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Alric Lysane

Postby Alric Lysane on October 29th, 2021, 7:04 pm


~ That little guy from Sunberth who was too dumb enough to run away from a fight ~

Vital Stats

Full Name: Alric Lysane
Alternative Names: None
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: 7th Spring 498
Height: 5 Foot 10 Inches
Weight: 160 lb

Profession: Bouncer at Ruby's
Housing: Run-down Cottage in Sunberth, roughly 20x20, includes a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and table

Likes: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Talking, Exploring, Drinking, Smoking
Dislikes: Boredom, Pointless Violence, Slavery, Authoritarianism, Himself

Fluent: Common
Basic: Fratvata
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Alric Lysane

Postby Alric Lysane on December 12th, 2021, 2:29 pm


~ The Textured Surface ~

The Flesh


5ft 10 and strong in build, long dark hair kept tied back and blue eyes. Rough in appearance with a square jaw and strong brow, with a pointed nose. Walks softly, usually slightly on the balls of his feet, his stride long and slow unless there is cause to be swift. Has taken to wearing a broadsword as a form of protection though he dislikes using it unless needed.

His clothing is often crumpled from sleeping in them. Dark, muted tones - usually green, blue or purple - are his preference, with grey and black making up the rest. Likes wearing cloaks and he never goes anywhere without wearing his grey bodysuit underneath it all since it saved his life. Recently has stumbled upon more items of a strange nature - red gloves, black leather boots and belt with fancy gold buckles contributing to his usual outfit. He has taken to pairing these with gifted Isuas trousers and shirt from a friend.

Often can be found puffing away at his pipe, a corn cob pipe if at the Outpost, a recent acquisition of pleasant scent - apple & cinnamon - whilst watching the world, or his old faithful normal one in Sunberth, finding curiosity where he can to explore.

Scars & Tattoos



Chest - Various Small Slashes, Various Orientations (Healed)
Chest - Zatani Djedline Symbol (Left Pectoral)
Left Side – Long Thin Scar (Healed)

Front Of Both Shoulders – Small Thin Scars (Healed)
Inside Of Both Forearms – Three Thin Scars (Healed)
Both Palms – One Thin Scar Diagonally (Healed)

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Alric Lysane

Postby Alric Lysane on December 12th, 2021, 2:30 pm


~ That Which Lies Beneath ~

The Soul

Alric lived much of his life with few hard ethics, thievery and burglary just part of the game for survival. Even giving someone a good beating once or twice, even if mostly not by his own choice, had been something he had turned his hand to. He has always had a heavy dislike for any curb upon freedoms, slavery especially is something he distastes but also any violation of such things such as rape are things he does not like, nor partake in. A hefty dislike of magic was also part of the mix, a life perspective of superstitions and fears. Of late this has begun to change, his thieving days are receding as he finds more ‘honest’ ways of making a living and he has tried, on occasion, to even make the city of Sunberth a better place, helping others where he can.

Dislikes fighting other humanoids as he generally believes that when you get to the stage of combat no one really wins. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however, but largely because they wish to harm him. Enjoys discussing almost anything, with a strong sense that any knowledge gained is worthwhile for the sake of exploring it. Philosophy, in particular, he enjoys though word games and the like are also acceptable. Of late he has taken to exploring hidden things, discovering new knowledge and generally rebelling slightly against the dark mire that is Sunberth’s usual psychology. He perhaps takes more risks than are wise in this regard.

Has a temper, though he seeks to find more stability in his life and deal with this, against all odds. Still, if pushed far enough he has been known to throw a room about and curse like a sailor. Does not generally hold a grudge and prefers to talk problems out than anything else. Reluctantly is embracing his Nymkartan birth right, though believes that on some level there is too much darkness in that line for him to not deserve some punishment in some way. Known to drink away his problems if under great stress, known to brood whilst staring into the flames of a fire and would happily murder anyone who threatens those he cares about - though they are few in number.
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Alric Lysane

Postby Alric Lysane on December 12th, 2021, 2:31 pm


~ It is written by the victors ~

The Past

His mother - Serana - is one of the last direct lines of the Nymkartan dynasty. His father - Kalas - was a Mortanis assassin sent to kill her. The contract holder - Florentin Arcadius - a mad mage obsessed with breeding as pure a magical Djedline as possible. His father, falling in love with his mother, decided not to kill her and instead helped her to run, to escape and to survive.

Along the way, their travels long and difficult, Serana gave birth to Alric. On the run those first 8 years were spent moving from place to place. His mother gave him his signet ring, the sign of the Nymkartan line, and taught him as much as she could. His father did the same and they both lvoed him very much.

