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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Fish out of water

Postby Loxcia Campo on March 29th, 2021, 4:24 am

1st of Spring, 521 A.V

Zeltiva, Mid morning




It was this moment when Loxcia realized she'd been walking for a length of time now, down this...Street. She was lost, and did not know where she was. The sun, now a 3/4 of the way into the peak of the sky, beamed on her back drying her sea drenched clothes as she moved with a hungrily quickened pace. She thought she'd be able to survive in the water, to not have to interact with the land breathers as she called them. Hunger proved to be very persuasive, clawing at her belly from the inside. She'd gone through a weeks worth of rations as quick as she could put them to her lips. Freedom never tasted so good and she took well full advantage of that. So here she was, forced by her own body to face her pride and attempt to seek out help from strangers.

She was weak, nauseas partially from lack of proper nutrients as well as living a majority of her life on a ship. Her legs wobbling, threatening to collapses with each vigorous step. Trying to hold the Konti up as well as push forward to wherever she was going. A woman had pointed her vaguely in this direction, telling her that she would run into something of a market place. Maybe the woman took her as a beggar, seeing that she had yet to replace the hole filled potato sack material rags she sported. Something else to add to the mental list; clothes. She would bet a chest of miza that she stood out very much against the more classy and professional dressed citizens of Zeltiva. It reminded her of Mura a bit with the colors and patterns that passed her by as she continued to press on.

-Praise Laviku and Avalis for the day, for the breath I take a free woman. I praise your name, and give thanks for the trails and obstacles of my journey. I pray for guidance, for understanding, and for protection as I enter unknown lands. I pray to be cleansed as Laviku cleans the ocean of impurities, to be watched over by the eyes of Avalis so I may achieve and prosper. As I pray Amen.

She prayed in her homeland's tongue giving praise to the gods. Though her situation wasn't ideal, she was thankful for the blessings she did receive. She wanted to cry, years of pain and hurt suppressed and packed to dampen the strikes. She wanted to cry for the slaves that didn't make it, for the abuse and near death experiences, for the scars and marks that introduced her skin, and for her mother most of all. She felt her chest gain weight, sniffles keeping the mucus from flying freely. She had to hold it together. Life as a slave taught her that there was a time for tears, now was not it. Shoulders back, head up, legs in as strong as a stride as they could produce, she attempted to pull herself together as the crowd of people began to thicken.

The buildings were the first thing to catch her eyes as their styles were unique. Some were older, looking to be shaped by the gods themselves, while others looked fairly new and common. She slowed down a bit attempting to catch her bearings, the crowd churning like the tides. Everyone going in their own directions from business to business. Her heart quickened with her being engulfed by chatter and constant shuffling as people bumped and pushed past one another.

"Get the best wares on West street here!"

She heard a merchant call out. West-Street, at least she knew where she was. Frantically swimming through the crowd Loxcia managed to find a spot on the wall out of the way. West street looked to be a marketplace of some kind. Different people carrying all sorts of goods and packages back and forth. The Konti didn't expect Zeltiva to be so diverse. There were a myriad of races she could point out from time as a slave, and they all were free. A slither of hope.

"Hey watch it!"

A gruff voice scolded Loxcia who did not see the line formed next to her. She gave a quick glance around as if looking for approval of some kind before deciding to stay put in line. Having no idea as to where the line lead, she assumed it had to be something worth standing outside for. She felt a bit anxious, feeling so out of place as more people passed her by wearing clothing that gave off the look of importance. Everyone here was dressed in some form of class or social standing, there were obvious lines, and before she realized, she had made it to the front of her que.

"Welcome to the World's End Grotto- Oh, you're a new face, just getting into town?"

Loxcia was caught off guard a tad, the woman's voice sounding as sweet as her beauty, with a face that was set more than cast iron. The Konti didn't know weather to smile or return the expression. It would help if she replied at least, the last thing she wanted was trouble with the locals.

-Y-yes, I actually just got into town.

"Well you look hungry, c'mon in if you got the miza to pay for your meal."

