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[Ines] Sidhe and a small group of Myrians make their way into Syka.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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From the Jungle

Postby Sidhe on December 27th, 2019, 8:17 pm

26th of Winter in the Year 519, AV

It was only about mid-day when the woman at the front of their little pack of travelers when she held up a solitary fist. The years of military training each of them had returned as easy as a breath of fresh air and the lot of them quickly draw their weapons and crouched, watching and waiting. Sidhe had his own dagger out, though his eyes were focused on his own allies - he was the weakest fighter like he always had been, but where he lacked in offensive power he more than made up in support.

His eyes slowly looked over each individual present, eyes searching for any easily visible injuries before moving on. It was fairly fortunate that Myrians saw little use for much covering in the jungle, it made it easier for Sidhe to find any wounds that might compromise their ability to fight. "I've outdone myself," he thought with a small grin as he looked them over. Where before, those he was traveling with would often have small bruises, insect bites, or cuts, each of them was free of even the smallest affliction, a testament to his new link to Rak'keli. The Mark that curled up his arm seemed to grow warm at his sense of satisfaction as his eyes flitted to the last person in his vicinity, a woman.

He had only eyed a quarter of her exposed skin, his mind working on autopilot now as he began thinking of ways to thank Rak'keli when he realized he'd never seen this woman before. His eyes quickly flashed up to her face in alarm as he shouted a warning to his party, causing all of them to instantly turn and face the woman. One of the fighters of the group stepped in front of Sidhe as a sort of shield, wielding her sword with greater confidence than Sidhe did his dagger. It wasn't the first time he had felt weak, felt like he needed protection.

"I mean you no harm," the woman said in Myrian, her hands raised and open to show she had no weapons in her hands. She looked vaguely Myrian but her clothing was much different than what Sidhe had seen before. If she was from Taloba, Sidhe figured she hadn't been home in some time.

"I heard you all walking through the jungle. Are you all going to Syka?" Indigo lowered her hands and jerked her head in the direction they were headed, to which their party leader nodded.

"Aye, and to Riverfall after. We can get passage from Syka, I have heard?" Their party leader asked, lowering her weapon and nodding for the others to do the same. Multiple rings of steel against leather rang out as they holstered their weaponry, a few of the people pulling out water flasks, snacks, or simply waiting. Sidhe watched the woman as they spoke. She seemed entirely at ease within the jungle, comfortable, as if she were at home. He wondered if he could learn to be like this at Syka.

"You are not far from the Commons. Come, we will be there in less than a bell. I can show you all to the captain of a ship, he goes to Riverfall often," the woman, now known as Indigo, said. The leader of the traveling group barked a few orders and, within ticks, they were off, following behind Indigo until they made it into Syka.
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