see the strain reflected in his appearance and smell.


Worships both Leth and Eyris.

Traning (Skills, Arcana, Lore, and Language)

  • Skills:
    Skill SP/RB/TA Rank Total
    Animal Husbandry 20 (SP) Novice 20
    Astronomy 10 (RB) Novice 10
    Herbalism 15 (SP) Novice 15
    Weapon (Shortbow) 15 (SP) Novice 15

  • Gnosis:
    Gnosis God/dess Rank

  • Lore:
  • Leth: Father of the Ethaefal
  • The Wandering Constellation, Octarus

  • Languages:
    - Common (Fluent)
  • Special Notes:


ItemDebit - Kina Credit - Kina
Starting Funds 100k.0tk.0jk
Market Expenses - 4 Kina +2 Topaz Kina
Fall, 519 AV Seasonal Expenses - 45 Kina
Winter, 519 AV Seasonal Expenses Inactive
Spring, 519 AV Seasonal Expenses - 45 Kina
Total 6k.2tk.0jk


Item Price Acquisition Description
Loincloth N/A Starting Package -
Dark green shirt, Cotton N/A Starting Package Well Worn
Dark Green Pants, Cotton N/A Starting Package Well Worn
Black Boots, Leather N/A Starting Package Well Worn
Grey Cloak, Cotton N/A Starting Package Well Worn
Shortbow N/A Heirloom -
Waterskin N/A Starting Package -
Backpack N/A Starting Package -
Toiletries (comb, brush, soap) N/A Starting Package -
Eating Knife N/A Starting Package -
Flint & Steel N/A Starting Package -


A small, single room 20x20 cottage located within the Okomo Estates, with a 12x12 garden that he has been amateurishly tending thus far.


Thread List:

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