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Lhavit's most frequented drug house.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Flights of Fancy

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Flights of Fancy is Lhavit's most well-known and frequented drughouse. Unlike in some other cities, drugs are perfectly legal and generally socially acceptable within Lhavit, so such locations have no reason to hide or disguise themselves as other business ventures. Whereas one might think of a drughouse as somewhere dark and shady, Flights of Fancy appears to be quite the opposite.

The building is located on the Sartu Peak, away from the hustle and bustle of the central peaks. It doesn't particularly stand out from most other buildings within Lhavit; it has two floors, a skyglass roof, and many faceted windows that are difficult to see through, for privacy's sake.

Stepping inside reveals a surprisingly welcoming atmosphere; warm and bright, the interior of the building is done in light colours and warm shades of wood. A counter not dissimilar to a bar runs along the right side of the wall in the entrance; this is where the drugs are bought, and even some drinks can be purchased. A dealer can always be found at the counter, ready to welcome patrons and to guide customers to their best high.

ImagePast the entrance way, the room widens into a large, spacious area. The prism-like windows refract rainbows that dance throughout the whole room, augmented by individual skyglass prisms that dangle from the ceiling and crystalline strings of beads. The wood floors are covered with okomo wool and sheepskin carpets, and the room is scattered with plenty of low couches, cots, short tables, and many, many cushions. A few plants around the edge of the room add some greenery to it.

Despite its bright and colourful atmosphere, Flights of Fancy is still a drughouse; the interior always smells of various mixing herbs, and the air is usually thick and heavy with smoke. Patrons lounge on the cushions, giggling and conversing; the building is not usually overly crowded, despite its popularity. A flight of stairs in the back lead up to a small second floor with three private rooms that any customers who feel particularly frisky can pay for to have some privacy, either alone or with a lover. Public displays of affection are allowed on the main floor, but nothing explicit is allowed; however, some drugs are known to be aphrodisiacs, thus the reason for the second floor.

Dealers sometimes wander around to check in on patron and offer more services, but other than that, customers are largely left to their own devices. Dealers also often work by hitting the streets, selling their wares elsewhere and trying to get customers to come back to Flights of Fancy. No outside drugs are allowed within the building, and a Kelvic guard dog makes sure of that.

Those caught with contraband the first time simply have it confiscated for the length of their stay. A second offense will result in being asked to leave, and a third offense will result in a permanent ban. Fighting is strictly forbidden and generally follows the same rules provided there is no property destruction or usage of weapons; either of those result in an instant and permanent ban from the drughouse.

Flights of Fancy was created by an Inarta woman who moved to Lhavit from Wind Reach. She realized the huge potential market in trading drugs from her home city to offer to Lhavitians, given that the substances were legal, and opened the drughouse to serve as a location to not only purchase drugs, but enjoy them as well.

Despite appearances, however, there is a darker side to the drughouse. Flights of Fancy has its share of addicts and overdoses, and there are dealers who tend to the sleazy side. These much shadier dealers will slip untested or tampered with products to customers under the table for a cheaper price, or sometimes coerce and pressure customers into buying more drugs. Aedryn, the owner, strongly frowns upon such things and fires any dealers who are caught doing so; but there are still a few that manage to sneak around behind her back.

Name: Aedryn
Race: Inarta
Birthdate: 475 AV
Birthplace: Wind Reach
Occupation: Owner of Flights of Fancy
Skills: Business - 50, Falconry - 60, Glassworking - 28, Negotiation - 85, Persuasion - 56, Weapon (Talon Sword) - 48
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Fluent)

On the tall side for an Inarta at 5'6", Aedryn is a middle-aged woman who one would probably not expect to run a drughouse. She has long strawberry blonde hair, piercing hazel eyes, and fair skin dotted with freckles. Her age is beginning to show in fine lines around her mouth and eyes, and she favours Lhavitian dress, often layered in scarves and shawls in rich jewel tones. For all intents and purposes, she seems a perfectly nice woman, and people are often shocked to learn she runs Flights of Fancy.

