Location The Lymne House

An old house in disrepair and with dark secrets.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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The Lymne House

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The old Lymne House sits on a fairly standard street on Zintia Peak, perhaps about fifteen chimes walk from the Azure Market. The most noticeable main feature of the house is the large black door that serves as the entrance to the building. It is accessible up the three front door steps, whose tiles have cracked over time as weeds have grown in the corners. The numerous windows seen from the front of the house are all small, square, and often curtained over and closed shut. The walls are made out of the local stone, and the building is tiled with slates, though unseen from the road, the middle of the roof boasts a decent domed skyglass skylight. The older residents of the street remember who once lived there, and sigh at the state of disrepair the house has fallen in to.

The Lymne House is the family home of the now deceased Lymne family. The owners were an accomplished mage who found his success in his peculiar brand of tinctures and potions that were the rage for a while, long ago, and an artist who never really 'got big', but whose abstract, colourful art adorns the walls of the house. When, due to old age, the occupants died, the house was inherited by the strange Lymne daughter, Laure. When in turn she died, the house fell into the ownership of Laure's husband, Clement, though this last resident only uses a few rooms and has allowed the house to fall into disrepair and neglect. As such, the Lymne House now looks rather sad and lonely, and those who pass it in the street would struggle to tell that anyone lived there at all.

Although Clement is the sole living owner of the house, Laure Lymne still haunts her old family home. There is evidence of her all across the house, if you know where to look. Smashed family paintings, torn sheets, and Mr. Lymne's trashed workshop show her frustration and malevolence. Whilst walking through the property, one might even feel the ghostly chill of the dead woman, as she considers what to do with the trespasser.

The ground floor holds a parlour which contains an old harp whose strings are beginning to snap. Most of the furniture is packed into one corner, as if ready to be moved out. Nearby, the kitchen is well-stocked with equipment. Pots and pans lie across the surfaces, and the hearth is neatly stocked with fuel. A pantry lies to one side, stocked with several boxes of empty glass bottles, and some food for Clement; it is by far the neatest and most intact room of the entire building. Towards the back of the floor lies Mr. Lymne's workshop, long since abandoned to spiders, dust, and time. His old workbook lies, burnt, in the fireplace. Several pieces of his equipment are smashed as if in a rage. A grand but dusty staircase, well-lit by the skyglass dome above, leads to the second floor.

The landing of the second floor features several peculiar paintings affixed to the walls in all the shades of the rainbow. Some have faded in places due to the sunlight, and one painting has a large, jagged hole that looks as if it has been punched, years ago. There are three bedrooms leading off from the landing, only one of which looks as if it has been used in the last season. The others are dusty and fairly ordinary. The bathroom is located on the second floor as well, a tiled room with a large square bath that is fairly coated in grime, and only the sink looks like it has been used recently. A large tureen meant for water sits, empty, inside the dry bathtub.

Location credit: Ennisa

ImageName: Clement
Race: Human
Birthdate: 492 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Cook, performer at various bars
Skills: Busking - 20, Cooking - 55, Musical Instrument (Fiddle) - 42, Persuasion - 40, Seduction - 53, Spiritism - 20, Unarmed Combat - 25, Weapon (Kitchen Knife) - 25
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Clement is fairly tall with a mop of tightly curled blonde hair atop his head. He often wears a greying apron and shades of white. The man has slate eyes, a smattering of freckles, and once upon a time, his nose has been broken, which gives his face a fractured appearance.

Clement was born to an ex-chef mother and a hunter father. Childhood took a turn for the worse when he and his brother got into a dangerous situation…and only Clement came out alive. He has never spoken of the incident, though he'll hold the memory of his brother's corpse floating out to sea forever. Ever since that time, his parents cut him off from their affection. Although they never once directly said so, Clement knew that they thought he was responsible for his brother's death.

He moved out as soon as he could, finding work as a cook at various restaurants, and eventually fell in love with a strange woman named Laure. The two were besotted with each other. When Laure died in childbirth and their child was a stillborn, Laure stayed back as a ghost, hoping one day to have a child again.

