Don't die this time (Ennisa)

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Don't die this time (Ennisa)

Postby Jomi on March 19th, 2020, 3:12 am


Spring 20th, 520AV

"Are you sure this is safe?"

"That's right boy, say the words. Believe it and it will become real." The ghost nodded sagely.

"That- that's not what I-"


The young boy fidgeted nervously with a cup of murky fountain water. The scuffed toe of his slipper traced anxious circles in the weeds that grew untamed around the idyllic stone fountain he was perched on. The child paused briefly to glance at the crowds nearest the cities carefully curated little haven of greenery. The red haired blue eyed Inerta child was about eight or nine winters old. Old enough to know better, but young enough to be cowed by the perceived authority of random adults.

The Lhavit streets seemed to shine that night. A bright spring moon peaked over the horizon, reflecting off the prisms of skyglass that adorned the domes surrounding the Surya market. The bustling hub was the central point of Lavit, situated in the centre of the largest peak with access to the port, the square was always packed, even in the dark hours after midnight rest. Confused foreigners bumbled about in the pre-dawn darkness, tired and bleary eyed, holding lanterns over the cobblestones as if foraging through the wilderness. And Jomi watched every single one with an uncomfortable intensity.

The fully materialized ghost brooded next to the fountain the boy inhabited, careful to keep himself out of arms reach of the child. He was unmistakable from a real flesh and blood person. From the flawless creases and colours in his clothes to the way the glow of the lanterns reflected on the thin layer of perspiration on his forehead. Jomi kept his right palm pressed tight to his thigh to conceal the glow of the Dira stone embedded in his palm. The drop of the goddesses blood embedded in his hand allowed the power of the deity to supplement his own creating an imitation that was terrifying in its accuracy.

As long as he wasn't touched.

The illusion would fall apart if if someone were to make direct contact. The ghost's pseudo body, as well defined as it was, had volume but no mass. If touched it would be obvious that the ghosts deathly cold body was lighter than a feather and just as fragile.

"Sir?" The boy began nervously.

"-That one." Jomi interrupted harshly, distracting the boy from his query. Inclining his head at a young human woman dressed in fine albeit plain robes. Her hair pulled back in a harried bun as she sped through the square with a basket hung at her hip filled with the first of the spring fruits.

Jomi wasn't interested in the woman's rings or armband, the only objects worth any kina on her person, Instead the ghost eyes were following the pin in her hair. A simple rose coloured agate stone carved into a flower sat atop a long metal pin stuck to the top of her twisted rope of hair.

The ghost had only seemed to notice these things recently. The small, insignificant, personal items that others carried with them. There were more beautiful and infinity more expensive gems than the agate back at the manor, locked away in Madeira's bureau. But the value didn't matter to him. He just desperately wanted to have things.

Other people have things. He was a person. He was a part of the world. He deserved to have things too.

The obsessive thought ate away at the ghost. A wandering soul without roots, a home or even a body desperately wanted something to call his own.

And that hairpin was going to be his.

"Go." Jomi hissed at the child, baring his pointed canines for incentive as the boy scrambled off his seat and ran out into the market.

Jomi watched the boy weave in, out and around the legs of the early morning shoppers. Deftly dogging the hands and shouts of frustrated adults in the way only a child can. Before running directly in front of the harried woman and unceremoniously falling on his face.

Jomi smiled proudly to himself, soundlessly congratulating the boy on being a quick learner and convincing actor as he hurried through the crowd after the child. The ghost caught up quickly, his weightless body was faster than that of a human. No weight meant no momentum, allowing the ghost to change direction around objects in an instant and harmlessly pass over the slick surfaces and uneven ground that would trip a human.

The cup of water in the child's possession was thrown up over his head during the fall. The woman he'd landed in front of squealed in fright as she was dowsed with the slick, tepid water. Just in time for the ghost to arrive at her shoulder, the corners of his lips drawn down in mock anger.

"What the Hai are you doing, boy! You alright, Miss?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine its just- oh you poor child lets get you sorted out, there's a good lad."

The boy sat up and squeaked out a stifled sob, his lips pursed in a thin line to hold in the sound as the corner of his eyes grew an increasing angry shade of red.