Loxcia went to take the comment as an insult before realizing that this was a place of business and she definitely did not look the part. On the contrary of her looks she did indeed have money. A good amount she'd managed to acquire post grand escape from her ex-slave masters. Tilting her head upward, she analyzed the building gauging how much it would cost her to enter the establishment. The building stood three floors high painted white with what looked to be vine travelling up its wall. It looked a bit homey, and the smells that came from it enticed her appetite, her stomach directing her to enter.

The inside was even more overwhelming than the store front itself. A spacious area filled with people who've come to dine , drink, and revel in stories of adventures past. She could feel the eyes following her as she traversed through the tavern. She stood out, she did not like standing out. Still, she had to hold herself together, she did not want to give off the wrong impression to those of higher living. The last thing she needed was a group of people accusing her to be of ill mind. She'd found herself a seat offset to the middle of the room, a wooden table equipped with two chairs of the same material. Not long after a server appeared.

"Hello, welcome to the World's End Grotto. How can I serve you today? Can I offer you some Kelp beer, and are you ready to order?"

Everything seemed so foreign to the Konti, she didn't even know the menu to know what to order, and what in the shyke was beer? She knew that kelp was a product of seaweed, and seaweed was good, so it only seemed right. As far as to eat, other than her rations, she'd eaten nothing but scraps, and bread. Not wanting to seem as she appeared, she quickly spoke firmly and punctual.

- Yes a mug of kelp beer would be fine, and a loaf of bread?

She more so asked than demanded, unsure if that was something of norm for someone to order.

" Coming right up, that will be 2 gold miz and 4 copper miza please."

She sighed quietly with relief as she fetched 3 gold rimmed miza from her coin pouch, gently placing them into the server's palm and in the instant the server was gone to do what ever it was they did.

- My meal costs 2 gold miza and 4 copper miza. Out of 3 gold miza that should give me 96 copper miza in change. She thought to herself.

It took a while, but her miza and beer came first. Giving a nod of thankfulness she hurriedly took a few gulps to quench her thirst. A horrible mistake, the bitterness of the drink quickly rushing in behind the sweetness of the kelp. It was good for the most part, and she'd already spent her money so no point in letting it go to waste. She continued to sip to herself waiting on her bread loaf whilst taking in the liveliness of the building.

Reciept :
Loaf of bread- 2 Gm
Mug of Kelp beer- 4 Cm
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Fish out of water

Postby Loxcia Campo on March 30th, 2021, 7:18 pm

Why-is it so hot in here

She asked herself, struggling to comprehend what had transpired in the timespan of one mug of Kelp Beer the server called it. She had enough sense to know the basic facts, she petched up, and also she was sure enough not poisoned seeing the other patrons consumed the same drink. Some with more glasses than she, sulking in what ever feeling this was. Others were more lively the type, enjoying conversation or what was entertaining them. She wanted to feel like that, not like this.

Her skin felt moist, as if she were melting. Her fingertips were sweating and why did it make it so hot? There was a burning in her chest a threat the contents of her stomach sent to her gills. She hadn't even finished the cup yet. Squinting her eyes to focus on the mug still in hand whilst the room danced. The bread sat on the table awaiting her assault. The server had brought it a time ago she could recall. She'd given him a swift head nod of dismissal and almost leaned out of her chair realizing then that something was 'off'. She had the thought of walking out of here but had empty faith in the stability of her legs. So accepting the obvious she sat.

Breathing felt the same weight as her body. With a heave she managed to push herself forward to where she could rely on the table for balance and place the mug down. Her head was a storm right now, the chains didn't carry this much weight...Now she was emotional. Fumbling her face across her forearm whilst blinking away tears presence of another did not catch her attention until there was a pressure upon her back.

"Are you okay miss?"

She nearly pissed herself. Lightning ran through her body. Moving as fast as her body would allow she slowly lifted. Her vision shifty and cognition struggling she would have to choose between the two. Releasing a breath stress resting in her brow she didn't even care to look straight at the patron, but still attempted to give a welcoming smile.

