New Feature Merry Christmas Mizahar!

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Merry Christmas Mizahar!

Postby Gossamer on December 25th, 2019, 6:52 pm


Merry Christmas Mizahar!

I'm thankful for each and every player and staffer we have here. And because of that, I wanted to give the site a present this year. It took me forever to come up with an idea that would actually work to do what I wanted to do. And what I wanted to do was provide a place for the scattered pbase to gather together and get a chance to thread with one another when it would be impossible otherwise.

To do this, I needed a mechanism in theme. I wanted to utilize a God or Goddess we usually just ignore... and thus The Outpost was born. All over the game, you will notice dovecotes appearing in your local domains. These dovecotes are actually two-way doorways to The Outpost. They can be used by anyone at any time multiple ways and multiple times.

What is The Outpost? The Outpost is Xyna's Haven. It is a hub of commerce where wealth is gained and lost and every trade possible can happen. This means its a giant bazaar and has the amenities to support that bazaar. I've tried to fill the domain with rp locations that lend themselves to folks really enjoying the ability to meet with people they normally can't thread with.

Ambrosia inspired this idea in me... the idea of having a mechanism for players who can't interact with others to come together. There are job opportunities and people can opt to actually simply move to The Outpost. However, there are rules to follow. They are:

  • The Outpost is unique in that it exists outside of any known location on Mizahar.
  • This location can only be accessed via an Outpost Dovecote. Every domain should have an Outpost Dovecot eventually. If there is no one in your current domain, please nudge Gossamer or your local DS to add one.
  • Players can not start out at The Outpost.
  • Everyone within The Outpost must be from somewhere else.
  • Players and NPCs can actually stay on at The Outpost and make it their primary home. However, they can never exit The Outpost to somewhere other than where they entered it from.
  • There are no limits to trips to The Outpost by day, night, season, or year. People can come and go as they please as long as they have access to a dovecote.
  • Animals, NPC slaves, and goods that are bought and sold within The Outpost as part of Commerce CAN exit elsewhere other than their origins with their new owners.
  • Cats and doves can be adopted and taken to any domain from The Outpost. The Keiss will even give adopters a small adoption kit with food, bowls, leashes and grooming tools in it.
  • Multiple alts can be played at The Outpost at the same time as long as the timestamps are different and multiple PCs owned by the same player don't interact or benefit from each other being there. For example, they cannot pass items to each other via merchants.
  • Players cannot exit the walls of The Outpost at this time. The Outpost exists within its stone boundaries. All windows facing away from The Outpost depict a desert scene.
  • The night sky above The Outpost has no known recognizable stars. An astronomer PC could endeavor to record and catalog these stars and their rotation throughout an entire year.
  • The Outpost is on the same seasonal calendar as the rest of Mizahar. There is no noticeable climate change season per season, however.
  • Any violation of the rules of The Outpost result in The Keiss showing up, without fail, and dealing with the rules violation situation.
  • Any unforeseen game exploitation utilizing The Outpost will result in Gossamer's swift wrath and new rules put into place. If someone finds a loophole around the above rules, please contact Gossamer for some rules editing.

Please let me know what you think of this and if you have any questions. I'd be glad to answer them here. And as you all know, feedback is important so leaving some will really help me improve.

The Outpost Codex is here if you want more information or to get a feel for the location. It will be a WIP.

Merry Christmas. I love you guys.


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Merry Christmas Mizahar!

Postby Ines on December 26th, 2019, 3:02 am

Thank you! This is incredible!!
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Merry Christmas Mizahar!

Postby Baelin Holt on December 26th, 2019, 5:16 am

I absolutely love this, and Baelin will definitely be spending time at the Tranquility Spa. I'm wicked excited, I want to thread with all of you!
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