Location The Heilana Courage

An unconventional Svefra pod that stays near the city and docks at the Port often.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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The Heilana Courage

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The Heilana Courage is a ship that, along with its crew, has become well-known in the Tranquil Port. A somewhat unconventional Svefra pod called the Silverfoams (despite a few members not being Svefra), it tends to stay Outer Ocean near Lhavit, rarely treading too far south or north; in the winter, it docks in the Tranquil Port semi-permanently while the crew restocks and takes a lengthier stay within the actual city.

The Heilana Courage is a small sloop -like ship capable of carrying up to 30 crew and ten paying passengers. The ship has the capability of carrying up to twenty tonnes of cargo. The Heilana Courage is a marvel to look at; it is certainly a large ship, though somewhat leaner than most other sloops. The hull is battle-scarred and there is clear evidence of previous repairs. One of the masts is a well-honed specimen of a tree trunk, complete with scraps of bark here and there. The sails are a plain brown, but the ship proudly flies a small pennant of purple fabric, with the symbol of an osprey's head stitched onto a background of a sword crossed with an anchor.

The majority of the deck is kept sharp and neat. The ship's wheel stands in a prominent position. Two doors lead below deck - one door takes you to the captain's room where the ship's leading crew conduct meetings, and the second one takes you through to the cramped, mass sleeping quarters, which are hammocks suspended from various struts on the low ceiling. Once in the main sailor's space, there are a couple of trapdoors that lead down to the cargo hold on the right-hand side. On the left is a single trapdoor constantly propped open, with a couple of small wooden steps leading down to the galley and a narrow table bolted to the floor for meals.

The ship is kitted with a couple of large throwing harpoons for defence, as well as a small ship's boat used to get from the shore back to the ship if it has not been able to dock somewhere.

The Heilana Courage is largely a trading vessel that trades with any passing Svefra, and sometimes offers a small level of transportation from Lhavit to other locations in the Outer Ocean. Transportation is rarely offered, however, and comes at a steep price. The Heilana Courage trades in a variety of things depending on the season and what Kastene and Heilana can buy or acquire. They do not usually sell directly to individuals, but instead usually sell to other merchants and businesses within Lhavit.

Location credit: Ennisa

Roberta Silverfoam
ImageName: Roberta Silverfoam
Race: Svefra
Birthdate: 485 AV
Birthplace: The Ahger Ocean
Occupation: Lia of the Heilana Courage
Gnosis: 1 mark of Laviku (Oceanus level 1)
Skills: Leadership - 30, Negotiation - 50, Persuasion - 28, Projection - 50, Sailing - 45, Swimming - 30, Unarmed Combat - 60, Wilderness Survival (Ocean) - 25
Languages: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent)

Roberta is a dark-haired Svefra woman with deep blue eyes and a vibrant, charismatic personality. She is tall and lithe, and has a bounce to her step.

She was brought up near to Lhavit in her parents' pod, and spent a lot of time there in her youth. However, as a teenager, she rejected the Svefra lifestyle, and began to stay in Lhavit more permanently, where she sought to join the Shinya. Her youth revolved around constant training, sometimes with her brother during the rare times when she saw her sea-faring family, and her Lhavitian boyfriend who taught her projection.

When her boyfriend was promoted, he began to ignore Roberta. For a while, she pleaded with him and begged for attention, but after a while she realized the reason for his abandonment - he'd found another lover. One who "was a better class of person", she found out after a particularly bitter argument.

Feeling angry and bewildered, Roberta dropped her studies, her ex-boyfriend, and her family, and went for change. She met Kastene and Heilana, and on a whim decided to join them on their ship. The peace and quiet of the ocean resonated with her away from the hassle of her previous life, family, and the broken love she left behind in Lhavit. And the Heilana Courage, being an unconventional Svefra ship, accepted her as their Lia, which is a role she never expected but deeply enjoys. Roberta has been the Lia of her own little pod for some time now, dubbing herself Roberta Silverfoam and calling her pod the same.
Captain Kastene Silverfoam
ImageName: 'Captain' Kastene Silverfoam
Race: Svefra
Birthdate: 467 AV
Birthplace: The Suvan Sea
Occupation: Captain of the Heilana Courage
Gnosis: 1 mark of Laviku (Oceanus level 1)
Skills: Leadership - 50, Persuasion - 50, Sailing - 70, Swimming - 37, Unarmed Combat - 40, Weapon (Shortsword) - 48
Languages: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Fluent)