Aedryn grew up in Wind Reach and worked as a successful falconer for a long time; however, she always longed for something more. When she accompanied a friend on a trading trip to Lhavit, she knew instantly that was where she wanted to be. So she packed up her life and moved.

She had dabbled in drugs lightly throughout her life, and had a good friend who specialized in making them; it didn't take long for her to realize the potential of a business that specialized in drugs, many of which were traded in from Wind Reach; and so Flights of Fancy was born.

Aedryn is a skilled business-woman; she's friendly enough, but she's quick on her feet when it comes to negotiating, and she's very persuasive. She believes in good business practices, and doesn't stand for any shady or sleazy dealers working in her drughouse, though she knows they exist. While her temper is fierce, few things trigger it; learning that one of her employees has been acting sleazy behind her back is one of those few things.

Name: Iyva
Race: Kelvic (Imperial Watcher)
Birthdate: 515 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Bodyguard at Flights of Fancy
Skills: Brawling - 30, Intimidation - 57, Investigation - 80, Stealth - 22, Unarmed Combat - 85, Wilderness Survival (Forest) - 20, Wrestling - 25
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Iyva is Flights of Fancy's bodyguard. She patrols the premises and keeps an eye on patrons; her job is to break up any fights, and to keep an eye out for any outside drugs being brought in, as well as any dealers who are going behind Aedryn's back. Tall at 6'5" and leanly muscled, Iyva is intimidating, with cool blue eyes and long canines. A few patches of white skin and hair betray her Kelvic colouration; as an Imperial Watcher, she is on the larger side, and coloured a pale fawn brown with white spots.

Iyva is just as likely to be seen prowling in her canine form as she is in her human one. A natural protector, a trait she gets from her Kelvic animal breed, bodyguarding came natural to her, and her keen sense of smell helps her sniff out contraband.

Born in Lhavit, the Kelvic has never had a bondmate, and left her parents at a young age, not sure what she wanted to do with her life. She became addicted to drugs, which is how she met Aedryn; the Inarta woman saw the potential in her, and helped her kick her addiction, hiring her on to work at the drughouse. Despite her previous addiction, the substances she works around don't tempt Iyva, and she hasn't touched drugs since.

Name: Yantavi
Race: Inarta
Birthdate: 488 AV
Birthplace: Wind Reach
Occupation: Drug dealer at Flights of Fancy
Skills: Intelligence - 35, Intimidation - 20, Investigation - 50, Larceny - 48, Persuasion - 85, Rhetoric - 62, Seduction - 15, Socialization - 75, Stealth - 55
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Fluent)

Standing at 5'8", Yantavi is one of the taller Inarta. He is on the thin side, tending towards lean, and has pale skin dotted heavily with freckles. He has deep brown eyes and a bad habit of squinting, and his vivid ginger hair is often pushed back in an intentionally messy style with far too much product.

Born in Wind Reach, Yantavi has been a troublemaker since birth. Pranks progressed to petty crimes such as vandalism and theft, and eventually, Yantavi took an interest in drugs; not for himself, but for profit. Feeling stifled in Wind Reach and reaching his threshold of trouble he could cause, Yantavi left for Lhavit at a relatively young age, and set up shop in the city.

At first he worked as a drug dealer alone, but business was scarce; so when he found Flights of Fancy, it was perfect for him. Yantavi has been a shady dealer since day one of his employment, but has somehow through skill and sheer luck managed to avoid being caught. He does plenty of business on the side, and has no qualms about cutting corners in order to offer his customers the best prices.

Sleazy yet somehow charming, Yantavi is very much a people person and somehow manages to make friends with just about everyone. He's casual and laid-back, with quick wit, a silver tongue, and a rogueish grin, but all he really cares for is profit.


