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Postby Jomi on April 21st, 2017, 4:51 am


Race: Ghost (Kelvic Badger)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12th day of Spring, 498 A.V
Height: 5'9

Profession: Servant to Madeira Craven
Housing: Infinity Manor, Lhavit

Merits: Loyal, protective
Flaws: callous, agressive, snide

Languages: Common (fluent)
Fratava (conversational)

Physical Appearance:
Death has changed Jomi drastically. Gone is the tough, lined face, grey hair and staggering limp of his last days alive. Instead, Jomi chose to manifest as he was in his prime; a creature strong, lithe and vital. He has high cheeks on either side of a long face, with a wide mouth made for snarky smiles. His eyes are black, narrow and cold under straight brows. Narrow hips and wide shoulders set a frame for hard, ropey muscles and a map of scars. As a secret point of vanity his smooth, onyx black hair is worn long and straight to the bottom of his ribs.

Jomi is a creature of hate, habit and loyalty. His Bond and the uniquely Kelvic drive to be with people has long since severed, yet he still finds himself incapable of going long without human contact. Though that does not mean he is driven to please people. In fact, he comes across as a right bastard most of the time. Yet there is something broken in him, some sad echo of his severed bond, that compels him to be useful and loyal to those precious few he considers his.

Understanding that he is dead, that the worst had already happened, coupled with the kind of existential boredom that comes from an incorporeal existence that lets him observe life without really participating, has razed his understanding of consequences. He has grown brash and abrasive since his death, and is given to bouts of temper and snap judgments. He is tempered with a secretly kind heart, and grief for his lost bondmate, but these traits are buried beneath the more comfortable emotions of aggression and sarcasm.

Jomi was born in Kenash thanks to the efforts of the Ackina Dynasty Kelvic breeding program. Given his sturdy body and natural badger aggression, paired with the Kelvic need for leadership and human company, Jomi became a valuable commodity for the Dynasty. He was trained as a guard and labourer for his masters and their property. Digging out mice, snakes and other vermin from his masters fields during the night and hauling crates and cages on the docks during the day. Having been surrounded by foreigners while working the docks has given Jomi a very basic understanding of Turkant and Fratava.

He met his bondmate, Edith, during the spring of 505 as she was being led off a slave ship in chains. The hard eyed defiance of the newly minted slave easily swayed Jomi to abandon the only life he had ever known. The two fled as stowaways on a ship Headed for Alvadas.

In Alvadas they lived fast and brutal. Edith having taken up thievery and prostitution to get by while Jomi acted as an attack dog to protect her from the unsavoury residents of the Gibblets and her jilted marks. Twelve years after their bonding, Jomi, made slow by age, died at the hands of an armed guard after a home evasion gone bad. Giving Edith enough time to escape to the underground.

But death could not hold Jomi for long. The need to protect his bonded from any danger tied him to the living and he has sworn not to move on until he finds his former bondmate and she is ready to move on with him.


#Possession30 SP +2 +1 +2 +2 +1 +2 +3+1+4+3+1+2+5+2 +2 +1 +1+3+3+2+2+3+1+382Master
#Soulmist Projection20 SP +1 +4 +5 +2 +3+2+2+1+5+2+5+5+2+5+5 +5 +1 +5+3 +2 +1+3+2+5+3+1+4100Master
#Materialization10 RB +2 +4 +3+5 +5+4 +3+5+3+1+5+3+5+5+2+5+5 +5 +2 +2 +2+3+3+5+3+1+3100Master
#Unarmed combat +1+1+1+1+2 6 Novice
#Observation +1 +1+2+1+4 +4 +1+1+1+1+2 19 Novice
#Socialization +2+4 6 Novice
#Logic +1 1 Novice
#Subterfuge +1 1 Novice
#Agility +1 1 novice
#Land Navigation +1 1 Novice
#Climbing +1 1 Novice
#Endurance +1+3 4 Novice
#Flux +1+2 +4+1+1+1+1+2 13 Novice
#Mediation +1+1 2 Novice
#Teaching +3 3 Novice
#Agility +1 1 Novice
#Intimidation +1+1+1 3 Novice
#Tactics +1 1 Novice
# Planning +2+1 3 Novice
# Research +1 1 Novice
# Retoric +1 1 Novice
# Interrogation +1 1 Novice