Captain Kastene is a large, intimidating man with greying hair and a tousled grey beard. His face is lined from a lifetime on the sea, and his voice is low and gravelly. He looks older than he is, but the vibrancy of his mannerisms betrays his true age. He is large - tall and brawny also. He wears a long weather-stained leather coat to protect himself from the elements, and sturdy boots upon his feet.

Kastene grew up as a merchant's son near Kenash, in a tiny Svefra pod. His father's business existed in a volatile, constantly shifting market and as Kastene turned 9, his father's small trade finished for good after an incident which caused Kastene's father the loss of one eye, and the complete loss of his self-esteem. A short time later their pod joined another. Kastene began to fall in love with the seaman's life more deeply than before, and when his father moved onto shore after 10 years, Kastene stayed with the pod, and eventually left to travel on his own.

He set himself up as a trader, and did well for himself. Unfortunately, he also managed to get on the wrong side of a fellow Svefra after an evening of drinking gone wrong. Eventually, he was forced down past Riverfall, and out to the fringes of the Outer Oceans. On the way, he fell in love with a lone Kelvic osprey named Heilana, who became his bondmate and his reason for being. She dreamt of a glittering city in the far reaches of Mizahar - Lhavit. Together, they relocated their business to the Outer Ocean. They spend their time in the waters surrounding Lhavit, and in winter, usually dock more long-term and spend some time within the city itself to avoid the harsh climates up north, and to re-stock the ship.

While Kastene considered himself the captain of the Heilana Courage, upon meeting the fellow lonely Svefra Roberta, he invited her on-board and offered himself and his ship to her as a pod, and asked her to be the Lia of their small group. And so Kastene once again found himself part of a true pod, though an unconventional one, and has taken on the name that Roberta has chosen for them. While he is still called Captain, the leadership role has shifted slightly to favour Roberta. Kastene doesn't mind this; he knows he's only getting older, and that perhaps not too far in the future, Roberta will need to fill his role anyway.
Heilana Silverfoam
ImageName: Heilana Silverfoam
Race: Kelvic (Osprey)
Birthdate: 504 AV
Birthplace: The Suvan Sea
Occupation: Co-captain of the Heilana Courage
Skills: Fishing - 45, Geology - 30, Navigation (Sea) - 85, Sailing - 50, Swimming - 20, Unarmed Combat - 50, Weapon (Crossbow) - 55, Weapon (Harpoon) - 42, Wilderness Survival - 76
Languages: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Basic)

Heilana is a fair-haired woman with clear skin and twinkling eyes that betray a hint of savageness. In the right light, her brown eyes flash with a deep yellow. In the summer when her face has caught the sun, a darker band of tan scans across the top of her nose, around her eyes, and the lower part of her forehead. As a Kelvic, she is typical of an osprey, with a light belly, and dark brown wings.

Heilana was born on a small boat on the Suvan Sea, but she does not know the identity of her parents. She remembers a flash of a bright smile, and the shadow of an angular face, and that is all. Her early years were spent flying, swimming, and catching fish as she explored the Suvan. After a time, she found a Svefra ship and they took her in. A young lad grew too fond of her, but as she grew up alone her defences were high, and she rejected him and his advances. Hurt and embarrassed, the young man lashed out and cut a large gash in her shoulder. After she healed, she left and met Kastene.

She fell in love, and bonded with him despite her reservations. Her love of knowledge and freedom led her to Lhavit, where she discovered a deep love of the study of rocks and earth. During winter, she studies in Lhavit, and the rest of the year she co-captains the ship along with her husband and bondmate, Kastene.

In order to inquire about trading with or passage on the Heilana Courage, contact your ST for permission, details, and prices.
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