Location The Sykan Dovecote

Syka's doorway to The Outpost appeared mysteriously one day.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Sykan Dovecote

Postby Gossamer on December 25th, 2019, 1:06 am


Appearing mysteriously in Winter of 519, The Syka Dovecote seemingly emerged from the jungle ruins of Pavena just outside the Syka Commons. It was 'supposedly' discovered when Akvin claimed he cleared it out of the jungle all in one night. However, by the twinkle in his eye when this was announced, the story was received with dubious authenticity. Many Sykans have claimed that where the dovecote appeared, there was absolutely no possibility of a structure hiding in the jungle vegetation in that location.

Regardless, it was soon discovered to be not only an excellent home for Sykan Pigeons but a secret magical doorway to Xyna's Outpost. Denizens of Syka soon learned they could open the door, walk-in, close the door, wait for a breath, and open the door again. They'd find themselves in The Outpost. Repeating the process brought them immediately back to Syka. With the world of The Outpost at their feet, they soon discovered a thriving need for the fruits and exotic vegetables and animals found in Syka. Passing through daily, the Founders soon established trade with The Outpost and in return got a solid source of metal and fasteners which are hard to come by in the jungle.

They found that they could even trade parrots and pigeons for other rarer forms of meat like beef to supply the settlement with even better sources of fresh food. There is no travel restriction at The Dovecote. And while a guard was kept at the Dovecote for a while, it was soon discovered no non-Sykans could break through the Dovecote and invade. Only those that left Syka for The Outpost could return to Syka from The Outpost and the guards were taken off the structure.

It was truly a gift from Xyna. And denizens of Syka soon began leaving offerings to Xyna in and around its doorway to show her their gratitude of her generosity.

Imperial Doves
Image The dovecote is occupied by two primary species of doves. The first type is the Imperial dove. These lovely friendly doves make a great source of food and do a lot of fertilization in the food crops in and around Syka. Gentle, easy to catch, and colorful - these birds make great pets and can be trained to carry messages.

Sykan Pigeons
ImageThe second denizen of the Sykan Dovecote is the Sykan Pigeon. Known for their outlandishly colorful feathering, these pigeons are prized for food items and used for their plumage which is traded heavily in the Outpost.

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