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The home of Syka's youngest Founders

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Randal's Place

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Southwest of The Commons lies an unusual structure deep in the trees. Made high up, the home of Randal Zor started out as a nice octagonal bungalow perched on stilts. But as more visitors arrived at the settlement, some family, some not, Randal started to expand. Soon, he had his own micro complex with a multitude of bedrooms, many living spaces, and incredible three hundred and sixty degrees of view. Randal simply needs to pick a space and somewhere in his home overlooks something; the sea, the commons, the vast expanse of jungle.

Making use of glass imported from Riverfall, he has sliding doors in every room, a whole host of decks, and natural twisted wood that makes up handrails and stairs. Randal likes to say he honed his skill of carpentry working on his own place which has given him a level of expertise in building for others. All in all, Randal's place is at least 4000 square feet, enjoys multiple facilities, and has a ground shower.

Randal Zor
ImageName: Randal Zor
Race: Human
DoB: 486 AV
PoB: Riverfall
Skills: Wilderness Survival (Jungle) 95, Carpentry 70, Animal Husbandry 65, Tracking 62, Hunting 60, Leadership 55, Surfing 46, Medicine 30, Whip 25 etc
Gnosis: 2 Marks Tavasi

Randal accompanied Mathias and Captain James on their second Syka expedition. He was along as an animal expert, tracker, and handler. His skills at carpentry proved invaluable as it was he himself who started the six rentals to visitors and new residents to Syka. He found it a fruitful way to make trade coin to fund Captain James' occasional trips to Riverfall to resupply.
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