Location Bright Fortunes

The future is bright! Visit a friendly fortuneteller in the ever-shifting Seaside Market.

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Bright Fortunes

Postby Resolve on February 28th, 2020, 9:25 pm

Bright Fortunes


Usually found somewhere in the Seaside Market, the exact location ever-shifting and somehow never far from a rickety cart that sells flowers, there is a rather worn yellow tent. The flaps are folded back; inside, the ground is covered with carpets and cushions. Lamps and candles light the interior, and flowers decorate the space, hanging in garlands and sitting in vases. There are a few crates lying around as well. A wooden sign outside declares 'Bright Fortunes' in yellow paint.

A young woman with wildly curly white-blonde hair, dressed in vibrant yellow, sits at the table. She most often has a deck of cards in her hands, but it is not uncommon to also see a crystal orb or a cup of tea or stones or even bones between her fingers. A plate of baked goods is almost always present on the table as well, and visitors are encouraged to take as much as they like; truth be told, the goods aren't usually very good...more often than not they are burnt, flavourless, or had too much flour dumped into the recipe.

The woman who runs the tent smiles brightly at all those who enter, even passerbys, and will always invite anyone who meets her gaze in to have a seat and have their fortune told; 'after all', the woman tells everyone who enters her tent. 'The future is bright!'

ImageName: Aithner'issa
Gender: Female
Race: Konti
DoB: Summer 82nd, 411 AV (108 years old)
PoB: Mura
Gnosis: 2 marks from Avalis (Divination level 2)
Skills: Calligraphy - 30, Cooking - 20, Cosmetology - 45, Drawing - 55, Dual Wield - 46, Fortune Telling - 85, Observation - 88, Painting - 52, Philosophy - 58, Sewing - 60, Storytelling - 36, Weapon (Suvai) - 78, Weaving - 22
Languages: Common (Fluent), Kontinese (Fluent), Tukant (Basic), Fratava (Basic)

Aithner'issa, who often goes by Aithne, is an eccentric and somewhat strange woman. To those who know little about Konti, she looks no older than a teenager, but she is well nearing the halfway point of her lifespan at over 100 years old. Still, she enjoys the illusion of naivety, and doesn't usually say anything to contradict those that assume she is very young.

A fan of all things bright, cheerful, and beautiful, Aithne is much the same. She is a pleasant and bubbly person with a cheerful and energetic demeanour; however, she is not stupid or naive, and she has proven herself with the pair of suvai she carries on her more than once.

Aithne's favourite colour is yellow, a fact that is made blatantly clear by the fact that she is almost always wearing a vivid or garish shade of the colour, even down to her make-up. She has pale skin and vivid blue eyes, and a mass of white-blonde curls that she lets fall loose and free, often adorned with flowers in some manner or another. Pale yellow-blue iridescent scales adorn her forehead, cheeks, and run along her limbs, marking her clearly as a Konti.

Born and raised for much of her life on Mura, Aithne was marked by Avalis at birth and grew up honing her fortune telling skills. Over her life, she picked up various other creative skills, some of which she is better at than others. Eventually, her calling left her to lead Mura; she spent some time in Riverfall before traveling with a group of Svefra for awhile, finally departing in Sunberth, where she has lived for the past few years.

Aithne is most often found in the Seaside Market; she tells fortunes in various methods from her small, bright yellow tent that she moves around frequently. She can often be found setting up shop near Lana's flower cart, as she fell in love with the woman's flower crowns and the two became friends over time.

She tries to remain positive and optimistic even in a city such as Sunberth, and has tasked herself with bringing some of her brightness and positivity into the city and its citizens; no matter what fortune she tells, she always tries to put an optimistic spin on it, and she always greets and bids clients farewell by telling them that their future is bright.
Tarot (1 card): 5 SM
Tarot (3 cards): 1 GM
Tarot (Spread): 5 GM
Tea leaves: 2 GM (Includes cup of tea!)
Runes: 1 GM
Bones: 2 GM
Crystal ball: 3 GM
Palm reading: 3 GM

If you wish to make use of Aithner'issa's Divination gnosis, please contact your ST for permission. Approval and prices are at the ST's discretion.

Credit: Location by Asterope
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