Broken glass*: 6 kina/dose
Crash*: 4 kina/dose
Funkus: 8 kina/dose
Glow*: 8 kina/dose
Love dust: 18 kina/dose
Pinch/Poke: 31 kina/dose
Pink milk*: 8 kina/dose
Rez/R: 8 kina/dose
Sleep*: 6 kina/dose
Stardust*: 50 kina/dose
Temper: 4 kina/dose
Warp: 10 kina/dose
Winger: 10 kina/dose

Only the listed drugs are available for purchase at Flights of Fancy. Please see the Price List (Drugs) for descriptions of the above drugs. Please note that the prices of many of the drugs have been adjusted due to being imported from Wind Reach; pricing is as stands on the above list.

Drugs with an asterisk next to them are unique to Lhavit; please see the Drugs Info tab for more information on these drugs.


Ale: 4 jade kina/mug or 2 topaz kina/pitcher (~5 glasses)
Wine (Red or white): 2 topaz kina/pitcher (~4 glasses)
Green tea: 5 JKi/mug or 2 TKi/pot (~4 mugs)
Okomo milk: 1 TKi/glass
Water with lemon: 2 JKi/glass

Private Room

One room: 2 kina/hr or 5 kina/3 hrs
Drugs Info
Broken glass (6 kina/dose): Broken glass is made using the wings of skyglass moths; their wings are ground into a glittering gold powder. While the powder can be consumed in a liquid, it is most effective if it is cooked; most often, it is mixed into sugar water and cooked until it resembles pieces of faintly golden broken glass. It is then eaten like candy; the sweetness of the sugar masks any taste from the drug itself.

Once consumed, the drug causes an intense high that often skews the user's vision, as if a crystalline lens has been placed over their eyes. Feelings of floating are also common with the drug, and most enjoy simply laying down and watching the world 'float' by as if through a kaleidoscope. It is not very addictive, and coming down from the high is a slow and gentle process. L2 poison is required to harvest the skyglass moth's wings and to craft the drug.

Crash (4 kina/dose): Crash is crafted from the sap of the kariino plant. The sap is boiled to create a syrup, and can then be mixed into the user's food or drink of choice, or even taken straight, though the consistency is very thick and the taste is earthy and unpleasant. Crash functions like coffee if coffee were on steroids; it keeps users awake and alert for long periods of times, and gives them huge amounts of energy. While on crash, users will feel like they have to be doing something at all times, and not doing something will often result in a bad trip or the user becoming very upset. Taken at higher doses, crash can easily keep one awake for days and days. It also mutes muscle fatigue and soreness, allowing the user to do what they like without pause.

However, as the name suggests, the crash is hard. It cuts off abruptly, and users find themselves exhausted and sleep-deprived, with any and all muscle fatigue hitting them all at once. On top of this, the antsy feeling and urge to do things constantly can last for days after the fact, resulting in stress and other emotional distress when users are too exhausted to do anything after their high. Intense bouts of depression immediately after a crash high are common. Crash is highly addictive and can cause heart palpitations, extreme anxiety, and tics; repeated abuse can result in these symptoms becoming permanent. L2 herbalism needed to identify and harvest, L2 poison needed to craft the drug.

Glow (8 kina/dose): Glow is crafted from the toxins of the nistus jellyfish found in Alheas Park. The toxins are extracted from the jellyfish and distilled to a purer form, resulting in a milky white liquid that emits a blue light. Glow must be injected for it to have an effect; drinking it will just result in a very upset stomach. Glow is a powerful feel-good drug; users tend to feel euphoric and blissful, and no matter their mood beforehand, they will find themselves unreasonably happy. Colours appear much more bright and saturated, and the edges of the user's visions will have a faint white glow.

Nonstop giggling is common from users, and pleasurable experiences are heightened significantly; while the drug itself is not an aphrodisiac, many use it to experience heightened erotic situations. The drug wears off gradually, but it is very easy for a user to become depressed afterwards; glow is highly addictive. Long-term abuse results in a tell-tale blue and glowing rash all over the body, similar to the rash that one experiences if they are directly stung by a nistus jellyfish, and numbness in the limbs as well as emotional numbness when not using the drug. Prolonged use can cause a serious dependency wherein the user has difficulty experiencing happiness and pleasure, or any emotions at all, without the use of the drug; withdrawing from it can be very difficult as aside from physical symptoms, there is a period of extreme depression and emotional numbness as the brain is forced to relearn to experience joy and other emotions without the drug. L3 poison to harvest as well as L2 philtering to craft the drug.