Secret :
-Location of Alvadas Underground
-How to craft a lockpick
-Matilda: Proprietor of Matilda's Jewels
-Spiritists are dangerous for ghosts
-Madeira Craven: Young Spiritist
-Madeira: Can block possession
-Possession: Controlling a Dog
-Possession: Can be broken with sufficient shock
-Making a desperate deal
-Fragile minds make for easy possession
-Snow makes for easy tracking
-Ghosts: all have significant issues
-People: Whiskers, a ghost
-Whiskers: a warrior
-Hurik: is Whiskers
-Lore of Murder
-Lore of distracting oneself
-Everard Craven: dangerous spiritist
-Madeira: control with threats
-Madeira: thinks Jomi is invaluable
-Peter: the cat in blue pyjamas
-Lore of protectiveness towards Madeira
-Spiritism: the Lie
-Lore of the cruelty of Everard
-Lore of the pain of grief
-Soulmist projection: overgiving
-Spiritism: attacked by an imbued weapon
-Underground: maze on fire
-Madeira: improved relationship
-Hurik: treat with caution
-Ambrosia: sunshine girl
-People: Master Vacielli
-Madeira: political aspirations
-Lore of scouting the way
-Lore of graceful possession
-Soulmist Projection: how to catch a rat
-Possession: a body makes a safe place to hide
-Lore of mischief
-Spiritism: the discomfort of having memories reaped
-Hypnotism: the effects of a suggestion
-Lore of the relative ease of dancing with a Spiritist
-Lore of traditional Keneshian dances
-Madeira: recognizing the hitch in her voice
-Madeira: recognizing her body language
-Madeira: more fragile than she lets on
-Ghosts: loners by necessity
-Ghosts: never truly happy
-Lore of lying to oneself
-Edith: not in Alvadas?
-Lore of the fragility of Kelvic bonds
-Possession: memory bombardment
-Riverfall Festival: Sweetday!
-Lore of pranks
-Lore of disobedience
-Observation: sensing fear in another
-Bravery: staying to help another
-Distraction: causing a scene
-Ghosts: seen as dangers or pests
-Soulmist projection: the effort of fine motor control
-Observation: obsessive stalking
-Lore of a ghost's small joys
-Intuition: a sense of foreboding
-Lore of the mysterious black spear
-Lore of the mysterious shipwreck
-Rosie: mysterious chicken
-Lore of protectiveness
-Madeira: put herself in harms way for Jomi
-Madeira: on warmer terms
-Lore of resurfacing animal instincts
-Lore of the Death Hand Crossbow
-Spiritism: the importance of soulmist
-Rosie: a gem-laying chicken
-Persuasion: reasoned convincing
-Investigation: searching for treasure
-Lore of the mysterious birdhouse
-Lore of sensing panic in a summon
-Madeira: mugged by a stone-faced man
-Madeira: needs Jomi
-Inebriated people make for easy possession
-Possession: cannot overcome survival instinct of the host
-Kelvics: crave a leader
-Lore of losing ones temper
-Location: Den of Lost Souls
-Subterfuge: betraying trust
-Jomi: too dependent on Madeira
-People: Rothsam, spiritist of Lhavit
-Lore of a secret pact
-Negotiation: an exchange of information
-Flux: manipulating dijed
-Lore of Leths fallen star
-Investigation: finding evidence
-Rothsam: saved Jomi's skin
-Rothsam: treats Jomi with respect
-Rothsam: is owed a favour
-Architectrix: an infected building can have hobbies
-Fallen Star: can turn a ghost into an animal
-Rothsam: believes Jomi kept his animal form
-Subterfuge: lying through ones teeth
-Possession: possessing one limb at a time
-Spiritism: making soulmist
-Teaching: expounding facts
-Teaching: good advice
-Possession: the use of brute force
