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Milo Murrell

Postby Milo Murrell on May 25th, 2021, 1:38 pm

Name: Milo Murrell
Race: Human
Gender: Male
DoB: 16th of Spring 509 AV
PoB: Ravok
Location: Zeltiva.
Age: 13
Height: 4ft 11in
Weight 94lbs
Housing: Underhill Cottage, Zeltiva (owned by PC: Shiress).
Likes: Ravok/Rhysol, archery, dogs
Dislikes: TBD


Milo’s lightly bronzed skin speaks of days spent outdoors, exploring Ravok and helping supplying his father's butcher shop. Dark brows sit over almond-shaped, emerald eyes that aren't afraid to stare directly at you. Unlike his father, Milo is of a slight and nimble build and has much darker, almost black hair that’s cut too short to properly hide his round ears yet too long to be kept tidy. As a hunter in training, Milo has gained a little strength in his arms and shoulders, though he lacks the height of his peers. Despite his soft cheeks and button nose, his innocuous appearance is somewhat deceiving, and Milo doesn't shy away from using it to his advantage if it helps him get out of pinch. He speaks in a throaty, almost hoarse voice and wears a silvery ring set with a scratched, black opal stone on a leather necklace.

Note: the avatar is AI generated and does not represent any real person.

Hiding behind a veneer of innocence rests a sharp and scheming mind. Milo treads a fine line between confidence and arrogance, a trait that is only improved, or worsened, by an obsessive and rebellious streak. Once he has set his mind on something he'll prove difficult to be persuaded otherwise. While his actual, actionable schemes are often limited by his age and experience, his aspirations are nonetheless grand and he can often be caught daydreaming about them in an idle moment. Seeing him daydream gives an entirely wrong impression however, as Milo is far more outspoken and opionated than he might appear to be from a distance. More often than not he winds up attracting trouble by having a big mouth but too little muscle to back it up and sometimes trouble simply waltzes into his life uninvited. As a staunch follower of Rhysol he refuses to consider any alternate views on religion and is mistrusting of outsiders. Buried somewhere deep within however, eroded through years of a stern upbringing, there is a much more gentle, considerate side to Milo, a weak side that he has been taught to surpress.

For the longest time, Milo believed that Yanos Murrell and Janeda Lewing were his father and mother. Only recently has it come to light that this is half a truth. His real father is Zane Underhill, Shiress Underhill's twin brother. Yanos's rage upon discovering this was so great that Janeda arranged for Milo to escape Ravok and seek refuge with his aunt instead.

Born as the first child of the middle-class Murrell family, Milo was the apple of Yanos's eye and the primary heir to the proud family name. Thanks to the protected nature of Ravok, Milo enjoyed a basic education and was raised in good health.

Yanos wanted a strong heir, a Ravokian through and through, someone who could fulfill the ambitions that he himself had failed to achieve; to have a place in the Ebonstryfe, to have the name Murrell become well-known and respected throughout the city, and to earn the favor of none less than Rhysol himself. What he didn't know was that the baby bearing his family name didn't have a drop of Murrell blood in him. Unbeknownst to everyone except his wife Janeda, the child's father was a petty slave called Zane Underhill, a helping hand that Yanos had bought to aid in his shop a year prior. Yanos never questioned why his wife "borrowed" Zane to help her in the household, he had no reason to mistrust her and never suspected that the two were involved in a short-lived but passionate love affair.

By the time Milo was born, Zane had already been resold, and for a while even Janeda wasn't sure who the child belonged to. Yet the older Milo grew, the more certain she became that the boy was Zane's son. His eyes, the shape of his lips, his dark hair, his mannerisms, even his penetrating gaze all reminded her of her secret lover and she hated seeing him be turned by her husband. She'd brought a kind and gentle soul into the world yet could do nothing against Yanos's dominant influence. Perhaps it was the Gods way of punishing her for her betrayal.