The ghost couldn't help the upward arch of surprise on his brows. Oh, that wasn't an act.

The woman slipped easily into the mannerisms reserved to calming animals and small children. She spoke in a hushed, high voice as she lowered herself to her knees, setting her basket down to help the boy to his feet.

"I'm sorry about all this," the ghost began as he leaned down to the boy with her, his right arm reaching out to hover across the back of her shoulders."My nephew is a klutz, I keep telling him not to run on the cobblestones."

Jomi's tone softened to match the woman's more understanding than usual reaction to being dowsed. His hand tilted up towards her hair and closed in around the head of the pin. "I'll take care of him, I'm sorry for having troubled you."
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Don't die this time (Ennisa)

Postby Ennisa on March 24th, 2020, 2:15 pm


It was a fine and sneaky thing to do, Ennisa thought, as she regaled the man with his back turned to them. His long dark hair fell down to his waist, and it glinted in the quartzite brightness of the moon. She'd seen his face briefly, in profile, and a glimpse of his dark eyes. Ennisa thought he was handsome; Itzi, who sat nearby and was also watching the unfolding scene, thought him cold-looking. Fennor cared neither way, but then he was only a baby, after all.

The two friends had finished work earlier in the day, and seeing the pleasant night, had decided it would be good to get out in it. Without help and support from her mother, Ennisa needed to take her baby with her everywhere, which might have been a problem, but Fennor was beginning to settle and develop his own little personality. He was a quiet lad, for the most part, often watchful. Ennisa appreciated that. It made people-watching all the more easy.

She and Itzi, two friends who appreciated a bit of mischief, were watching a fellow practitioner, the dark-haired man. He'd convinced the child sat on the fountain to do something, although they'd not quite caught what that thing was, and the Inartan child was already racing away to do the man's bidding. Eager not to miss an ounce of what was going on, Ennisa motioned an equally eager Itzi to get closer, and they both shifted from their shaded vantage point to progress into the well-lit plaza.

As they got closer, both walking slowly arm in arm as if parading the public spaces of Lhavit like society gals, Ennisa softly pinched Itzi's arm and gave her a warning glance. Look natural, the look said. Itzi merely smiled, and reached to pat Fennor's little blonde head. Duh, Enni. They got close enough to see the mild commotion the black-eyed man and his stooge had caused. The Inartan lad and a kind-faced woman were tumbled on the cobbled floor. A couple of Lhavitians had noticed, perhaps some had chuckled a little, but not many thought any further on the matter. The shifty man with the waterfall of hair was lurking behind the fallen woman, intent on... what?

Ennisa broke the arm-link with Itzi and shuffled Fennor's wicker basket into a more comfortable position. She had an inclination to join in the fun, somehow or other. She kept walking, because it was important not to stop and stare and draw attention to herself whilst she was trying to figure out the stranger's game. However, Itzi had also come to a similar kind of conclusion, and was rapidly approaching the miserable kid on the cobbles with her own mischief on the brain.

"I'm so so sorry, lady!" She burst out, her voice coloured all through with false concern. Ennisa's initial twinge of annoyance that Itzi had been quicker off the mark rapidly faded into amusement, and excitement. It was a good idea, off course. Itzi was just as ginger as any Inartan, and it would be an easy mistake to think she was the boy's mother, thus giving her a perfect excuse. She began to fuss around the boy, and the downed woman, chattering away and apologising profusely. "Ohh silly child!" She hoisted the boy by the arm, her face animated. Ennisa smiled briefly in acknowledgement of her efforts, nodded covertly, and twisted on her toes to change direction so that once again she was behind the man. Whilst Itzi fussed and caused further trouble and distraction, there would be plenty of time for the man to do whatever it was that he wanted to do.

And Ennisa was nearby, ready to help, or hinder. She suspected the man's target was the pretty pin tucked into the woman's hair. If that was the case, well then, the man probably didn't often do his own hair in that way. That was a shame, because he would have known that the pin was probably, not certainly, but probably holding the woman's hair in place. She'd know once it was gone, as her hair would tumble over her shoulders, and Ennisa was very ready to step in and provide further distraction once the stranger had done what he wanted to do.

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