-Lore of focusing thought with mindless distractions
-Possession: pushing a host body to its limit
-Intimidation: subtle threats
-Tactics: setting a trap
-Lore of how to deal with minor annoyances
-Infinity Manor: detests the mistreatment of Spooks
-Infinity Manor: teaching the concept of punishment
-Soulmist Projection: cleaning with fine motor control
-Lore of misplaced hope
-Lore of introspection
-Soulmist Projection: destruction and loss of control
-Architectrix: soothing a disturbed building
-Lore of a murder on the Infinity grounds
-Investigation: searching for clues
-Investigation: reasonable deduction
-Savis: Madeira's ally
-Possession: ghosts cannot possess a Nuit
-Rotsam: knows more than he lets on
◾Field Research: redtail hawk
◾Mice: have poor eyesight
◾Possession: dominating a terrified host
◾Lore of the joys of flight
◾Possession: learning to fly as a bird
◾Rothsam: knows more than he should
◾Rothsam: soulmist is never free
◾Investigation: the frustration of dead ends
◾Philosophy: grief's effect on the soul
◾Investigation: pursuing leads
◾Location: the Hunters Guild
◾Monster: the Wailer
◾Kaneshian fable: the wailer
◾Rothsam: tools of his trade
◾Lore of the justification of betrayal
◾Rothsam: imbued his teeth
◾Rothsam: exclusively uses close-rage weapons
◾Investigation: gathering testimony
◾Madeira: vulnerable when she sleeps
◾Lore of a morning routine
◾Meditation: shaking off hypnotism
◾Animal Husbandry: collecting chicken eggs
◾Spooks: tiny ball of terrified destruction
◾Madeira: broken spirit
◾Lore of innate Kelvic instincts
◾Philosophy: what is a kelvic who cant bond?
◾Possession: animal soul suppression
◾Lore of being unequal to the task of fussy babies
◾Dira's Stone: less energy is needed to keep appearances
◾Singing: kanesian lullabies
◾Lore of how to calm a crying baby
◾Madeira: toxic ambition
◾Lore of suppressing negative emotions
◾Soulmist Projection: catching a moving object
◾Materialization: stunning a target
◾Possession: can be mistaken for overgiving
◾Planning: setting up cruel tricks and japes
◾Lore of being emotionally dead inside
◾Ghosts: life's spectators
-Lore of the Azure Festival
-Emma: smitten little girl
-Lore of the benefits of living in delusion
-Lore of the Eypharian
-Exorsicm: delayed not thwarted
◾Philosophy: a new chapter in life
◾Jomi: belongs to Edith
◾Edith: rewriting her history
◾Edith: doesn’t want Jomi anymore
◾Edith: betrayed Jomi
◾Lore of Dusting
◾Rothsam: betrayed Jomi
✦Dira: Goddess of death
✦Lore of meeting Death herself
✦Lore of Dira's bloodstone
✦Uldr: God of the undead and enemy of Dira
✦Desolate One: A terrifying undead
✦Madeira: An acceptable substitute for Edith
✦Desolate One: Disgusting to behold
✦Desolate One: Takes various forms
✦Materialization: Bringing your soulmist together when terrified
✦Lore of distracting a Desolate One
✦Lore of overcoming terror
✦Jomi: Strong when Madeira can't be
✦Madeira: Ran away instead of facing death
◾Lore of Edith's new bondmate
◾Crow kelvic: unworthy of Edith
◾Holiday: Okomo Festival
◾Tracking: easier when one can walk through walls
◾Gemma: scared of Jomi
◾Soulmist projection: the frustration of doorhandles
◾Investigation: secret storage space
◾Negotiation: tempting offer
◾Servitude: one master is enough
◾Possession: remember to breath
◾Lore of the New Dawn
◾Investigation: secret smuggling ring
◾Item: librarian monkey
◾Item: Tanora’s ring
◾People: William Florence


