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Postby Bianca Peep on June 5th, 2020, 2:23 am


Race: Pycon
Gender: Female
Age: 1/2 Season
Birthday: Spring 45th 520AV
Birthplace: Lhavit


Grayish with a touch of ultisol red, she has taken the form of a chick. Her small rounded beak is perched between two wide eyes, and her plump body is set on two short scaled legs. This form was chosen since she was surrounded by wooden bird carvings since birth.

Character Concept

"Why, why, why, why, why," Is Bianca's favourite phrase. She has no qualms about being in anyone and everyone's business, not yet having learnt boundaries and decorum. She's most fascinated by reasons than actual choices or actions themselves. The only human she's known in her short life is Knives, and spends most of her days with him. However, her attention often wanders from the tedious whittling of her friend and she often pesters him to play games and explore.

Character History

Brief. She was born in Lhavit in the spring of 520 AV. Her parents had befriended the vulture kelvic Knives, for the thrill of the winged rides. Once born, Bianca took the shape of the birds he spent his days carving and decided to stay while her parents left to lay clay-ms to new adventures.

After playing with some Lhavitian children during one of their breaks, she was brought to the Academy for "show and tell", and has since enrolled in classes to fill her time when Knives is too distracted to play.


Fluent Language: Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Anthropology 20SP 10 Novice
Escape Artist 10RB 10 Novice
Philosophy 10SP 10 Novice
Riding (Bird) 20SP 20 Novice


Lore of Kelvic Shape-Shifting
Lore of Lhavitian Culture


Heirloom: Knitted Hat

Her mother enjoyed knitting, and knit her a baby blue hat with a broad-rim and a long pointed taper.


Location: Lhavit

House: Street


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina
Housing Cash-in +500 Kina 600 Kina

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Character sheet


Postby Luminescence on June 5th, 2020, 4:50 am

Let me lend you a guiding hand

Welcome to Miz, Bianca! My name is Luminescence, and I'm here to help. Your CS looks good, but there are a few things that you need to fix before you can continue.

*Your age: A slight technicality, but since time is fluid within seasons on Miz, Bianca is essentially a full season old. That also makes more sense, to be honest, as per the Pycon lore page they only reach independence at 3 months (ie ~1 season), so unless her parents were okay with leaving her before she was fully independent, I imagine they would have stuck around at least that long.

*Your skills: Your total for your Anthropology skill is off; it should be 20, not 10.

*Your possessions: You're not obligated to take the SP items, and I understand that Pycons don't particularly have use for most of them, but I just wanted to check that you have indeed decided that and didn't just forget?

*Your housing: Homelessness is not allowed in Lhavit. You have to choose somewhere to live. Your options for permanent housing include a cottage on the Okomo Estates, which come with a garden, or an apartment in the Solar Winds. Alternatively, you can keep your cashed-in money, and rent seasonally from either the Solar Winds or from the Shooting Star Inn.

*Your ledger: Just a reminder that if you're choosing to attend classes at the Academy that you need to pay at season start, so please don't forget to do so once you register in Lhavit and begin RPing.

Once you've made the above corrections, let me know and I'll remove this intervention. Otherwise, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to either PM me or find me in chat!
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