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Hannovi visits Slaver's Row and betrays his own

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To play in the greener grass

Postby Hannovi on March 23rd, 2020, 4:27 pm

Sunberth 7th of Spring 520 A.V

(-) "Normal text"

(*) "Arumenic text"


Hannovi awakened from his slumber relaxed and groggy. He needed to get up, his body rolled over in objection. Taking a breath he gave a stretch extending his limbs across the tarp floor of his tent. Joints cracking opened his eyes. What time was it? He needed to get his day started. He gave a roll across the floor until he located his pack.

-Waterskin, soap.

Using his middle set of arms, he poured water from his waterskin onto the soap and began to lather. His bottom set of arms then passed a brush and come to the top set, thus beginning his daily grooming. He liked his hair, it reminded him of the sand years after being shaped by the water. His blonde locks fell down, resting gently on his shoulders. Normally it would be greasy and a knotted mess, but he needed to look spiffy today. He was going to try and become a slaver.

He was supposed to do it the day before, but that didn't happen. So today was the day. Finishing the bottom portion of his body, he'd rinse and almost tripped over his kilt, attempting to get dressed whilst yanking his head back with the comb. He grabbed his cloaks, wanting to wear both to be safe. All he needed was the wind or a petty thief removing his fabric shield in an area full of people who'd kill to capture him as a slave.

Was he really going to do this?

You're going to die. They're going to kill you, kill you. You're going to be a slave Hannovi.

He took a breath. Yes he was going to do this. If it meant gaining any information on what could have happened to his parents. Dressed for success, the Eypharian adjusted his clothes before stepping outside his tent. The tent city was a bustling place full of culture and business, and from what he's heard from some of his neighbors, it was almost as bad as living in the city itself if not worse. This didn't bother Novi though. Even if someone tried to rob him while he was away, they weren't going to get much. Then again they could take the whole tent, but if it really came down to that then he'd just have to take the loss.

The day was kind of dry for it to have rained only a couple days prior. His forehead gave off a light film of sweat from being double layered out in the morning sun. He began south walking along the outskirts of the city. A stranger had told him that Slavers row was just south of the tent city so he assumed that if he just kept walking he'd eventually run into it. For Sunberth to be as gloomy as others tried to make it seem, it did have some nice views as Novi looked out towards the wilderness just a few miles away. He imagined being an adventurer out exploring the wild and discovering the secrets of the world. It had to be an experience.

What would the life of a slaver entail?

Capturing people and selling them to the highest buyer?

The words from the prostitute in The Drunken Fish played back in his mind. DId he really think that he could do something like that? Yes he had to, reassuring himself. He played different scenarios in his mind of how he'd approach the slave merchants.

-Excuse me, i'd like to purchase a slave please?

No that was too polite.

-Hey, how much are your slaves?

-I'm looking for two slaves.

-Do you have any Eypharians?

-I'm missing two slaves.

Shyke he needed a plan. The grass began to transfer back into stone as he entered the different part of the city. People moved from stand to stand as the noise seemed to get louder with each movement. Novi clutched his inner cloak. making sure his other two sets of arms as well as his coin pouch were where they needed to be.

"New wares, new wares over here. Fresh off the boat."

"Fresh fruit, and vegetables"

"Get your hunting supplies here. Traps, lures, bait. Best price."

So much was going on he almost found himself consumed by it all. He continued to walk further into the marketplace. The people on this side of town did dress better than the others, even if their faces were less friendlier than the usual. There was a clear separation of those who were wealthy and those stricken with poverty. This made Novi wonder where he gauged. He thought he cleaned up pretty nice. He just hoped he could play the part well enough. He raised himself up on his toes in order to see above the crowd. He could see a platform raised up high above ground. Was that a stage? He also made out what looked to be the top of cages. No harm in checking.

"Excuse me sir, could you spare a miza?"

Novi looked down at the begging male. The man was scrawny and skinnier than Novi himself. He couldn't have been any older than Novi, was dirty and smelled of pure shyke. Novi hesitated. He didn't have a problem giving the man a coin, he had it to spare. But in order to do so, he'd have to risk exposing himself in order to get to his pouch.

"Aye get from my stand, you're scaring away the customers." A merchent not to far from them barked. The man gave a look and scurried off sparing Novi from his situation. The Eypharian continued, not to far from his destination. The crowd began to thicken and shape into a half circle once he'd gotten a few feet away from the stage. The platform was in fact a stage, and the cages he'd seen contained people of all colors and sizes. Some had collars, some were beautiful, there was even a giant blue man wrapped in probably the largest chains Novi had ever seen. He was fascinated, he had to get closer. He headed to the right side walking through the half circle until he was within arms reach of the cages.

"Oi, tender face."

TenDer FAce?

"Back away from the cages, I don't want you to be the first person I have to shank today."

-My apologies, I just wanted to get a better look.

"Oi, patience, we're bout to start shortly. Just a couple feet for my peace of mind and your well being."