"Well shyke, you've surely swallowed more than your worth haven't you?"

She struggled to follow what was being said, head bobbing back and forth over the words.

" For the love of- You're drunk. You've only had half a cup? Lightweight through and through eh? "

So this is what it was called, drunk. Now that she'd given in and allowed it to consume her a bit, she did remember seeing a few slavers stumbling about late nights as if they've lost their wits. They must've been drunk too. She didn't like being drunk. Not if it was like this all the time. The laughter of the other patrons knocked against her ears. How did they do it?

" Y'know, you have that bread there, eat some of that and you should feel better"

Her head still lay on the table, mentally swimming in her newfound drunkenness'. The notion of bread caused her stomach to churn, she had forgotten about the loaf. It was probably cold by now. Still, cold bread was better than her previous options of food. Whomever it was that came to her distress still had their hand on her back. It felt...Foreign, but good. It had been seasons of seasons since she'd felt the calming touch, memories of beatings reeling through her mind before a flash of her mother. A silent gasp caused her body to jump. A shift brushed the hand off.

Though her head rested in her forearm she could still feel the presence of the hand owner. Loxcia peered out the corner of her eye to see the blurred frame of a man. She began to question why, but given her current enigma she could understand if he really was worried about her. The people in the city did dress 'differently', so it wouldn't surprise her if they truly were caring people. Opposite of what she'd grown accustomed to. Feeling pressured to show sign of life, she reached out tearing a piece of loaf placing it in her mouth and another afterwards and another after that. The bread was delicious. Better than any bread she'd tasted.

" There ya go!, what's your name?"

Between being drunk and focused on her food she did not catch the man's name when he'd said it, but did notice when he took the opposing seat for himself and asked for hers. By instinct she went to tell him off and spit in his face before catching herself. Old habits would die hard. Still she didn't have to give her name, but knew he probably wouldn't leave until she gave an answer.

Sitting where she could eat and still hold her balance, she could see the man now that he was in front of her. He was tan, very tan. Human if she had to assume. His hair dark medium length, his eyes a type of brown. His shirt wasn't as nice as some of the other's she'd saw but it was clean and intact. The server had come again with an expression showing that they were glad Loxcia was feeling well and not sprawled out half dead on the establishment's floor, but the man had refused any services for himself. Loxcia gave her head a shake, being well off with her bread and dare not go for a second round of Kelp 'Beer'.

Seeing how he checked on her well being and was right about the bread helping her feel better she decided to identify herself.

- Lady Deciding to give the man a false name. She still couldn't be sure.

" Lady? That's a unique name. Is there a last name to go with it? "


- Bossom she let out not thinking then frowning at the door she just opened.

" Lady Bossom? Well, I can see where the name derives from, but i'd also have to question your honesty with a name as such."

It took a tick for Loxcia to catch on, her face emitting red circles in her cheeks.
She crossed her arms blocking any further views that this pervert thought he could get. He noticed and gave a smirk. She returned with shooting bolts from her eyes.

" So what brings you to Zeltiva, Lady?"

He'd said it with a hint of sarcasm and if she were still as drunk as she was before, he definitely would have gotten his share. Lucky for him, she needed information. She had to come to terms with self. She was lost, inexperienced, and had no clue as to where to start with anything, and honestly if this man didn't offer to see if she was alright, she'd probably still be trying to keep from vomiting.

- I came here to start a new life

" And your clothes?" He asked motioning to the potato sack rags she wore.

- I sold everything I owned to afford the trip.

" Oh so, you're an adventurer then? "

- No, more so a traveler than that. What was with all the questions?

" Ah, where are you coming from?"

- I've been on the water for a bit now, no set place y'know.

" So, a sailor?"

- Traveler

" That doesn't travel outside the ocean? " He was starting to catch her lies.

- Is there something I can help you with? She fired. He paused for a bit, startled by the mild aggression.

" No, just was trying to make conversation is all. Welcome to Zeltiva lady." And with that he moved to leave.

-Wait She stopped him. He looked as if he knew she would, trying to look oblivious to the fact that she was walking in the dark right now.

