Location The Overlook

A view and a dovecote on the cliffs north of the dust bed

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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The Overlook

Postby Resolve on December 26th, 2019, 4:55 am

The Overlook


On a swell of land just north of the dust bed’s ridge lies the Overlook. A clearing right off of the cliff’s edge, those who stand at the Overlook can enjoy sweeping views of the area surrounding Sunberth. And it also offers perhaps the most picturesque view of the ocean available in Sunberth, with Lodestar Isle to the left and the Bay to the right. Once the leaves fall, the Overlook can also offer a wide view of Sunberth proper.

Previously just a place to get away from the stress of Sunberth, the Overlook received a surprise in the Winter of 519 AV. A tiny stone building suddenly appeared. By all accounts, the structure looks like it had always been there. Its stones are old and worn, with spots weathered away and beaten. Yet no one can remember that structure being there before, or hearing of any rumors of someone planning to build it or move something there. Possessing an obviously intentional hole in its ceiling and irregular cubbies arrayed inside, most who venture far enough to check it out typically find the structure quite the oddity.

Whatever its origin, Sunberthians were quick to make use of it. With its actual function initially unknown to most Sunberthians, the small, stone structure at the Overlook was soon used as a squatting spot for those who couldn’t live within Sunberth proper, but wanted to get out of tent city.

That changed when Old Faust took control. While the general consensus may be that Faust is crazy, he believes with all his might that pigeons and stone doves will once again come to roost at the dovecote. He wants the structure to become a place of comfort and safety for doves; where they can roost without threat of predator and enjoy the easy access off of the cliff. He believes it so strongly that he’s taken camp at the Overlook and fends off any would-be squatters.

ImageShould one enter the dovecote, they will find it filled with rows upon rows of nest boxes. To those unfamiliar with the dovecote’s true function, it might look like the inside wall of the structure was left undone, with stones missing in every other row. But to those who are familiar with the roosting habits of pigeons and doves, they might be able to appreciate the economical scale of the structure. With room for a thousand pigeons and doves, the Overlook has the potential to be a place of plenty. And as Old Faust continues to tend to it, more pigeons slowly come to join the growing population.

The base of a central, stone pillar rests in the middle of the dovecote―directly under the hole in the ceiling. It can serve to support ladders within the structure, allowing for its tenders to go fetch eggs from the nest boxes. Prior to Old Faust’s takeover, the central pillar was a popular spot for squatters to play dice. Should one be determined enough to investigate the lowermost nest boxes, they might find some old dice still hidden away after too-energetic a roll. But now, any Sunberthian who tries to disrespect dovecote like that will find themselves on the opposite end of his pike.

The actual, true purpose of the dovecote wasn’t discovered until Old Faust eventually put a door on the structure’s only entrance. There appeared to have once been a door on the structure’s only entrance, but someone must have ripped it free and taken it with them. But with a new door in place, the dovecote seemed to come to life. And once Faust realized the gift the dovecote truly was, he now holds his role as caretaker in special regard. Anyone visiting the dovecote―who treats the building and its residents with the respect they deserve―might be interested in closing the new door behind them.

The Overlook remains a spot for people to get away from the constant stress of Sunberth. A place where they can just enjoy the ocean view, provided they don’t run into any bears or wolves during their stay. But visitors beware: Old Faust won’t hesitate to attack if you do anything to disrespect the dovecote.

ImageName: Faust Mercer
Race: Human
DoB: 5 of Winter, 453 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Caretaker of the Overlook, Formerly Sailor (Captain)
Skills: Sailing 70, Weapon (Pike) 68, Leadership 45, Negotiation 43, Wilderness Survival 39, Birdkeeping 35, Land Navigation 23, Writing 21
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Always taking the path of least resistance, Faust went through most of his life with all the drive of a man who never particularly cared about anything. Faust shipped slaves and, for years, hadn’t cared about any of his cargo. Not until one of the birds escaped her cage. She was written off as a loss, until Faust found a collared pigeon at his window. Faust took her back to her cage, but the next day she once again broke free. Only to be found again at his window. The cycle repeated for the rest of the voyage, and Faust found himself looking forward to finding the little Kelvic at his window. By the time they reached Sunberth, he hadn’t wanted to let the game end. Faust bought her, took off the collar, and finally met the young girl.

After they bonded, Faust knew a richness he hadn’t thought he could feel. But Kelvics can grow fast. And soon enough she grew into a woman, and then his age, and finally outpaced him. Faust would never regret having her in his life, but the void she left behind has made everything else bleak. He looks for her sometimes, in the pigeons and doves that he spots. And while he knows that none of them are his lost bondmate, he still likes being around them. After he had decided to stop sailing, Faust went to the cliffs where she had always wanted to roost. It was to Faust’s surprise to find a dovecote at the very place she had enjoyed visiting. With little else left in his life, Faust has dedicated himself to making sure that the Overlook truly becomes the kind of place his lost bondmate would have loved.

There are no gang affiliations at this location.
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