And with a nod Novi backed away. Enough to not be as close but still in ear shot.
It appeared he'd arrived just in time. They were about to start a- what would it be called? A sale? A show? He really didn't have a clue what was going on. He couldn't be so obvious though. He'd just watch this one and take notes.

* " Be patient. You're almost there. when they open the cage and take you onto the stage transform and fly. Run until you cant anymore. They haven't realized you're a Kelvic yet so as soon as you get your chance, run."

That was Arumenic, was there an Eypharian around here? Hannovi looked around but couldn't find anyone that looked like him. Were they hiding like he was? What was a Kelvic? What was he to do? Clearly someone was planning to escape. Was that necessarily a bad thing though? This was it, his opportunity to gain some positive looks from the slavers.

-Excuse me sir.

"I told you just a minute, we are about to start."

-No, I have information.

Hannovi tried to whisper whilst gesturing for the man to come closer. The man gave a look of annoyance before standing, and holy shyke he was huge. He had a few inches over Novi and was basically a brick wall. Intimidation had definitely set in. He could just say it was nothing and walk away. No, he had to do this. He gave a sigh.

"Okay, what is it? And you better not be trying anything funny or I will break you."

Hannovi believed it.

-Someone is going to try and escape.


-I just overheard someone speaking Aremenic. When the Kelvic gets on stage they are going to turn into a bird and fly away.

The man gave a cold stare as if he were reading Novi for a lie.

"Impossible. You see those collars there? Those are in place to make sure Kelvics cant escape. Probably just heard the pitiful dreams of a slave."

-But what if were possible?

"I don't think I like whatever you're getting at."

-I mean no disrespect sir, I was just saying. You say it's impossible for the Kelvics to escape due to the collars, but is it possible for someone to not realize they had a Kelvic, or even forget to put the collar on?

The man gave another pause. Novi could sense that the man wanted to tell him to bug off, but the man also knew that Novi had a good point.

"We can't just stop the auction. How sure are you?"

-As sure as I can speak Arumenic.

"How well can you speak that?"

* What reason do I have to lie to you, I already don't want to do this, just hurry up and make me a slaver.

"What did you just say?"

-I said what reason do I have to lie to you, we don't have much time.

There was a bell signaling the start of the auction.

"We don't have any Eypharians here and it's definitely impossible for anyone to get in the area that the slaves are.

-It was definitely a Eyph.

Hannovi could tell by the accent. His father had a strong one whenever he'd talk in their native tongue. The question was why couldn't he find them? All the slaves were naked if not stripped to the bare minimum. It was almost unpleasant to look at, but one would think a four to six armed humanoid would be easy to spot. Then again he was a six armed humanoid himself. He looked over the cages. Now that he knew what the collars were for, he realized that there were a lot of kelvics here today. Majority of them were grouped together. Was that why they were in cages? To lower the risk of escape? Other than the kelvics, the only other creatures in cages were the blue giant and a couple other stronger looking fellows and a few beautiful women who looked to have scales about them.

The majority were the humans though. They were chained to each other and forced to stand in line waiting to be sold. They'd probably be pretty cheap to buy seeing how rough and beat up some of them looked. How much did a slave cost anyway? He really should have gathered more information before jumping head first into this. The man he'd warned had gone around checking the cages, walking around with parchment paper and looked to be checking everyone off. Maybe 100 gold miza, 150 at the most. Or that's what he hoped for at least seeing that was all he had to him name.

Before he'd known it he'd began looking over the slaves himself as if he were shopping for fruit. They more favorable slaves kept catching his eye, but he knew he couldn't afford those. There was one man though, his skin as roughly about the same shade as Hannovi's. He stood a few inches shorter than Novi and a lot more shorter than the man checking the cages. He looked pretty healthy and would probably catch a fair price if it werent for the deformed scars on the sides of his abdomen. It almost looked as if someone had ripped limbs from his body. It made Novi sad to see someone that deformed being forced into slavery.

And then he realized it.

-Hey, big guy man sir over here.

Novi got the man's attention once more.

"Hey, I'm checking the roster and everything looks squared away. Are you sure?"

-It's him. Hannovi pointed to the man.

"Who with the scars? He's human, we picked him up from Ravok."

-No, it has to be him. Look at his scars.

" Sword accident, lucky bastard lived through it. Can't say he's too lucky though."

-Is that all they said? Just an accident? No details?

"We don't worry about details, only if they sell."

-Look, all I'm saying is doesn't it look like he had arms where those scars are?

" Yea, I guess you have a point if you look at it from an angel. How could you be sure that's the guy though?"

Hannovi gave thought before having another idea.

-Watch this.


The man in question looked up in recognition of the word.

-Told you.

The bigger man quickly walked over and seized the slave before giving Novi a look of regretful gratitude and disappearing with the confused slave. Novi didn't know how to take that response, he did help didn't he? Maybe he was overthinking it. He needed to focus and learn how this slaving thing went. Standing straight up so he'd have a better view of the stage, he waited nervously for the auction to start.
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