Image | Rosie | Acquired here. A pretty red hen with a sweet disposition, normal in every way, besides her habit of laying an egg-sized rare gemstone a couple times a season. Given to Madeira for safekeeping.
Image |Cameo Choker| A choker made of black velvet. Once gifted to his bonded in life, the ghost stumbled upon it in a jewellery store in Alvadas. It is the only physical keepsake he has of his bonded and he guards it ferociously. Given to Madeira for safekeeping.
Image |Bone Ring| A bone ring with unique properties. When worn by someone who is possessed by Jomi it will grant the pair a +10 stat boost in Intimidation.

Image Starfire Dagger | A dagger with a silver blade and silver hilt; perfectly balanced and weighing next to nothing. When wielded in combat, the dagger’s blade ignites with a silver flame that constantly crackles over the blade’s surface. The flame grants an automatic minor wound from burning in addition to any wound suffered by the blade itself. Effect active when engaged in combat; otherwise remains dormant.

ImageDira's Bloodstone | The Bloodstone is a very special bit of magic that is tied to Jomi specifically. They start out unimprinted, but once a ghost finds one of these gemstones and picks it up, they cannot get rid of it. Dira’s Bloodstone is a powerful gift – thought to be one of Dira’s actual drops of blood – which stays with the ghost affixed to its form somewhere – be it materialized or not – that glows a faint red. And once affixed (which happens when a ghost picks one up), they allow the ghost to appear absolutely lifelike when they materialize. Not even a powerful spiritist can tell the difference between a living person and a ghost with a Dira’s Bloodstone. This magic item also allows the ghost to materialize twice as long as it normally could at its skill level.

Image Stone Okomo | This small pocket sized stone figurine can be rested upon the ground and its forehead tapped with the word ‘awake’. It will grow into a magical riding animal of the owner’s choice that is always calm and steady. The mount must match the terrain (Okomo’s in Lhavit, Ixam in the jungles, Horses on the Sea of Grass) the statue is in. The owner can then tap the forehead again when done riding the stone mount and say the words ‘sleep’ and it will shrink down and transform into a pocket-sized carving once more. These creatures will only transport their owners. These creatures have no mentality of their own and must be guided by a riding skill. They cannot do battle nor defend their riders. They cannot even flee. They can simply only transport their owners at a walking pace without tiring.

Image Restorer Wand | When grasped and passed over ripped, faded, worn, or deliberately destroyed organic material (such as wood, cloth, paint, ceramic etc) it will magically restore the damaged item to its former ‘new’ state. Thus, paintings can be brightened to the day they were painted, old worn clothing can be restored into their ‘new’ state, and even things like rope or leather can be fixed. It will not work on inorganic items such as metal.

Image Bar In A Bag | This large drawstring bag, when rested upon the ground and having the drawstring loosened, will magically expand into a fully stocked bar complete with wines, spirits, and barware needed to mix or contain such things. There is always a fully stocked tray of drink garnishes.

Librarian Monkey | This taxidermy monkey is a little black and white monkey with huge eyes. Someone has humorously perched tiny pair of spectacles on its nose. Three times per season, the owner can ask the little monkey a question and the monkey will shimmer and become a living monkey once more and answer the question for the owner.

Image Tanroa’s 5th Chime Ring | This plain silver ring is etched with a gnosis mark from Tanroa, Mistress of Time. Manufactured long ago by mages who were also priests and priestesses, this simple silver ring allows a user once per season to turn back time five chimes. The user need only whisper Tanroa’s name and then take a step back. As they step backwards with Tanroa’s name on their lips, time will simply rewind back five chimes in that instant.

The Rod of Sentience | Looking like a small staff the size of one’s forearm, this object is a highly potent magical converter that will elevate the intelligence of any single living thing from its current level to the level of sentience. Plant or animal, after this rod has been used on a creature, the creature will have the equivalent sentience of a human with full speech capability. This is a one time use only item, and after its use, it will turn to dust and blow away even without a wind being present. Used on Spooks.


Bone ring-2cm#199gm,9sm,8cm
Cottage (Elaborate)#-1000 99gm,9sm,8cm
Saddlebags, Large # -8 gm 91gm,9sm,8cm


Bitter History
Getting Lost While Standing Still
Hustling 101
Leaving Sanity
Attic Salt
Winter's Fist
The Gentle Art of Exorcism
Light in Dark Places
Day of Long Shadows
The Flames Below
Moving Forward
The Red in the White
Strange Treasures
To the Music
The art of betrayal.
This you protect
Uninvited guest
Wishing Star
Chill, it's only chaos
A way with death
Unfinished Business
Azure Festival
Soul of Bones
New Heights
Whole new world
Lie to me
who do you serve?
Easy mark
Death and the Desolate Priest
Human Error
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