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Postby Adoian on May 6th, 2021, 8:42 pm

Adoian Yhavao
Nickname: Ado
Date of birth: 78th of Spring, 496 AV
Age: 25 years
Place of Birth: Lhavit
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Languages: Fluent-Common, Poor-Nari
Current Location: Lhavit

At first glance, Adoian is a nondescript young man with blue eyes, an unruly mop of curly, dark red hair, and a dark smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks. The only facial hair is a light blonde mustache and a few scraggly red hairs along his jawline that he shaves regularly. Fortunately, he inherited his mother's high cheekbones, full lips, and strong nose, giving him a slightly androgynous appearance. Never growing past 5'6" or gaining much in the way of muscle, Ado gets mistaken for being much younger than he is almost daily. Not that he lets it bother him though, he knows his capabilities lie beyond the physical.

He wears a white woolen undershirt, a loose-fitting, short-sleeve tunic, and a pair of simple trousers with boots during the warmer seasons. He keeps a small satchel at his hip when walking around the city. Around his neck, he typically wears a wire-wrapped, light blue fluorite gem on a leather cord.

In the colder seasons, he is indistinguishable from any other Lhavitians in the city. A long, black woolen coat with a blue half-cape lined with fur and the same pair of boots. He keeps his satchel and necklace with him whenever he is outside of his own home.

Personality & History
The youngest child of the current generation of the Yhavao family, Adoian learned the importance of tea-making at a very young age. Once he was able to walk, he began training in martial arts alongside his older sister, Atsuya. She was always far more advanced than he in unarmed combat, and he looked up to her, but the fighting never truly became a passion of his as it was for Atsuya. Their parents insisted that these traditions be practiced fervently so the next generations could teach their children. Ado was always eager to learn, but he naturally was more attracted to gardening and herbalism. After some speculation, it was decided Ado could cut back on his training in martial arts so he could spend more time focusing on tea-making with his grandfather, Guzo Yhavao. Guzo took Adoian as an apprentice and instilled the importance of hard work, dedication, and loyalty in the young tea sommelier.

Frequenters of Mhakula Teahouse may recognize Ado in the streets of Lhavit but probably wouldn't know his name. He is very polite like most Lhavitians and engages in small talk when serving customers, but is generally reserved, preferring to focus on his studies in solitude. It would be unlike him to approach somebody directly, but he is open, outgoing, and easy to talk to if somebody else initiates the conversation. He loves sharing what he's recently learned, finding that teaching others new things helps him understand the subject better.

Adoian carries a small journal with him in which he takes notes related to gardening, herbalism, tea-making, or anything else he finds important.

The family would say Adoian has always had a passion for learning and is a disciplined, ambitious worker, but becomes distant and distracted when something new has his attention. He can be impatient and quickly irritated, sometimes picking fights with Atsuya to keep things interesting.

Ado does not usually form close bonds with others, but they are intense and meaningful, and that person gains all of his trust. He has two very close friends at present that he spends time with on his leisure days. Despite this, he falls into and out of romantic relationships quickly and has always enjoyed the company of both men and women. These affairs are usually short-lived as he often finds that the person does not bring enough innovation or newness to his life. He feels it is a waste of his time if he cannot learn anything new from somebody.

In his home, Ado has two shrines. One is an all-encompassing shrine showing his devotion to the deities that founded and built his city: Syna, Leth, and Zintila. The other is smaller and wholly devoted to the Goddess of Nature, Caiyha. To her, he presents offerings in the form of vegetables, fruits, and herbs from his home garden and prays for a good harvest and his family's health.

Adoian and Atsuya's parents left in the Spring of 514 AV, claiming they would travel Mizahar and come back with stories and souvenirs from all over the world. Ado was anxious for their return the first two years, still holding out hope that his parents would return soon as they promised. Atsuya stayed pessimistic, consistently reminding Adoian that they left for their own pursuits, and their interests did not lie in the happiness of their children. After five years, Ado lost faith in them, feeling hopeless and falling into a depression. Seven years later, he is no longer sure whether he even wants them to return.

His parents instilled the fear of failure in Ado at a young age, incorporating the importance of upholding the tradition of the teahouse into his every thought and action - and then they left. Hypocrites to their word, they abandoned their responsibilities to the Yhavao line and left their family to pick up the pieces. At least, that's how Guzo and Atsuya see it.

