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Loxcia Campo

Postby Loxcia Campo on March 21st, 2021, 12:34 am

Loxcia Campo


Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthday: 8, Winter, 495 A.V
Birthplace: Mura
Gnosis: Marked of Avalis: Divination
Konti Gift: Loxcia can see through others' eyes, but only those eyes of the people she has met before and have learned their name. Nicknames, alias', pet names, etc all work as well if they are names the target openly identifies with and uses. She can use her gift only when she is undistracted and can concentrate on it, so using it in a public place proves to be a challenge unless she can concentrate undistracted. In order to actually use her gift on another pc or npc, she must have a Resolve Score that surpasses theirs if they are a PC. She can see what they see, but cannot hear or smell or use any other sense besides sight. Loxcia cannot see through the eyes of animals or any other living creature besides a playable race in Mizahar. When she is using her gift, she cannot see out of her own eyes and is blind to what's around her, though her other senses function. Loxcia cannot use other skills through this gift unless she has a legit score in that skill such as lip reading, grassland sign, etc.

Her distance range is 100 feet. She can move with the subject or target if she wants to keep them in range and they are moving away - though she will need assistance because she is in essence blinded to what's around her when she is actually actively using the gift.

Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Violet/Purple
Description: Platinum blonde hair that falls just past the mid-back, Copper skin with scales that travel the neck, across the back, arms, legs and feet that seem to shimmer in the light. Violet colored eyes sporting a light scar running horizontal across the face. Lightly built body type decorated with scar marks around the wrist, ankles, and neck. Neck is equipped with gills also sporting what looks like claw marks and pink lily on the back of neck.

Character Concept

If you knew your friend would attempt to steal a sum of money from you, would you still call them friend? If you knew you couldn't trust someone you trusted, would you continue to associate with them? That was Loxcia's enigma. One that would cost her everything she'd love. Having a justifiable hatred for the world and the people in it, the young Konti considers herself a passively-violent person, usually keeping to herself and out of the way unless provoked by the wrong type of people.

Being a creature of the deep, that's where she spends majority of her time. In the water. The water has always and will always be her family. For the waters they've come, to the waters they'll return as the circle of life dictates. A loner by circumstance, unless it's for work, or personal business, Loxcia is far from a people person. Often going out of her way to stay out of the way of others. Especially humans. She trusts no one. The last of her family alive, she's set out on a personal mission to discover the reason why that is.

Character History

From birth, Loxcia's life was cradled in propaganda and circumstance. At first glance, the darker complexion female looks nothing like the typical Konti. The iconic pale colored hair and eyes, as well as the scales that dance across her body from head to toe are some of the few dead giveaways to her heritage, but if one did not know much of what she was, then they'd surely assume she'd be human on few occasions given the right supplies.

Born to an Human father and Konti mother, Loxcia is the last of the Campo family. Her mother, the sister of an Akalak set out to find Loxcia's uncle after the news of his child bearer's death. Leaving the young Loxcia to the care of the Konti of the Ilse. Only to never return. Though no-one dare to admit it, Loxcia knew that her mother was dead. She knew before she even left the isle, she could feel it. So when she told her mother goodbye that fateful day, she truly knew it would be goodbye.

Life after her mother's departure was problematic for the young Konti. Her mentors would lie to her face, her friends talk and gossip behind her back. Even the common merchant would exaggerate the price of an item either with some tall tale or claim that its almost out of stock. At first it would anger her, but overtime she'd learn to accept that people, in general were shyke. Not all people of course, there were the exceptions, but for the majority, yea she was sure.

Being "cut differently" as she'd put it, Loxcia paid a great deal of attention to her studies. Learning not to trust, she often disregard what her mentors tried to instill into her. Its not like she didn't care to learn, by all means she was far from an idiot, she just didn't see the point in listening to someone that was expecting you to fail, or that was going to blatantly skim her work and give whatever marks they're feeling that day. So, she took everything with a grain of salt. Taking what knowledge interested her and teaching herself all she could and what ever she couldn't, she'd watch someone else until she picked up enough herself.

A very capable child, by her teenage years she'd taught herself the bow to a level of skill, wanting to be less predictable than most thus giving up the Suvai. She'd cut off most interactions with others down to the necessities. Teachers, merchants, the occasional Charoda she'd encounter on her swims, allowed her to pick up bits of their language over time. A hermit in her own right, with a little clearing where she would teach herself new things and practice those that she'd learned. Then came the day where she received the dreadful news that reminded her of the 'curse' she bore. Her mother had died.