- Could you tell me where I could get some supplies?

" Right here on West street. You should've passed a bunch of buildings before you got here. The Grotto is at the end of the street, just before the housing area."

Loxcia looked back in confusion. The perverted patron, a name of her own creation, gave a chuckle before responding.

" I don't know how you made it this far Lady, but this here is the World's End Grotto. It's a tavern that triples as an inn and stable. You'd have to talk to someone about pricing if you're looking for a place to rest. As far as clothing goes, the Saville is right up the road from where you came, pretty decent if you have the coin. The general store is right across the way from Saville's for anything else you need. There's some merchants and services about the way as well. Those are the basics at least. Honestly, I say just explore the city. East Street is better in my opinion, West Street is safer by all means though."

Either she was too easy a mark, or he really just wanted to help. Either way he was gone after his final words were said. Unfolding her aching arms, she looked to the finished plate of bread crumbs. She felt better at least, pushing the beer away in disgust. Having some form of direction she sat thinking on what to do next.
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Fish out of water

Postby Loxcia Campo on April 16th, 2021, 5:22 am

She stood with a sway, the beer still running through her body. The first step started somewhat similar to a horse's trot. As if testing the ground before placing her foot in step. A shake of her head cleared both that and her vision a bit. There was a slight struggle, but control was obtained. The inside of the establishment wasn't dim at all yet the sun threatened her eyes. She had half a thought to go back inside a tick longer but didn't want to deal with the patron whom introduced himself before. Still, she needed to sit down. The street still bustling with the mid-morning business. A bit too thick for her liking, she swayed away to the side of the Grotto into a small alleyway. There was a stench of shyke, which made sense when she heard the horses.

Stepping more carefully, not wanting a foot full of horse feces, she found a spot to plop herself. She didn't feel as bad as before, she just needed to rest for a bit. The leather pack that carried her belongings sat slung off her shoulder onto the ground. It dawned on her that for as long as she'd been carrying it, she'd never thought to look into it. She obtained it from the ship she jumped, being smart enough to snatch some supplies , but lacking enough to not check it. Something had to be in it considering the weight. The sack leapt onto her lap with a tug. Her hands lazily rummaging through the items. There was a mix of amazement and astonishment at the things she didn't know she had. Comb, brush, soap, clothes even. She felt a sensation of satisfaction.

Praise Avalis! For you saw that I was in need and comforted me so. I give thanks and praise oh Goddess. Amen

The clothes were simple, cheap material. It was better than the tattered rags of her formal life. A simple shirt, undergarments and pants with a pair of boots to complete the set. Before thinking she'd already come out of her shirt. The slight breeze through the side-way danced across her scales shining in the rays of sun that could reach. Then her bottoms, sliding the undergarments on looking at them same towards a sword of the quartermaster. A bit large but workable. The pants fit almost perfectly. She began to feel apart of the community, blended amongst the commoners. Resuming her foraging, she pulled a water skin out next inspecting the object for it's use. About the size of a purse the utility was empty. She placed it upon her belt for later investigation. Loxcia felt a bit slanted with herself. Why hadn't she checked this before? It definitely would have saved her trouble early on. The rations were already gone so after that she didn't have a reason to look inside of it. There were other supplies inside that she would sort through later.

With a major confidence boost Loxcia stepped back out into the main street. If she was going to be staying here she would need a place to stay. The man from the Grotto said that they frequently rented out rooms to travelers and other sorts, so that was something taken care of there. Her fingers twitched instinctively. She would need a bow. Seasons, it had been seasons since she last shot a bow. The Konti Isle if she remembered right. Slavers took it along with her other possessions post-capture. She remembered the bar patron mentioning a general store somewhere along the road.

