Solo [The Drunken Fish] Time to pay the piper.

Gareth attempts to collect on an unpaid bartab at the Drunken Fish.

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[The Drunken Fish] Time to pay the piper.

Postby Gareth Serpenthelm on November 23rd, 2019, 4:00 am

Ninth night of fall. 519 AV

"Come on Sam, just pay the bloody tab, yer' making this much harder then it needs to be mate." Gareth had been effectively arguing with what was essentially a sentient brick wall for fifteen minutes now over unpaid tabs. The man he was arguing with was large, considerably larger than Gareth, not in muscle but in size alone. Sam was incredibly fat and known for having a notoriously short fuse. He was also known for being incredibly cheap. That much was obvious in the way he dressed. Gareth was frankly unsure if Sams's choice of dress could even be called clothing, it was more rags than clothing with sloppy patchwork done to cover up holes likely chewed at by rats. Sam looked back at Gareth and sneered, his greasy bald head and rotten teeth gleaming back at him. "Listen Gareth, ye got abit fife tae piss aff for I shove me boot so far up yer arse yoo'l be tastin shoe polish fer weeks." Gareth ground his teeth in frustration and slammed a fist onto the counter for emphasis as he started to speak again. "Sam, quit bein such a bastard and pay the tab mate. I'm done petchin around. I know bloody well that you're good for it, Heard you won quite the haul at Tall Johnnys last week." Sam stood up and moved closer letting Gareth feel his stale breath on his face. "Aye, so what if I did you little shyke? What exactly are ye gonna do about it?" Gareth growled slightly as he went to speak for a final time. "Sam, I've had a pretty horrid week, I'm just tryin' to do my job here, but you are really tryin' my patience." Sam looked at Gareth in his increasing frustration and gave a deep belly laugh before deciding to speak again. "Aye, I'll say it one more time lad, what are ye gonna do...beat me til I pay the tab?"

The last statement was more than enough to send Gareth over the edge. With a smooth motion he balled up his fist drew his arm back and threw an angry punch straight towards the bald man's face. A loud crunch noise rang out through the drunken fish as Gareths fist met Sams nose. "Gah..urhk my nose broke my nose you crazy bastard!" Came Sams shout as the fat man reared up like a bear and moved to tackle Gareth to the ground. "why can I never have one workday go smoothly in this petching rat-infested shyke hole of a town. Gareth thought as he was forced to the ground by Sams Hulking frame colliding into him. Once on the ground Gareth was at a huge disadvantage. With sams blubbery frame effectively suffocating him, he needed to find a way to knock him off and fast. Gareth wriggled his left arm up against his chest and then used his free hand to search the ground around him. "Come on, there has to be somethin' I can use! I am not going to die here being suffocated by this fat bastard... he thought as his hand searched more frantically until finally, it made contact with something smooth. A glass bottle that had fallen to the floor sometime during the course of the day. Salvation, Gareth gripped the neck tightly and swung it into the side of Sams face causing glass to cascade over the both of them as it broke. Utilizing the shock of the bottle Gareth gave a push and managed to roll sams massive frame off of himself. "Petch..would it kill" Gareth huffed as he stood up.
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