Pink milk (8 kina/dose): Pink milk is a drug made from the savetta fungus, which only grows on fadeong trees. In order to extract the poison from the fungus and lower its potency so that it can be used as a drug, the fungus has to be soaked in milk for several bells and then properly filtered. Some of the pink colour of the fungus will also leech into the milk and tint it, giving the drug its name. Pink milk is most often made with okomo milk, and tastes as the milk usually would with just a slightly earthy aftertaste. Pink milk is a strong hallucinogenic drug. It causes intense auditory and visual hallucinations that seem incredibly real to the user, to the point where the user might not even know where they are anymore as their hallucinations change their surroundings.

The drug puts the user into a dreamy, distant state, where hallucinations take up most of their attention. Users move and talk very slowly when on pink milk, though they themselves are not aware of this. Hallucinations caused by the drug are strongly influenced by the user's emotions. This can make for either a very good trip or a very bad one, and it's advised not to take this particular drug if you aren't in a good mood for this reason. The drug also has the effect of making people lose their inhibitions; users tend to become very clingy and affectionate to anyone in the vicinity, whether they are a hallucination or real, and they have little to no filter, saying whatever comes into their head and reacting with open emotion to what happens. Coming down from the drug is surprisingly easy as hallucinations fade slowly back into reality, though users often feel very tired and emotionally drained. However, the drug is extremely addictive, and people who are frequent users often begin to lose touch with reality, uncertain of what is actually real. Overuse or improper dosage can also cause a high fever, similar to the poison made from the fungus. L2 herbalism to identify and harvest the fungus, L3 poison to craft the poison or the drug.

Sleep (6 kina/dose): Sleep is a drug crafted from the moonglow plant. When the pods are harvested and ground into a fine powder, this powder can then be steeped in tea, resulting in a potent sleep aid. It's most common use is to slip into another's drink in order to knock them out, however, those who suffer from extreme insomnia or nightmares often turn to the drug for help. It is sometimes also used in medical facilities for patients who are delirious, or who need to be unconscious for any length of time for one reason or another.

Sleep takes approximately a bell to kick in, no matter the dose; the user will get increasingly drowsy, beginning to slur their speech, until they finally fall asleep. The length of sleep depends on the dosage, but it's usually a minimum of two bells; sleep is deep and dreamless, with it being incredibly difficult to awaken the user. An overdose of sleep can lead to the user entering a coma, and prolonged use of the drug can cause a decreased heart rate and constant drowsiness. A very small dose of the drug might not put one to sleep, but instead will make them incredibly drowsy and slow, which some take advantage of to use as a relaxation method. L2 herbalism to identify and harvest, L3 poison to craft the drug.

Stardust (50 kina/dose): Stardust is a very rare and very expensive drug. It is made from fallen meteors; while most of the materials of any meteors that fall near the city are used as resources for skyglass by the Constellations, there are sometimes pieces left-over. These pieces of rock, which often contain traces of metals as well, are ground up and soaked in alcohol before being distilled to create a shimmering white dust. This dust can then be snorted; it has no effect if it is otherwise ingested. Once snorted, stardust causes an intense but brief high. Users see everything around them as intensely beautiful, and feel as if they are in another world. They feel immensely powerful, and often perceive themselves as being incorporeal or even completely invisible.

Many users have described having a complete out of body experience with this drug, or feeling as if they've become omniscient and know everything that is happening around them, down to the thoughts of any nearby people. Coming down from stardust is often jarring, and leaves users feeling lost and confused. The drug is not particularly addictive, but the feelings of grandeur it can inspire can lead to some people searching it out relentlessly. If taken too frequently, stardust can cause mental health issues and even trigger the development of certain mental and personality disorders. Loss of feeling in the hands and loss of vision are also potential serious side-effects of long-term abuse. L3 poison and L3 philtering required to craft the drug.

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