With her recently newfound miza, she was sure she could afford something. Securing her sack she began out into the crowd. Keeping pace proved to be challenging, especially with so many people moving in all directions at once. It had swallowed her up before, shoving her into the Grotto. Her head on a swivel, the current of the crowd taking her opposite of her original direction. It wasn't long before she'd gotten in step with the masses. Now that she could actually pay attention, she noticed how pretty the city looked. Not as good as Mura if could be biased, but from what she saw thus far, Zeltiva wasn't half bad. Loxcia began passing a tan building looked to be beaten badly by the forces of weather. The building looked old, but solid. Sporting a shingle roof and wooden sign the read - General Store. She was sure this was the place mentioned to her. Giving her new clothes an anxious wipe down, she entered.

The building looked the same inside as it did outside. Old but established. There were things all over the place. Seasonings, clothing, tools and other assortments of things. It was almost a bit overwhelming, too many things to choose from. So many things caught her eye she nearly forgot what she had come for in the first place. She walked along one wall browsing merchandise. She saw no weapons out on display. Did they not sell any? Then again she thought, it would be foolish to have weapons out for people to take and even use against the store owners. She decided to simply ask. The man who stood at the counter was an older gentleman. His eyes brown and hair grey from life, he looked wise and content. He say nothing yet and occasionally glanced from his work scanning the store. Loxcia straddled the goods a bit more, waiting for the right moment to interupt the silence.

- Ex- Excuse me sir, what all else do you sell here?

" Whatever people are willing to sell." That confused Loxcia a bit.

- No, I mean do you have anything else for sale other than this?

" If I got it, it's for sale. Just depends on what you looking for."

- A longbow? Arrows too if you have them.

The man paused, which mad Loxcia more anxious. Did she ask the wrong question? He was quick to respond before, and now he looked to be trapped in trance. What seemed like a chime had passed before the man began once more.

"I might, I'd have to check the storage room. Wait here."

Loxcia gave a sigh. Maybe things weren't as tough as she thought it would be after all. Other citizens had entered the building, some looking to buy while others simply browsed. Loxcia appreciated the culture of Zeltiva. How everyone moved about their days with seemingly no worry. She envied it a bit. To live without fear or worry of being hurt, and aspired to know the feeling herself.

" Okay, now I've gotten two options for you." The owner returning from wherever he went holding two bows in hand. For an elderly human he moved fluently. In her travels she'd seen some elderly humans who were broken by life, unable to do things that they did once before. And for this man to still have some of his youthfulness if not all was quite impressive. He motioned for Loxcia to approach the counter as he placed his wares atop. There sat two longbows. One regularly carved, the other was a composite bow.

" Being that you knew what you were looking for, I feel it's safe to assume you also know the difference between the two?" He was right about that. She'd taught herself how to use the longbow. The normal longbow was just that, a bow. Slightly larger than it's short-bow counter part with a bit more rang and power but nothing too special. The composite longbow on the other hand was usually made of better material - a finer wood than most and had a recurve allowing it to maintain its bow-like shape even when unstrung. It also functioned a tad better than its original predecessor.

The choice was easy, the price is what would be difficult. She picked up the composite longbow first. It was in pretty good condition. It didn't have any cracks or splinters in the wood, and was woven decently. The string taught, she aimed the weapon at an imaginary target before releasing and hitting her mark.

"You like that one eh?" She gave a nod from concentration.

- Where do you get your weapons?

" If you're asking if I made these, the answer is no. Majority of my wares enter my possession the same way they leave, bargaining and trade."

- How much?

" For that? I'll let it leave for 100 gold rimmed miza. If money is an issue, then i'll sell you the other for 75 gold miza. You'll need arrows too, normally they go for 20 per one gold miza."

Loxcia looked to her other option. Yes it was cheaper, but she liked this one and had the money to spend, so why not? Wanting to give her decision a fair chance she picked up the other weapon and was completely turned away. It felt lighter, weaker and less manageable in her hands. The owner must've seen her face because he let out a small chuckle.

" It looks as if you've already made your choice. I'll put this one back then and get you out of here."