The news struck, molten iron at the tip of a swift blade. When the letter was delivered, she was happy surprisingly. She'd forgotten of her mothers quest, and all that she knew before her own life's enigmas. She simply thought good news had come her way, until she touched the parchment and felt the residue of emotions. It was her mother, but didn't feel the same as it would normally. As if it were a shard or memory of something not whole. She opened the letter. Her mother had traveled to across Mizahar, to Zeltiva where she met her nieces, Loxcia's cousins, and to Sunberth where she found her brother and was said to return, before Loxcia's teen years. This letter was old, very old. When asked, the mail courier said it was sent from Sunberth from the things of a deceased person. It was then she knew the truth. Her mother had died.

That was the wake up call, she had spent all this time, waiting. Waiting for her mothers return, to be saved, knowing what was going to happen regardless of what she thought or wanted to happen. This was reality, this was real. She had all this time to prepare and did nothing. A waste. And at the age of thirteen she decided she'd leave the island and fare out on her own to find her mother, and if not her mother, her cousins, someone from her family so she could feel whole, accepted, whatever it was she was searching for, she needed it. Since slipping away from Mura, Loxcia had become a slave to a many of men and women alike. Majority of which took advantage of her genuine inexperience and Konti heritage, others who were either to stupid or didn't care enough to see she was in fact a Konti and treated her as a Human, where she began studying a mimicking their looks and styles.

Life on the water was a long one, by choice. Yes she was beaten, raped, and even on some occasions threatened with death, but she learned more than what she did on Mura from these savages. Take away all that they put her through and she almost liked them. And because they were the crooks and thugs they were, she never had to question their hearts. She knew what it held. In the time span of 4 years, she had gone from her quaint spoon fed life in Mura to the savage open waters of the slavers, and it showed. Her wrists and ankles bruised from the heavy chains. Her neck scratched and clawed from the repeated attacks and threats. She even gained a scar across her face from an owner who mistook her gift for a way to see into the future, assuming that all Konti had the ability to do so. So in a fit of disappointed rage, he lashed out with is knife thus leaving his mark upon her. It all wasn't bad though. Those that did understand her worth as a Konti treated her as such. Allowing her to witness bits of valuable information and meeting well renown people, allowing her some bit of freedom, still a slave is a slave. Years had passed, all of her adolescence, her innocence, and damn near her mind had been given to the slavers. A piece of meat, "object", depending on the owner.

It was the season of her birthday when she received the news that they'd be nearing Zeltiva, the beginning of her mother's travel. Whilst Sunberth was her first choice, time on the slave ships gave her time to think and see the error in her ambition. Thus deciding to follow her mothers steps, until tracking her moments down to the last breath. Due to the obvious weather, they couldn't dock at the time, but still to be this close to her mother, she thanked Laviku. She didn't know how many times she'd pass the land mass known as Zeltiva. So many ships, so many owners, so many places, so many seasons. What she did know now however is that she was ready as she thought she could be. So she prepared herself. Life with slavers taught her how to hide in plain sight.

There were sure signs of her heritage, webbed appendages, scales, pale eyes and hair. But, she'd learned that if she took a bit of coal soot and mixed with her pale darker complexion she could hide her scales a bit. She adorned gloves to hide her fingers and washed her hair with berries to dull the sun rays emitting from her head, anything to make her less noticeable, to not be seen. It was a butchered job by all means, but she wasn't trying to impress the queen. Then, she bided her time. First for spring where the waters would be warmer and less filled with ice, then for that special night. It always happened no matter who owned her. Then she got lucky, traded to another ship. There was always that one slave handler that didn't pay attention or was full of chicken shyke, she could tell. She dawned her disguise one night before rounds, stared chicken shyke in the eye and jumped ship. Leaving behind everything she'd know, everything she'd learned in shouts of a human jumping overboard. Being a Konti, the rest was easy. Now in Zeltiva, she set out to find some trace of her family, or what ever was left of it. She would start here.


Fluent Language: Kontinese
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Char


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Disguise 6 SP 6 SP Novice
Fletching/Bowing 6 SP 6 SP Novice
Intelligence 6 SP 6 SP Novice
Medicine 10 RB, SP 10 SP Novice
Stealth 6 SP 6 SP Novice
Weapon: Longbow 26 SP 26 SP Competent


Helpful Lores:

Medicine: Apply pressure to stop bleeding
Weapon: Longbow: A steady hand is a focused hand.


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Heirloom: A hand mirror, a treasure found when she was a slave.


Location: Zeltiva

House: World's End Grotto


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cash in Housing +500 GM 600 GM
Loaf of bread -2gm 598 Gm
Mug of kelp beer -4 Cm 597 Gm, 96 Cm
Composite Longbow -100gm 497gm, 96cm
Arrows x20 -1gm 496 gm, 96cm
Fishing Pole -1gm 495 gm 96cm
Fishing Kit -10gm 485gm 96cm
Living Expenses Spring 521 A.V -135gm 350gm 96cm
Living Expenses Summer 521 A.V -135gm 215gm 96cm
Living Expenses Fall 521 A.V -135gm 80gm 96cm

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