Patterns Like Puzzles

Trynne starts learning to use pattern pieces at work

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Patterns Like Puzzles

Postby Trynne on March 27th, 2020, 9:08 am

2nd Spring, 520AV

Sighing softly Trynne made her way towards the shop again, wondering whether it would be a busy day, or whether she’d have a bit more freedom on what she’d spend her day doing. She always found it hard to guess, and the days seemed to flow with little rhyme or reason. Some days she’d expected to be busy but would be quiet calm, other days would be filled with people needing holes in their pants to be stitched back together after an unfortunate and potentially embarrassing rip. She’d seen a number of drunkards having caused such damage when trying to prove themselves to their friends or a pretty little thing that had caught her attention.

Trynne couldn’t help but shake her head at her thoughts as she walked into the building, finding her usual workplace covered in various fabrics before she heard a familiar voice coming from somewhere. It was a matter of ticks before Deu appeared, a collection of pieces of paper in his hands that he hurriedly handed to her.

“Be a dear and cut these out from the fabric? Two of each on each piece of cloth except the collar, just one of those. Use the pins to hold it in place. The arrows show where the stretch should lie. Actually, cut two of the collar out...” the man said before nodding at Trynne and waiting for her nod of acknowledgement. Then he quickly disappeared back to where he’d come from and Trynne furrowed her brows for a few moments as she looked through the pattern pieces.

It seemed that Deu was decidedly busy and had decided to pass the easier, more menial tasks to Trynne while he dealt with the more complex tasks. Smiling slightly she put the pattern pieces down before checking the fabrics, finding them to a dark brown, tan, and cream linen material, then a yellow and green cotton material. Thinking for a few moments, Trynne moved the materials to another section of the table, keeping only the dark brown linen on her workspace.

Carefully she unravelled the material, checking the size of it and nodding to herself. Silently to checked the stretch of the fabric, finding that it didn’t really stretch too much, although one direction seemed to possibly have a little give to it. Nodding to herself she began to check the pattern pieces, taking note of the direction of the arrows on each piece.

She decided to start with the largest pieces, taking one of them and laying it carefully so that it’s arrow lined up with the direction of what she assumed was the stretch. She lined it up with the long edge of the shirt against the edge of the fabric before she took a few pins and pinned it in place. Then she took the next largest piece and kept pinning them into place.

It was a few chimes of pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric that she remembered Deu’ instruction to cut two of each piece out and she frowned at herself. Shaking her head at her actions she thought for a moment about what she should do. She only had one piece left to pin in place, and this one was a much smaller piece.

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