Alric's Journal

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Alric's Journal

Postby Alric Lysane on November 27th, 2021, 6:59 pm

Letter From Tazrae - Received 73rd Winter 521 AV


I hope this letter finds you well.

There's a lot that's happened that I need to tell you about immediately, but I can't make it to The Outpost for a while. It's my hope you will know the woman who bears this letter as a friend for she is the young Kelvic that has been working for me at The Protea, Oralie. Bree agreed to take her to see you and deliver this letter. Share kindness with her since she has had so little of it in her life.

I was riding Bree in the jungle and was attacked. Someone threw bolas at Bree and tangled her legs. She fell from where we were running which caused us to get separated. The Ixam had enough sense when she understood it was an attack and ran for the Settlement to get help. I was captured.

It was a group of men - large in number - in the region gathering what they claimed were spell components and investigating the area for a potentially new stronghold because from what I understood the pressures of the desert had been overwhelming them and displacing them more and more due to war.

They were led by a man named Nico. He was under the direct control of Florentin Arcadius. The man seemed to recognize me, and more than that my twin sister was among the group acting as their field healer. This man was not a nice man and her treatment was appalling.

While in captivity, I overheard a few things I wanted to share with you. These things are going to be hard to hear, but I need you to know and I don't dare leave them unsaid while I convalesce in Syka's sun. Arcadius doesn't want you for the same reason he wanted your mother. He doesn't need you for breeding stock. Arcadius can somehow now step into a new form. He doesn't need your cooperation or your spirit to remain. He can take your body and make it his own, and live your life as his. There is no telling how many times he's done this or actually how old he is. Nico was adamant that they were looking for Arcadius' a new vessel and had to find him one soon. Once he has done this - if it is indeed possible, which I think it is - he can sire as many vessels as he wants as his host ages. It's why he wants me as well. It seems while my sister has no deep and abiding well, her magic is rich with healing and that's where her passion lies. I got all the aptitude Arcadius favors.

Be careful Alric. I have gotten away, thanks to the help of one of those dreams like you had. I had one of my own that was very similar, where I stirred a cauldron and a woman named Falyndar said she needed me. It changed me in ways I'm just beginning to understand. But at its core, I am now able to borrow a shape much like Bree enjoys and I used it to flee Nico before much harm was done. I took his head while I was at it - with my teeth. Then I fled with my sister and my life straight into the arms of a rescue party that Bree had rallied to our cause.

I have more information on Arcadius too. He is Florentin Arcadius Kois. My twin sister Kami was a hostage to him to keep the desert tribes from all-out war. He’s a Kois and my father is a Lisuli. My mother is warchief of the Kois, Matari Arcadius Kois. My father is Talsis Lisuli, third in line to the Lisuli leadership. They had a clandestine romance that couldn’t last. My Grandfather pulls the strings of the Kois, though his son who is my uncle is its leader. His stronghold is their stronghold and it's buried deep in the Eyktol desert. He held Kami to keep both the Kois and Lisuli in line. He holds her no longer.

Florentin Arcadius thought I'd died. My mother told him so because she knew I was the mage between the sisters while Kami was a powerful healer. I do not think my Grandfather believed her. She sent me into hiding with her own sister and her sister's long crush, my uncle Marketh. Estra was my mother's fraternal twin too.

I don't know if Nico was able to get him a message before I took his head.

Among Nico's people was a god Mascarading as a bard who was doing the recording of the expedition on what it found in terms of spell components and artifacts. It turns out it was Rhaus, keeping watch on the doings of mortals. He gave me a second audius mark and told me to get free and live... that I was important to this fight.

I flat out asked him... why Florentin Arcadius trying to get the Nymkarta bloodline into his family? Our… family? I’ve seen some things… in the past. He stole a woman who wasn’t his and did things to her, got her with children, until she could have no more, and is looking for her son that she had prior to his capture. She was a Nymkarta. This is what he told me.

Florentin isn’t a Nuit, but he’s older than even the Valterrian. He’s stolen something, something that doesn’t belong to him, and it allows him to… move from body to body like a parasite. He wasn’t originally of the Arcadius line either. He is something far older. But he’s taken it on as his own. And now he owns the whole of the bloodline, those that originally claimed it long gone. He wasn’t aiming for the Arcadius originally though. He wanted the Nymkarta. They were too smart and too powerful for him to take on until Kova was slain and they were scattered, mostly dead, via the Valterrian. He’s been tracking down the members remaining, one by one, and trying to bring their power into his own collective. Ivak thwarted him by Championing the Nymkarta left in Kova's line.

But Kova wasn’t the only sibling of that generation and her family passed through the Valterrian mostly unscathed. Her brother’s sons and their sons have all had strong djedline infused children until there was only one left and he got a child on a woman of another strong djedline. She gave birth to a daughter they called Serana. Serana was taken by Florentin because it was easier to infuse her djedline into his through breeding rather than magical means. The man refused to jump into a woman's body.

Serena also had a son, by a very powerful Mortanis, before she was taken and that boy is at risk of being Florentin’s next host. We knew that, and that the boy is you. They are assuming that you have as much or more power than Serana due to your father’s line. And if you have more power than Florentin’s current form, Florentin won’t suffer you to live long without taking you as a host. Rhaus said if he manages to switch hosts again, into you Alric, then I am in grave danger for he'll want me to be the next mother of the next set of hosts. Our power joined will be formidable in any children we have.

So my problems grow. Syka is now in danger from these intruders. When I fled after Nico's death, I ran straight into the rescue party that was coming full force to free me. They tried to kill what was left, but it only takes one person to escape and warn Florentine.

Kami is with me now. She's staying at the Healers where she thinks she has found a calling in a place that might just be able to keep her safe from her Grandfather. Her life has not been easy. And I honestly don't know how much I can trust her. We are working on that. I wish I could also have told you these things in person, but it's not possible. Nico had too much time alone with me and I need to recover before I can travel to The Outpost again.

Thank Oralie for bringing this letter. It took a huge act of courage on her part to leave The Inn and do me this favor. She is not good in crowds or with a lot of people yet. I am sorry I'm not there to tell you all this in person either.

But I understand how important it is for you to know all this. Trust no one, Alric. Be safe. We always knew this situation was dangerous, but if the Gods are watching and waiting... I can only fear this is world-changing. Your family is notorious for being in evolved with those things. And at least we know you are not the last out there. Somewhere, walking the world, is a Champion of Ivak that is your cousin.

PS. I sent cookies with Oralie.


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