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Where the sea meets sand

Postby Marino Oceangem on July 22nd, 2020, 3:38 am

2nd of Summer, 520 AV

With summer now upon them, Marino was eager to get a chore that he had been putting off throughout the latter part of spring. Cleaning the bottom of his Seasilk. It was set to be a time consuming task but at least Shoal had stopped by to help him all the casinor up onto the beach. In exchange, Marino let him hold onto his pipe and a pinch of the blend he kept stashed away with it. A fair trade all things considered.

Now though, looking at the gargantuan task before him, he wished he had bartered for more. At least he was dressed for the occasion, which is to say nothing save for his old worn green breeches. The edges of which were starting to tatter which destined them to be a rag sooner or latter. Marino was really just wearing them because he didn’t mind getting them dirty and would strip them off once the work was done.

Speaking of work, with a machete in hand he went to work scrapping at some of the life that had crusted itself to his hull. It was teeming with barnacles, tubeworms, and green film that coated everything else, all of which he ended to remove before the day was through. So, instead of complaining, he just started scrapping them off starting around the prow. Harder than it looked, he found himself expending a lot of effort to expel each one. He supposed that a creature that could adhere to the underside of the ship through all of his travels would be hardy, but this was ridiculous.

Unexpectedly, he felt a small bit of shame at that thought. Remember how he’d always pushed it off on some family member instead of getting to it himself. Learning how much work it was to remove made him feel a bit guilty about that, and that was something he was going to make up for whenever he got the chance to see them next.

Gritting his teeth, he wrestled off another clump of the barnacles which plopped to the sand at his feet. He wrestled with it for thirty more chimes before taking a seat on the sand in front of his ship. About a quarter of the hull was now free of the organic crust, though a green film still covered the spots he had uncovered. Something else would have to be used for that, an old shirt maybe but he didn’t want to decide that just now.

Instead he used his break to stretch out on the sand and relax his eyes for a few ticks. Rest was not to come however as a tiny crab crawled across his foot causing him to sit up with a start till he spotted the small creature scuttling away. He took that as a sign to try and go ahead with getting this done.

It ended up taking him several bells, so the sun was creeping up to its highest point by the time he finished though finally he could be confident in the fact that his hull was at least clean. He exchanged those old worn breeches for a new set of white ones. Then he made the short walk up towards the guest quarters and got into one of the beds there for a short nap. The little room if it could be even called that was open on all sides with just a roof too keep off the sun and rain. The bed was soft though, which was all that mattered. Soon Marino was dozing off for what he planned to be a short little nap.
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