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Postby Jomi on April 21st, 2017, 4:51 am


Race: Ghost (Kelvic Badger)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’9
Birthday: 12th day of Spring, 498 A.V
Died: 31st day of Winter, 514 A.V
Birthplace: Kenash
Location: Alvadas


Death has changed Jomi drastically. Gone is the tough, lined face, grey hair and staggering limp of his last days alive. Instead, Jomi chose to manifest as he was in his prime; a creature strong, lithe and vital. He has high cheeks on either side of a long face, with a wide mouth made for snarky smiles. His eyes are black, narrow and cold under straight brows. Narrow hips and wide shoulders set a frame for hard, ropey muscles and a map of scars. As a secret point of vanity his smooth, onyx black hair is worn long and straight to the bottom of his ribs.  

Character Concept

Jomi is a creature of hate, habit and loyalty. His Bond and the uniquely Kelvic drive to be with people has long since severed, yet he still finds himself incapable of going long without human contact. Though that does not mean he is driven to please people. In fact, he comes across as a right bastard most of the time. Yet there is something broken in him, some sad echo of his severed bond, that compels him to be useful and loyal to those precious few he considers his.

Understanding that he is dead, that the worst had already happened, coupled with the kind of existential boredom that comes from an incorporeal existence that lets him observe life without really participating, has razed his understanding of consequences. He has grown brash and abrasive since his death, and is given to bouts of temper and snap judgments. He is tempered with a secretly kind heart, and grief for his lost bondmate, but these traits are buried beneath the more comfortable emotions of aggression and sarcasm.  

Character History

Jomi was born in Kenash thanks to the efforts of the Ackina Dynasty Kelvic breeding program. Given his sturdy body and natural badger aggression, paired with the Kelvic need for leadership and human company, Jomi became a valuable commodity for the Dynasty. He was trained as a guard and labourer for his masters and their property. Digging out mice, snakes and other vermin from his masters fields during the night and hauling crates and cages on the docks during the day. Having been surrounded by foreigners while working the docks has given Jomi a very basic understanding of Turkant and Fratava.

He met his bondmate, Edith, during the spring of 505 as she was being led off a slave ship in chains. The hard eyed defiance of the newly minted slave easily swayed Jomi to abandon the only life he had ever known. The two fled as stowaways on a ship Headed for Alvadas.

In Alvadas they lived fast and brutal. Edith having taken up thievery and prostitution to get by while Jomi acted as an attack dog to protect her from the unsavoury residents of the Gibblets and her jilted marks. Twelve years after their bonding, Jomi, made slow by age, died at the hands of an armed guard after a home evasion gone bad. Giving Edith enough time to escape to the underground.

But death could not hold Jomi for long. The need to protect his bonded from any danger tied him to the living and he has sworn not to move on until he finds his former bondmate and she is ready to move on with him.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: Turkant


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Possession 30 SP +2 +1 +2 +2 +1 38 Competent
Soulmist Projection 20 SP +1 +4 +5 30 Competent
Materialization 10 RB +2 +4 +3+5 +5 25 Novice
Unarmed combat +1 1 Novice
Observation +1 +1 2 Novice
Socialization +2 2 Novice
Logic +1 1 Novice
Subterfuge +1 1 Novice


‡ Location of Alvadas Underground
‡ How to craft a lockpick
‡ Matilda: Proprietor of Matilda's Jewels
‡ Spiritists are dangerous for ghosts
‡ Madeira Craven: Young Spiritist
‡ Madeira: Can block possession
‡ Possession: Controlling a Dog
‡ Possession: Can be broken with sufficient shock
‡ Making a desperate deal
‡Fragile minds make for easy possession
◾Snow makes for easy tracking
◾Ghosts: all have significant issues
◾People: Whiskers, a ghost
◾Whiskers: a warrior
◾Hurik: is Whiskers
◾Lore of Murder
Lore of distracting oneself
◾Everard Craven: dangerous spiritist
◾Madeira: control with threats
◾Madeira: thinks Jomi is invaluable
◾Peter: the cat in blue pyjamas
◾Lore of protectiveness towards Madeira
◾Spiritism: the Lie
◾Lore of the cruelty of Everard
◾Lore of the pain of grief
◾Soulmist projection: overgiving
◾Spiritism: attacked by an imbued weapon



Purchase Cost Total
Starting 0 GM 0 GM

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