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Here are many of the events of interest happening in Sunberth this season

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[Sunberth] Calendar - Spring 520 AV

Postby Resolve on March 11th, 2020, 2:07 pm

Spring 520 AV

The days may be getting longer, but the weather gives little hint to the changing seasons. The Morianders continue their struggle―overtaxing their Cultivation to deal with the agricultural nightmare caused by winter’s absence―but they’ve managed to eke out some sort of stability. While the quality and quantity of produce are both be reduced from what Sunberth’s farming would like to see, Sunberthers can now at least know what to expect.

The more attentive of Sunberthers―keyed into the rumor mill―may take note of Pycons running around, the Daggerhand dealing with losses, people renowned for being particularly phenomenal fighters dying strangely, and the Svefra ferries out of sorts after one of their sisters vanishes.

1. The Burning of the Giant: Violently opposed to honoring the empire that died in the Valterrian, Sunberth spends the anniversary celebrating Olsten the Giant instead. Many drunk and high Sunberthers revel, fight, and gamble as the city takes a holiday. Come watch the giant wicker effigy burn a the Slag Heap.

2. With festivities still going strong into the early hours, alcohol- and drug-induced and paranoia run rampant. A rumor spreads about a mage spotted in Riverside, and a mob of partygoers swarm through the area. For the next few days, more bodies than usual line the Mudway’s banks.

5. A heavy rainfall falls on-and-off over the course of the day. And while it proves helpful for flushing out the still-lingering bodies from Olsteen’s Day, it also floods most of the Seaside Market.

8. The atmosphere in Robern’s Reaches seems grimmer than usual. And while the Daggerhand may be tight-lipped about it, the whores at Brega’s gossip of heavy losses from some big hunting mishap.

11. Pycons have become an oddly common sight in Robern’s Reaches.

12. Following the heavy day of rain on the fifth, Sunberth has been dry and unusually cloudless. The Mudway’s banks become more exposed as the river gradually recedes, leaving a mishmash of junk and boons for the picking.

14. The Morianders end their call for a wolf cull after reaping whole packs. But―with the predators still slipping into the city to prey on brats―Tall Johnny continues to offer table buy-ins for heads. It is now no longer uncommon to catch sight of a wolf at night, but the animals so far still tend to get scarce when people show up.

25. Numbers still down―and sensing weakness in the Daggerhand―the Sun’s Birth is offering a “community day.” Lessons at the Proving Grounds are half-off for the next three days.

34. Bear meat is becoming more common at the Baker’s Butchery. The flavor tends to be hit or miss, but greasing the wheels with Kane can improve the odds for the aspiring cook.

41. One of the Vino’s more exotic fares has broken free, and they’re offering a bounty for its return. If anyone finds the Eypharian beauty, there’s mizas to be made. PM Resolve if interested.

46. The wind changes, sweeping the smoke from the slag fire north, and―for the day―Sunberthers can enjoy a fresh ocean breeze across the city.

52. In what has become a theme, another well respected fighter of the Daggerhand shows up dead on the banks of the Mudway. With apparent claw marks scouring the corpse, it seems like he fell prey to the increasingly invasive wolves. But others claim foul play, and the city is left to gossip.

55. For the next ten days, Sunberth experiences light showers that seem to come and go within the span of chimes.

58. Picking up on the possible vulnerability, some Sunberthers take their shots at those in the Daggerhand that they have had conflicts with. More bodies line the Mudway: some obviously killed by another person, but others sliced up in a mimicry of claws.

60. Perhaps thinking he was being clever, one patron at Brega’s claimed he was one of the “wolves.” His sense of humor, however, gets him strangled and hung up for display on the street outside of Brega’s. With a wolf pelt draped over his naked corpse, he’s left out to hang for the next five days.

73. A pod en route to Zeltiva gets to port in the early morning, and many of the local Svefra link their ships up to party. Ferries will be harder to catch today, and the odds of your ferry captain being drunk will be high.

74. When their hangovers wane, the local Svefra is alarmed to find that one of their podmates and her casinor are missing. Most ferrying for the day is suspended as the pod searches for their missing sister.
Quest. Signup details below.

85. When yet another “mauled” body shows up―of yet another celebrated fighter―the city blooms with gossip. This time, however, it isn’t a Daggerhand. This time, the newest corpse is one of Tall Johnny’s prize fighters.
Quest. Signup details below.

Seasonal Challenges

  • Witness something you shouldn’t have
  • Ride on one of the Svefra ferries
  • See the hanged man outside Brega’s
  • Find a victim of an assault
  • Deal with the consequences of an injury


To sign up for an event, either PM me or reply in this thread. If you’d like more details before committing, please do feel free to chat with me! You may sign up at any time this season (so long as the thread isn’t already closed).

  • Find the missing Svefra and her casinor. Active and open! The Pearltide’s Plight PCs: Trynne
  • Investigate why renowned fighters are dying.
These quests will only be run if people sign up. There’ll be no limit to PCs that can participate, and quests will remain open to sign ups until they progress to a point where I decide to mark them as closed.

Anything on this calendar can be modded if you ask. I’m also very willing to run personal modded threads and training threads. PM me if interested!