The teahouse has been Ado's place of employment for several years. He understands the family's responsibility and importance in upholding the tradition of the establishment and has always been happy to stay and do his part. He grew up and trained there, heard stories from all over Mizahar, and even learned some Nari from visiting Inartans. However, since his parents left, Ado has grown increasingly restless and impatient, craving some change. He doesn't believe he wants to leave Lhavit, the only city he's ever known, forever, and earn the type of reputation his parents have. But perhaps finding an opportunity to travel and see more of Mizahar could prove fruitful in the long run.
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Postby Adoian on May 6th, 2021, 8:58 pm

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Botany +8 (SP) 8 Novice
Gardening +8 (SP) 8 Novice
Philtering +8 (SP) 8 Novice
Unarmed Combat +15 (RB) 15 Novice
Herbalism +26 (SP) 26 Competent

Lhavit: Street plan
Botany: Anatomy of the Tea plant

Starting Package
-Simple shirt
-Simple pants
-Simple undergarments
-Simple Boots
-1 Waterskin
1 Satchel which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 week's worth0
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Light blue, 10-carat polished oval Fluorite, wrapped in silver wire hanging from a leather cord

- Quill
- Vial, Ink
- Bucket
- Watering Can
- Linen Pants
- Cotton Shirt
- Leather Suspenders

Challenge Rewards
A Sunday Afternoon ChallengeA firefly in a Jar: This is a small jelly jar that will easily fit in ones pocket. It doesn't need any maintenance - like food or water - and will remain alive indefinitely. However, if the owner of the jar is out somewhere lost, and releases the firefly from the jar... the firefly will lead them home day or night, flying slow enough for them to follow. To the owner, the firefly is clearly visible, to everyone else the jar looks empty. Only the owner can see the firefly and only the owner can follow the firefly. The firefly will only lead the owner to the place it considers its residence. Once released, the firefly will lead the owner home only ONCE and then will vanish once the owner is safe.

Location: The Okomo Estates

House: A 20x20 (400 sq ft) space with a hearth, bed, chest, chair, small table, and chamber pot. A back door leads to a 12x12 (144 sq ft) garden, surrounded by a three-foot stone wall with a simple metal gate leading to the surrounding hillside.

Philterer at Mhakula Teahouse - 7 gm/day

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Ki 100 Ki
Quill -5 Jki 99 Ki, 95 Jki
Vial, Ink -1 Ki 98 Ki, 95 Jki
Bucket, 2-gallon -5 Tki 97 Ki, 5 Tki, 95 Jki
Linen Pants -8 Ki 89 Ki, 5 Tki, 95 Jki
Cotton Shirt -10 Ki 79 Ki, 5 Tki, 95 Jki
Leather Suspenders -10 Ki 69 Ki, 5 Tki, 95 Jki
Spring Wages +637 706 Ki, 5 Tki, 95 Jki
Summer Living Expenses -135 Ki 571 Ki, 5 Tki, 95 Jki
Challenge Reward +600 Ki 1171 Ki, 5 Tki, 95 Jki

Thread List
Spring 521AV
15th Taking Stock and Restocking Job Thread Finished (Ungraded)
22nd A Festival of Hearts Open Thread Ongoing
35th A Poisonous Affair PM to Join Finished (Ungraded)
63rd Out of His Depth Job Thread Ongoing

Summer 521 AV
10th Tea Topics Collaborative Ongoing
45th Red Paper of Fate? Solo (Challenge) Finished (Ungraded)
88th Afternoon Delights Job Thread Ongoing
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Postby Adoian on May 7th, 2021, 1:20 am


Name: Atsuya Yhavao
Relation: Sister
Race: Human
Birthdate: 491 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Manager at Mhakula Teahouse
Skills: Acrobatics - 70, Botany - 50, Gardening - 43, Herbalism - 55, Leadership - 80, Persuasion - 30, Stealth - 40, Teaching - 35, Unarmed Combat - 75, Weapon (Dao Sword) - 52
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Atsuya is the granddaughter of Guzo Yhavao and notoriously, a very intimidating woman at that. She is widely respected for upholding the family honor and teaching skills the family has handed down for generations, although she may not be so good at tea as she is with her fists. Atsuya is known to be incredibly strict, with a fiesty attitude and a dictator's outlook on instruction. But she is incredibly effective, having several students mastering techniques in mere seasons. Publicly, Atsuya is known more for her care of the garden plants than her hand with the tea, but the calm meditative state she adopts while gardening fools no one.

Name: Guzo Yhavao
Relation: Grandfather
Race: Human
Birthdate: 453 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Owner and tea-brewer at Mhakula Teahouse
Skills: Botany - 55, Cooking - 50, Herbalism - 70, Medicine - 65, Philtering - 85, Rhetoric - 35, Unarmed Combat - 70, Weapon (Dao Sword) - 53
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Poor)

Guzo Yhavao is an old man bearing a wide grin on his face and a shock of grey hair. He was known in his youth to be an ambitious, talkative type back when his father was the proprietor of the Teahouse, and was highly sought after. This reputation only grew with age. He trained hard under the guidance of his parents to brew the best tea in Lhavit, as well as in the art of combat. He once taught the practice, but since retired in 513AV because of age, and has passed the role onto his granddaughter Atsuya. Now he simply serves tea, engages in lively conversation with most of his patrons, and occasionally moves all the tables to one side of the domed establishment to allow an okomo to come in for a treat.
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