This tumultuous time wore Clement down. With the grief over losing his wife and child, and the disorientation of the remaining, ghostly presence of Laure, he began to lose his grip on reality. As such, it was easy for Laure to convince her husband to find a new girlfriend, and to use such a woman, essentially, as a breeding mare for her to possess during the birth of their eventual child. Then and only then will Laure leave this mortal world, satisfied in the knowledge that she has finally given birth and provided her husband with an heir.

In the meanwhile, Clement sells cooked meats to Lhavitians from a cart he bought as a way to make a bit of kina to sustain himself, and spends most of his nights busking at the bars around the city in an attempt to find a suitable host and would-be mother for Laure.

Clement is prone to rapid changes of mood, veering from mirth to black anger at the flip of a coin. He is doggedly devoted to his dead wife, and will do whatever she says. As he has been spending so much time with a ghost, his view of normal people has been skewed, to such an extent that occasionally he can slip into a delusion that the world isn't real, and ironically has to be persuaded to sanity by his ghostly wife. In more lucid moments, he treats life as a game. He is charming when he wants to be, and fairly good at seduction, though once you get to know him, it becomes obvious that the finer arts of meaningful conversation passed him by.
Laure Lymne
ImageName: Laure Lymne
Race: Ghost (Human)
Birthdate: 491 AV
Date of death: 516 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Ghost of the Lymne House
Skills: Intimidation - 17, Materialization - 28, Possession - 50, Soulmist Projection - 45, Stealth - 15
Languages: Common (Fluent)

In life, Laure was a rather plain, brown-haired woman with close-set eyes. In death, she chooses to portray herself at her most beautiful, which was the fifth night into her marriage to Clement, where she wore a purple velvet gown to a fancy dinner and had the most blissful night of her life. Yet, in ghostly form, she is pale and flickering. Most of the colour seems to have leeched from her form. Her appearance wavers and her long brown hair waves about her, as if she's underwater. If she's looking to intimidate someone, she materializes as she did when she died, her lower half drenched in her and her own newborn's blood, her cheeks blanched pale, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Laure was the only child of Suzann & Jeremy Lymne, however from the get-go, she knew she was different. For a start, her parents were already old when she was young. Her parents were nothing like what her friends' parents were like. As a child, she tended to rebel against the soft and kindly nature of her mother, and her father didn't really know how to handle her wild side. Her childhood consisted of listening to taunts from her so-called friends - that she was adopted, that she was a castaway, that she wasn't really loved. Every time she dared to ask if she was truly adopted as everyone said she was, her parents either brushed the question aside or placated her with half-truths and bribery. Over time, she gave up asking, but the questions remained, burrowed deep inside.

Her father died of old age when she was about fifteen, and she was cursed with the task of caring for her ailing mother as their luxurious house seemed to crumble around them. As Suzann's mind began to falter, she spent every waking moment asking, "Do I have any grandchildren yet?" Without any kina to sustain them and wanting to have any excuse to be away from her stinking, stupid mother, Laure had a stint as a barmaid, and this was when she met Clement. They fell in love almost immediately, and Laure invited him to live with her and her ill mother. Suzann, whose mind was failing, died peacefully whilst asleep in her chair. Lovebirds Clement and Laure, so obsessed with each other, didn't notice the old woman had died until a few days after.

With both her parents dead, Laure smashed through the house, looking for some proof of her adoption, desperate for answers, yet she found nothing for all her trouble. After the funeral, Laure was delighted to have inherited all her parents' savings. With it, she and Clement hoped to live a long and happy life. Yet bad luck followed her. During childbirth, she and their unborn son developed complications, and she died in agony along with her newborn baby. She remained as a ghost intent on delivering a child into the world; to satisfy herself, her dead mother, and to give her lover the heir they both so desperately wanted.

Laure is spiteful, jealous of the 'necessary' lovers Clement acquires, and ferociously besotted with her man. She loves frightening and intimidating the poor souls that are unlucky enough to fall into her and Clement's clutches. Her possessions are insidious affairs, and her morals have long since faded, just like her soul. She is hell-bent on the task she has set herself, yet in doing so has put blinkers on and cannot see the damage she is causing to Clement's state of mind; and even if she could, the chances are high that she is so far gone that she would be beyond caring.

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