Loxcia dug into her miza pouch slowly counting out the amount needed before placing them gently into the man's hands.

reciept :
Composite Longbow-100gm
Arrows x20- 1gm
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Fish out of water

Postby Loxcia Campo on April 23rd, 2021, 1:57 pm

Just as quick as he'd left he returned bow and arrows in hand. With a bow and a nod she backed away towards the exit almost bumping into a shelf nearly knocking it over. Embarrassed, she hurried off back into the market. Cradling the bow as if a child she felt proud to have bought something for herself that she owned. Shifting of the shoulders released her sack from her back where she placed her arrows. Snatching it from its strap, Loxcia excitedly crossed up the street back into the alley way where she had her earlier brush with death. The memory pulled an expression of sickness into her face, she felt as if she would vomit. She was going to vomit. She took a breath in through her nostrils trying to focus so she wouldn't blow bread chunks onto the other people that passed around her.

Her mouth began to water and her gills became moist. She walked as if she were stuck. Head down eyes up, forward as she battled to keep the churning mass down until she reached a safer area. Coming into the alley with a stumble she braced her free arm on the wall, holding the other up not wanting to damage her new bow in any way. It was hot, sour and came out in chunks. The smell alone made her want to produce more but by the gods she got it all out. At least she felt better. A swig from the water skin cleaned her up.

Moving down further into the alley away from the vomit occupied area, she began to undo the string wrapped around the end of the bow. She was excited tying the string to the opposing notch, ensuring it was tight with a nice "Thwong" It had been years since she last handled a bow, a bit of nervousness told her that she was wasting her time, a thought to be ignored. Arm extended, leveled perpendicular to the chest. A breath, she imagined an arrow in hand light but solid, direct ready to pierce its mark. A pull back on the string bending the bow back, her imaginary target in the sight of her mind. A pause, instance of quietness before the release, launching the arrow into its target.

She couldn't help but smile. She had a right to, and no reason no to do so. Proud of herself, not thinking she would adapt as quick as she would, but Zeltiva showed to be a very delightful place from what she'd seen thus far. There was a whine from the horses in the stables ahead that pulled her attention. She'd forgotten that they where apart of the establishment. The thought of that horrid drink from before made her shiver, but if she remembered correctly the man from before did mention that living arrangements could be made here. When given thought she wouldn't mind. It was sure better than starving in the wild, and she had the miza to afford it, so why not at least treat herself to a actual bed and bath. Sure in her decision she placed herself in between her bow so that it rested across her torso. Checking herself she made her way back into the entrance of the Grotto.

Walking into the building again still had the same awe striking effect. It was a grand building, that was wonderfully decorated by her own opinion at least. There were still a multitude of people that filled the space, most were new while some she could point of from before. She didn't see the man that somewhat saved her earlier today. She did want to properly thank him, but then again didn't want to deal with the aggravation. She maneuvered her way to the bar waiting for the tender to finish dealing with another patron.

" Welcome to the World's End Grotto, what can I get for you today?"

- I'd like to rent a room if you have any?

" We do, the charge is five silver rimmed miza a day. I just need a couple questions answered. What is your name, age and race?"

- Loxcia Campo, I'm twenty-five years of age and a Konti

The tender took a moment to write the information down.

" And where are you coming from?"

She froze. Did she want to admit that she was a slave on the run? Would he report her? Call the guards and have her sent back to the slavers? Back to the cages? And what would her masters do if they capture her, when they capture her. It had dawned on her there that she was a slave still. Yes, she was technically free, but that's because she had escaped, ran. The fact remained that she still belonged to someone, was someone's property. The man realized this pause taking the time to notice her scars.

" Ya' know miss, you shouldn't have much to worry about. The wave guard protects all kinds of people in this part of town no matter where they come from."

The comment though vague was understood.

- I'm from Mura

" Right, and if you follow me I can show you to your room."

With that being said, Loxcia followed the man into a different part of the building. Up two flights of stairs and the back of a hall they went until they promptly stopped in front of a door with the number '3' painted on it. Following his motion, she entered the room. It was nicely sized with a bed, bath tub, and other cheaply furniture set for accommodation. She wasn't on to complain at all, she was actually happy to have a place to call home. The word echoed mentally. This would be her new home. Following in her mothers footsteps, she would make her mark here in Zeltiva.
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