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Mirror mirror in my hand

Postby Loxcia Campo on June 7th, 2021, 11:34 pm


The World's End Grotto, Zeltiva

1st of Spring, 521 A.V, Dusk

She sat upon her bed in darkness. The oil lamp had been lit prior but she'd gotten tired of the illuminating light and decided to allow the moon and stars to shine through the windows. She was depressed, again. A restless sleep ending in thoughts of her family. Her mother. Loxcia wondered if her mother had made it as far as she had during her first season in Zeltiva. She imagined the beautiful Konti walking the streets of Zeltiva, pockets full of miza with the masses of citizens following her faithfully, hanging onto every word she spoke. Just like she did. There was a staleness in the air. Her heart sunken to the bellows of her rib cage. The feeling reminded her of the faces of the patrons sinking in their own sadness only a floor below. Drinks in hand constantly consuming until the feeling changed.

Maybe she needed a drink, quickly shaking the thought away after remembering the taste of the kelp beer that they served as well. Even then she still contemplated a second attempt which proved to herself just how sad she was. Petite feet swung over the side of the bed before resting on the wooden planks. They were warm which meant someone was cooking down stairs. Reaching in the dark she fetched her back pack, digging through it until removing what she'd been searching for.

The mirror was simple. A wooden handle and frame is all that encompassed the reflective glass. She'd gotten in from a friend of the past. The woman but a memory now. Loxcia wondered how she was doing, hoping she'd gotten out of that predicament. There was a pause. She hoped all of her past friends got out of their predicaments. Slavery had no bright side, what so ever. No one volunteered to be a slave. It was just like death, it just happens to you. She cursed her curiosity and foolishness ten-fold. She was too trusting back then and it cost her half her childhood. Her head dropped in sorrow, strands of growing hair falling over her face.

Hands fidgety twirling the mirror Loxcia sat in silence. She played with the mirror first aiming it outside facing the window so the light would reflect and cast itself around the room as she moved the mirror. Amusing for a time, but not a definite solution. She hated feeling like this, feeling down. She had nothing major to cry over. If anything she should have been celebrating her freedom, remembering the stories she and her slave mates would conjure up about if the day came where they would see freedom.

-A season wouldn't be enough. Well here I am, petching free.

She grimaced. Finished playing with the moonlight she turned the mirror on herself angling it downward at her feet and slowly bringing it up over her body. For a person to be covered in scars, she still had amazing skin underneath. She sat in the nude, tracing scars with her fingers. Some she remembered others were just another tally to the count. Her ankles, wrists and next were a result of the heavy chains as well as a few assaults, she felt her neck, rubbing two fingers across the permanent engravings she now bore over her gills. Her legs and thighs bruised from being pulled and pinched by the callouses of lustful hands. Her back a painted canvas where the brush strokes of whips, chains, and whatever else they could think to beat her with left their marks. Her face the lucky of the bunch bearing only a few marks under her eyes from being cut by punches and the long scratch the only remnant of a dagger's tip.

She glanced away at first, almost not recognizing herself. It'd really been that long. A hard swallow fighting the thought to just put the mirror away. No, it needed to be done. She needed to see herself, to stay true. This is who she was now, this is how she looked and she would accept it one way or another. Ripping the bandage off she pulled the mirror close to her face violet eyes filling the glass. A few inches back stopped her from smacking her own forehead. She stll had beautiful eyes thought.

-Just like grandma's She spoke out recalling her mother telling her the same thing about her skin complexion. The memory put a smile on her face pre-adventure to the tears that came after seeing a glimpse of her mother in herself. Wiping them away she focused. Taking a breath clearing her mind listening to the nothingness. There was a commotion downstairs as the patrons of the tavern celebrated the first day of Summer officially being here. There were laughs, music, the occasional 'clinking' of mugs and a cheerful "Hurrah!"

It aggravated her, not so much due to their happiness but that she herself did not want to be associated with the emotion currently. A darkness was over her and she was accepting and willing. A time had passed whilst sitting in the darkness. She knew not how much, but it was apparent. The sounds of below soon drowned out to low hums. The darkness consuming her, she could feel its presence crawling over the walls slowly closing in around her the edges of the moonlights cone barely keeping it tamed. It touched her, not so much in a threatening way but as if comforting her. The hairs on her neck slowly rose until straight. A pressure was felt as if something were holding in place, steady, grounded.

Focusing, her eyes twitched. The off beat 'knick' of the head. She continued to stare into the mirror at her own gaze that looked back into her eyes. The twitches became more repetitive, happening quicker, slowly turning white before her own self. A shiver crept up her back threatening her train of focus to no avail. Holding herself cobblestone she allowed it to come and go. In a manner of chimes her eyes had gone ghost white.

- The last Campo to live The thought of ghosts reminding her of Rohka, which in turn reminded her of her mother, a family thus rendering her train of thinking to manifest in her mind. Being that she used her gift on herself as they had gone white, color and rough outlines of objects began to come back into view. Before long she was looking at herself, look at herself, look at herself. She had to focus firstly on keeping eye contact. Technically she was blind right now and normally she wouldn't be able to see much of anything without her mirror breaking eye contact usually resulted in her kicking herself out and a world of side effects so calmness and focus were key.

