Milo's plotnotes

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Milo's plotnotes

Postby Milo Murrell on May 26th, 2021, 11:38 am

I will put several kinds of notes here. Some are simple goals I have for the character, others are more notes-to-self - things I need to keep in mind as I write the character - which can still serve as fuel for stories, adventures, and drama.

If you'd like to write with me, either reach out to me on the discord, leave a message here, or DM me on the site. Pretty much the only threads I am not interested in are meet-and-greets. Anything else is open for consideration.

Timeboxed - Timeboxed plots are plots that should take place within a certain timeframe. it can be a specific season in a specific year, or it can be an indication that it should happen later in Milo's story (for example, threads that would require him to have more experience or lores).
Location-bound - Location-bound plots are plots that ought to take place in a certain place. Can be as broad as a certain region to as specific as an exact location within a specified city.
Character requirement - Any specifics your character(s) may need in order to do this plot.

Writing prompts
  • Black opal - Ah, gemstones. Maybe you collect them, maybe you believe they have special properties, or maybe you're just looking to buy so you can sell at a profit. Whatever the case, you noticed the boy with the silvery chain around his neck. You don't care much about the ring that's on it, but the black opal stone set in it? Now that has caught your eye. And if the kid ain't selling? Well you know how the saying goes. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  • The enemy of my enemy... - True, you don't have a particular fondness for zealous, Rhysol-worshipping devil children, yet you find yourself needing to work with this one to topple a common foe. Just your kind of luck...
  • Protection money - It's a dangerous world out there and people sometimes pay you for protection. This time all you got was a letter stating a time and place, the letter doesn't say who you'll be working for. When you arrive, you discover that your job is to protect a young boy who refuses to tell you what he's up to. What could possibly go wrong?
  • My wallet! - You were just walking around town minding your own business when something, or someone bumps into you. You quickly realize you've been robbed, and when you turn around to look, you spot a boy right behind you. The audacity! Unless...
  • Stranger danger - This was supposed to be an easy job. Easy money. Grab the asset, drop him off, get paid. But it's never quite that easy, is it? You had to be quick, didn't have time to have a proper look... and now you've discovered you've abducted the wrong boy. This one has a mouth on him. You're already some distance out of town. Returning is risky, but so is showing up empty-handed. Maybe you should just leave him behind and save your own skin?
  • Vanity and vices - You're up to no good and happy to let someone else take the fall should things go awry. You know people are gullible, and children doubly so. You know that with just the right turn of phrase and promise of award you may be able to recruit a child to your nefarious plans. You know the type to look for, and it just so happens you spotted one in the crowd...
  • Don't gamble, kids. - You may have had a few too many drinks, but who's counting? A little snotnose has challenged you to a game, be that a game of cards or a game of dice and you cannot let the challenge go unanswered. Maybe once you've made the brat lose his pocket money, he'll stop smirking at you...
  • Go with the flow - You know these waters. Whether it's a lake, or a river, or even the sea, you know that the speck in the distance is going to get trapped in the currents and possibly drown. Maybe you can call for help, or maybe you need to be the help.
  • Uno reverse - Well, that was unexpected. One moment you were knee-deep into shite, and then this kid showed up and resolved your predicament. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
  • A killer job - Whether you're the investigative sort, or the sort that still believes in justice being done, you're set on finding out whose responsible for the recent influx of murders. You know it will only be a matter of time before the murderer strikes again. Whoever is responsible, they show a pattern: first victim, male of 22, dark of hair. Second victim, male of 19, dark of hair. Third victim, male of 16, dark of hair. You've picked up on the pattern but time is ticking and you can only hope you'll be able to catch the killer before they strike again.

  • City tour - Being new to Zeltiva, someone ought to show Milo around. A good dose of patience and persuasion comes recommended, as you're unlikely to be trusted unless you're from Ravok too. Or maybe you just need a helping hand with an errand that takes you across town?
    • Timeboxed: Spring 521AV - Spring 521AV
    • Location-bound: Zeltiva
  • Magic initiation - Presently (Spring 521AV), Milo has no real understanding of magic, so it's not something he's actively looking out for. However, if the opportunity arose to learn more about magic, he would certainly seize it. Anything that can help him stand more on his own two feet and allow him to better defend himself most certainly has his interest.
    • Timeboxed: Fall 521AV - Later
    • Character requirement: needs to be someone who Milo trusts, unless it's a forced initiation.
  • Mend the heart - Lord knows Milo needs a shoulder to cry on. He doesn't allow himself to show it, but his forced escape from Ravok has deeply rattled him. Maybe you come across Milo in a moment of weakness, or maybe you've earned his trust and looking to mend his heartache.
  • Leveling up - Milo has a knack for archery, but there is still a long way to go. If you can muster the patience to teach a brat some shooting skills, shoot me a message! Also open for any associated skills like hunting, wilderness survival, tracking, bowing & fletching.
  • Clash of faith - Only for the brave-hearted. Try to start a religious debate with Milo. I dare you.
  • A boy and his dog - Milo likes dogs, he just doesn't know it yet. Whether this boils down to finding a dog, rescuing a dog, buying a dog, or stumbling across a Kelvic is completely open.
  • Going shopping - After having spent a long time travelling before arriving in Zeltiva, Milo will need some new clothes. Who among you dares to take on the challenge? (Note: if the timebox expires, I'll probably solo this.)
    • Timeboxed: Spring 521AV - Spring 521AV

Goals & aspirations
  • Become a member of the Ebonstryfe - now that Milo has fled Ravok, this goal seems more unattainable than ever before, yet his faith in Rhysol is unshaken and if anything he believes that perhaps his relationship with Yanos can be saved if he were to join the Ebonstryfe.
  • Meet his real father - This is more of a heart-of-hearts kind of desire. He might lie to others and to himself about not wanting to meet Zane, but in truth, he does, though he really doesn't know what he'll do when it happens.
  • Be able to defend himself - Milo was always taught that the outside world was rife with danger. Now that he has seen some of it, he knows he's the guppy in a shark-filled pond. He knows he needs to be able to defend himself, to grow stronger, and to learn how to fight, and he won't rest pursuing this goal until he has the confidence he can take on an adult all by himself.
  • Get a job - Milo knows he can't live off of the money he currently has forever and doesn't want to become dependent on anyone else, so he'll have to earn his own money.

Notes to self
  • Milo's feelings toward the parents that raised him is very mixed. He's very afraid of Yanos (the father that raised him) who has always been quite strict and holds family honor in very high regard. He also worries what Yanos may have done to his mother. At the same time, he recognizes that his mother was the one who betrayed Yanos in this situation and he feels betrayed by her too because she never told him that he wasn't Yanos son, not until it could no longer be avoided. Lastly, he doesn't know what to think of this "Zane" who is supposedly his real father. It stings that he turns out to be the child of an outsider and a slave.
  • Unless something happens ICly that changes it, Milo will always act out of self-interest first and foremost.
  • Milo has very strong faith in Rhysol. He doesn't know whether other people are simply fools to put stock in other gods, or if he should pity them for it, but they're wrong either way.
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