Like hot iron on an anvil, Milo was hammered into shape by his father and filled with grand visions of becoming a great man. From the moment Milo could utter a prayer, Yanos ensured that Rhysol and service to the city were always on the boy's mind. By the time Milo was seven and could wield knife properly, Yanos made him work in his shop to help cut up the meat and instill discipline into his son. It was here that the first rift between the two started to emerge. Milo disliked the repetitve work and didn't refrain from letting Yanos know. For a while, the two butted heads and Milo was simply made to do what he was told, until Janeda persuaded her husband to let Milo go with the hunters that supplied Yanos's shop. She hoped that being away from his father might bring back more of the sweet boy she had raised before Yanos had gotten his fangs into him and infected the boy with grand, fanatical ideas. In truth, Milo's time spent with the hunters did little to abate his zeal, but it did reveal a slumbering talent for bowmanship. Even Yanos saw the benefits of the arrangement as Milo's talent with the bow became a source of fatherly pride and their relationship was somewhat mended.

The older Milo got, the more Janeda's concern for him grew. He became abrasive, self-centered, and obsessed with the idea of serving Rhysol. Janeda had seen that kind of zeal before, and she knew it couldn't end well. Her brother had been like that, the pride of the family and a member of the Ebonstryfe, until one day he simply wasn't there anymore. At first she'd believed the tale she'd been told about her brother's death, that he'd perished on an undisclosed mission in a different land, but all of that changed when she discovered that her brother had asked too many questions and become too much of a nuisance for his superior's liking. She kept her discoveries to herself, knowing full well what might happen to her if she leveled claims of corruption and nepotism against the Ebonstryfe, but she would not sit by idly to watch her only son fall prey to that viper's nest.

In secret, Janeda arranged for Milo and herself to be smuggled out of Ravok. She carefully planned an escape, across the lake, then by land, then by sea to Zeltiva. Knowing the journey would be fraught with danger, she spent almost a year finding the right kind of protection. Someone skilled in combat and wilderness survival, someone she could trust. But before she could set all the pieces in motion, fate struck hard and true.

Yanos discovered her secret.

It was a winter's day in 521AV when Milo returned home from an errand and found his mother in state of utter despair. She was hurt and bloodied, and pulled him into a sobbing embrace. While an enraged Yanos searched the city to find the boy that wasn't his son, Janeda told Milo the truth. The truth of his birth and the truth of her plan. She begged him to go, to leave Ravok behind and find his aunt in Zeltiva. Overcome by fear and disbelief, Milo did as she instructed, and with little more than the clothes on his body and a rucksack she'd prepared, he made his way to a smuggler in the docks and left his childhood behind.
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[WIP] Milo Murrell

Postby Milo Murrell on May 25th, 2021, 6:24 pm


Kontinese (learned some common words and phrases from a Konti slave)

Myrian (learned some cusswords from a band of enslaved Myrians waiting to be sold in Ravok)

Skills & Lores
Skill Experience tracker Total experience
Bodybuilding 10SP 10
Hunting 10SP 10
Persuasion 5SP 5
Swimming 10SP 10

Skill Experience tracker Total experience
Weapon: Shortbow 15SP+15RB 30



Lore (SP) - Recognizing the footprint of a spotted deer
Lore (SP) - Basic shortbow maintenance


Equipment & Posessions:
  • 1 set of clothing:
    • Flaxen pants
    • Cotton shirt
    • Simple undergarments
    • A pair of simple boots
    • Flaxen cloak
  • 1 waterskin
  • 1 Shortbow
  • 20 Shortbow arrows.
  • Quiver
  • 1 backpack, containing:
    • 1 set of toiletries (wooden comb, brush, soap)
    • Food for a week
    • 1 eating knife
    • Flint and steel
    • (Family heirloom) A simple golden ring on a silvery chain set with a small black opal stone (50GM)

OOC note: Because Milo will start living with Shiress in the underhill cottage, housing was forfeited. This yields 500GM. ICly I will treat this as Milo's Mother (Janeda) having given Milo 500GM when she sent him away to flee Ravok for Zeltiva.

Transaction Credit (+) Debit (-) Running total
Starting money 100GM 0 100GM
Forfeited housing/Gift from Janeda 500GM 0 600GM
Shortbow 0 30GM 570GM
Quiver 0 20GM 550GM
Shortbow arrows (20) 0 1GM 549GM
Seasonal Expenses Spring 521AV (Common) 0 135GM 414GM
Seasonal Expenses Summer 521AV (Common) 0 135GM 279GM
Seasonal Expenses Fall 521AV (Common) [inactive] 0 0GM 279GM
Travel Expense Fall 521AV [fare Zeltiva->Sunberth]] 0 64GM 215GM
Seasonal Expenses Winter 521AV (Common) [inactive] 0 0GM 279GM

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