Submit Your Own Event

This calendar might have some of the highlights, but there’s always more happening in Sunberth! And here you’ll have the power to add your own event. To submit your very own event to the calendar, please use the form below and post it as a reply in this thread. If you’d like to discuss possibilities with me first before submitting, please do feel free to PM me.

Event Submission

Date: Please pick a date that isn’t already claimed in the calendar.
Description: This is what’ll be put next to the date in the calendar.
Location: Where on the linkmap is this happening.
Involvement: How is your PC involved with this event?
Notes: Anything else you want to clarify or say about it.

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[b]Involvement:[/b] How is your PC involved with this event?
[b]Notes:[/b] Anything else you want to clarify or say about it.
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[Sunberth] Calendar - Spring 520 AV

Postby Resolve on March 11th, 2020, 2:15 pm

Archived Calendars:
Winter 519 AV :

With the days shortening, nights lengthening, and yet still no sign of snow, it looks like Sunberth is in for another winter without Morwen. And while hunters might be pleased with the abundance of game that’s thriving without winter weather, farmers in the Agremmon Fields remain grim. Even with a priest of Bala, crop shortages are still to be expected. Wheat was especially hard hit, and other crops have also seen a steady decline in yield over the years. The discerning will also notice that the quality of Sunberth’s crops has reduced as well. To further add to the problem, the abundance of animals has proven to be a huge pest problem for the Agremmon Fields. Hunters are encouraged to step up their game.

Weather this season will be generally pleasant, with intermittent rain and mild temperatures. Early mornings will often have fog coming in off the water, making it a popular time for thieving.

1. A heavy rainfall marks the start of winter. The Seaside Market floods for the first time in a long while, and many Sunberthians do their best to stay dry as sheets of rain come down all day long.

2. Once the waters recede, many Sunberthians go down to the Mudway to see what they can find lying on its banks. Many odd objects were left behind, and for those who are adept at scavenging and salvage, it can prove to be a fruitful day.

11. Some wolves have gotten into the habit of killing livestock up in the Agremmon Fields. The Morianders are demanding a culling, and rumor has it that they’ll offer payment for any wolf’s head brought to them as proof of kill.

18. Still trying to build up membership, the Sun’s Birth announces it’ll launch an overnight wolf hunt. All interested Sunberthians are welcome to join, and you can keep what you kill. Stay close to the group if you don’t want the wilds to swallow you whole. But if you should happen to belong to another gang, be warned that you might find a knife at your throat. Sign up below.

23. The price of bread has jumped. In response, a mob breaks out in the Commons. Stalls run by farmers are especially hard hit.

28. What starts as a bar fight in the Drunken Sailor has spilled out onto the south side of the Bay. People on the north side come out to watch, with some running bets as they settle in on the opposite side of the Mudway to watch the entertainment. A daring (or crazy) few cross over and join the massive sprawl of brawling sailors and locals. No one can say for sure what started to the mess, but by the end of the night there were at least three more dead drunks swimming in the river.

33. A ghost has taken up residence in the Executioner’s Square, causing general havoc to any and all who dare come near the Hanging Oak. She’s especially active at night, when she starts screaming threats and insults at seemingly nothing. PM Resolve if interested.

41. An out-of-towner is accused of using magic. Few can say what he actually did, but the mob descends all the same. Dragging the man kicking and screaming all the way from the north side of the docks to the rebuilt Gallows, Sunberthians descend to the Commons for a hanging.

47. Wolves are venturing past the confines of the Dust Bed at night, sneaking into the northern part of the Bay. While they so far seem to only be going after dog-sized rats, Tall Johnny has put the word out that he wants them gone.

55. Event: Tall Johnny’s is hosting a card tournament. Rumor has it that the winner will get to play Ovek, and that Johnny himself will be participating. PM Resolve if interested.

59. A young Daggerhand is found mauled to death in Robern’s Reaches. The encroaching wolves are blamed, and soon the Daggerhand joins in on the attempt to cull.

62. The fog lingers today, refusing to lift until midday and setting the whole of Sunberth into a thick curtain of poor visibility. Thieves take advantage of the bad weather and loot and steal in earnest as hired guards struggle to spot them.

71. Another member of the Daggerhand turns up mauled and the gang is left confused. She was an accomplished fighter in their ranks, and some members of the Daggerhand begin to claim that it couldn’t have been wolves that killed her.

75. A man raves at the Establishment, furiously screaming and shouting things that just don’t seem to make sense. Even Tua backs away as the man tries to warn anyone who’ll listen about all of their impending dooms. PM Resolve for details.

76. Quest: Word spreads among the Daggerhand about an expedition set to go out that very same night. The suspicious mauling becomes old news as Big Siblings push for their Brothers and Sisters to join.

77. Quest: A hunter is at the Establishment today, looking for others to join him on a hunt. It’s a bear hunt―he claims―and it’ll take several days. The grim severity with which he delivers this announcement, however, seems to be turning most of the other hunters and mercenaries away. For any who are brave or desperate enough to join, he’s offering fifty gold mizas―all to be paid on safe return.

84. A ship carrying foreign, exotic slaves comes to dock. For any looking for a more exotic slave, the Vino now have quite a few in stock until they eventually sell out.

92. As the year comes to a close, many Sunberthians begin to gather at the Slag Heap. Join the other locals as they play dice, drink, and build a giant wicker effigy to honor Olsten the Giant.
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