Before long she didn't know whether she was staring at the reflection or was seeing herself from her reflections point of view. Mentally she could feel herself sinking deeper into the loop. Pictures of herself forming in her mind, staring back at her. Judging her with her own eyes. Seeing things how she saw them herself, herself.

-The last Campo to live The thought echoing from the back of her mind. Focus unbroken she forced herself to hold the mirror. Hands began to tremble as the loop continued. A twitch in her eye. A slither of confusion but still not enough to break concentration. Another shiver began creeping as her eyesight began to fog over once more. Beads of sweat resided on her brow unsure of what was going on. Pride kept her steady. She'd been beaten, led down and given up on by everyone else. She was not going to lose to herself. Not now. She stretched her eyes trying to hold eye contact with whichever view of herself she was looking through, slowly losing the fight it seemed to the white fog the came over her eyes again. She was completely blind now. Unable to see but still held the mirror in place unmoving. Everything was quiet, not even the tavern produced any noise. A deer in fear of being hunted was the only thing more still and alert than her in this moment. Slowly she pressed her feet against the floor, still warm.

Not wanting to fret over permanent possible blindness she took a few breaths to keep calm. Focus. Unsure of what was going on she didn't want to remove the mirror from her gaze, even if currently blind and having to look forward to the consequences. Still though she needed to figure out what was going on. Slender arm flailed about trying to reach for something to support herself when standing. Deciding to use the bed she planted her free hand parallel to her body before pushing herself hep and steady.

-Hello Loxcia-

Who in the petch was that? The voice had made her nearly jump from her skin. It was the randomness that got her, the voice itself though deep and heavy didn't speak in a manner of a way to frighten her, it was more of an actual greeting.

-Hello? Who is there? Present yourself! The was a quietness in the room. Loxcia still held her mirror in hand not wanting to break the connection. Still, if someone was in the room with her. She felt around searching for something to wield. Placing her hand on something carrying weight she held it in her opposite hand as it flopped about.

-This is no time to play games. I am a blind woman and will not hesitate to defend myself.

-Fear not, for I am not here to harm you, but to help[/color

The konti gave a swing only to hit air and stumble across the room and into furniture. There was a crash. Something fell.

-Who are you? Where are you? Another swing and a miss placed her in bed. Memories started to flood into her mind and fear pushed her heart. She could feel her skin crawling, the hands all over her body grabbing, pulling.

[color=#FF4000]-Don't fight your fears, embrace them child. Allow the darkness to consume you. Make you apart of it's hold. Embrace your heritage.

She couldn't breath. This was too much. Petch the side affects she would release herself. She fought to take control of her mind which only instilled more fear into her. Only she was supposed to be in her head.

-Allow the pain to reside within you. Remember, pain teaches. It reminds you of your morals. Keeps you in disciplined. Let it take you, show you the way.

In an instant her mind was flooded with every beating. Every bite, scratch, and strike. Every waking moment of agony from being tortured days on end. Every unwanted assault she relived vividly in a span of ticks. Instinctively she held her head the mirror dropping with a 'schink' she still couldn't see but she didn't care.

-Ahhhhhh She lumbered around the room running into whatever she couldn't see in her path. The memories continued to flood. Everything. Every physical and emotional feeling of pain, hurt, disgrace filled her bringing her back to the moment as if it were yesterday.

-Shhhh child, all will be well. Remember to be accepted by pain one must first learn every aspect of it.

The voice didn't concern her anymore, it was the pain. Her body, "THUMP" was engulfed in pain, the more she resisted the worse it became until she couldn't anymore. She'd just let go. It reminded her of when she first became a slave, the fighting. She couldn't even fight but she didn't go willingly. They beat the shyke out of her. Enough to bruise but not too much where they'd break anything or cause damage that wouldn't heal over time. She was property. Now it was the same thing with this; this pain. She gave in eyes closed sprawled on the floor. Naked. They were closed originally in an attempt to not see the hurt she felt, but now they were closed from fear of not looking at the mirror.

The pain was still there but it felt different. As if it covered her like a cloak. She felt it over. If a doctor were to ask, everything would hurt. But it was different. More of an awareness to let it be know that it was there ready, waiting to feed craving for the next strike.

-By the grace of Laviku what is this? she groaned

-This is your heritage no, your birthright. Let it in and allow us to show you, the last Campo to live.

There was a quietness. She dare not speak in fear of...Nothing. What was there to fear? Death? She'd been beaten near till. If someone wanted hurt her, what could they do that wasn't done already? Pain? She was Pain's plaything for thirteen years...and counting.

Open your eyes child.

Instinctively she opened her eyes. Not because she'd been told to, or even to see if anyone was there. She didn't even know if she'd still be blind or not but, she just opened them. It was something that slanted her a bit, still she was glad to have had her vision back, as well as be the only person in her wreck of a room. She sat up confused and aching as if she'd been in a box. She moved shifting into bed not caring for the mess.


She spoke out curious if she would get answer.


She would turn over and go to bed then.
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