But they were hunted and in Alric's 8th year of life they were found. His mother captured, his father managed to secrete Alric away to Sunberth, his memories changed and removed the better to hide him, before he himself was also captured. Since then Alric has had no knowledge of his parents beyond brief snapshots in time when he was at his most relaxed - usually staring into a fire.

He left the orphanage the same age they all did and spent the rest of his life up to the present taking odd jobs, sneak thieving and generally just trying to survive - completely oblivious to his past and how precious - or feared - his blood may be to others.

The Present

In the Fall of 521 AV Alric had a chance meeting that would change the path of his life irrevocably. In the Outpost, whilst browsing for nothing in particular but a sense if purpose, he came across Tazrae Ardera. What began with her asking him what he knew about games led to a meal, conversation and revelation between hands of cards. He told her of his lack of early memory and she gave him the push and direction to dive into discovery.

An intimate journey using a Memory Blend Tea and then a visit to a Dreamwalker – Douglan – truth for both of them was revealed and Alric’s world effectively came crashing down. Many of his beliefs exposed for the shams they were and the lie of his pieced together history shattered with the truth he now finds himself knowing he may be hunted.

With Tazrae the only one who know the whole truth of his past, the Dreamwalker having erased their memory, and the Arcadius having destroyed his family and hunting him still, Alric hopes he can become strong enough to one day take the fight to Florentin instead.
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Alric Lysane

Postby Alric Lysane on December 12th, 2021, 2:35 pm


~ The Ideals ~


Alric has always had a fascination for knowledge and its discovery. He likes to say that he gets a tingling feeling when learning new things, discovering lost knowledge and exploring forgotten places. He has no formal education in Eyris that he can remember, though given his Nymkartan Djedline he feels certain his mother would have tutored him on it. Now he has learned of his origins he holds Eyris in a special kind of regard, though he seeks to try to understand how she could allow such noble origins to end in such disaster. He has only just begun to pray to Eyris, for guidance and help in his trials. Almost naturally he will be aligned with her principles as to get to the end of his path he has to delve into things which may not be known by many. Despite his fears this task is one of the few he fully looks forwards to

Mark Appearance: Lykata Symbol
Mark Level: 1st Mark of Eyris
Date Acquired: 23rd Winter 521 AV
Location: Back of Left Hand
Acquisition Threads:
Discerning the Transmundane Pt I
Discerning the Transmundane Pt II

Abilities Granted:
Secret :
The singularly marked Lykata can invoke random images associated with objects. They might gain simple insight such as species, race, or even a name. If they are lucky they will be able to see purpose or perhaps even the mood of a contributor. Level ones don’t often get more than two or three impressions off any singular object. However, if they move through a location and try and ‘view’ more than one object at a time they can often get a pretty decent idea - via random glimpses at contributions - of what a location or set of objects was used for


Alric met Ionu in the Spring of 522, the god giving him an offer he couldn't refuse - kill an Arcadius Commander and the Mortanis would forget Alric existed. Caught in Ionu's web he played his part, but walked away less angry and more confusedly amused, the god keeping his word. Ionu marked Alric, offering himself as an ally in the long fight. Alric's understanding of Ionu is minimal, limited to his spheres of power and the general sense that mischief managed is something Ionu values. Alric looks forward to exploring the gifts Ionu has bestowed upon him and trying to understand the god further.

Mark Appearance: Elaborate Inverted Triangle
Mark Level: 1st Mark of Ionu
Date Acquired: 35th Spring 522 AV
Location: Back of Neck Just Under Hairline
Acquisition Threads:
Latvian Gambit

Abilities Granted:
Secret :
Those so marked with one of Ionu's gnosis marks can create minor illusions involving a single sense (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound). The illusionist can easily change multiple aspects of themselves and their bodies. Hair color, eye color, the tone of their skin, the accent of their voice is all very reasonable for them. However, they cannot stack illusions, meaning if their chosen illusions involves sight, all their subsequent illusions at that particular time must include sight. They cannot, however, alter sight and sound at the same time. But they can, however, affect multiple sights and sounds with enough focus to maintain multiple illusions. Minor illusions last for only a single hour, and they can have up to ten illusions ongoing at a time. If they wish, they can trade multiple illusions for longer time periods. That means they can have up to one illusion for ten hours or ten illusions for one hour or any combination therein. Again, multiple illusions can only effect one type of perception at a time. If they have ten illusions ongoing, all ten illusions must affect the same sense, e.g. sight. Minor illusions can easily change numbers on playing cards, dice or the appearance of a street or shop sign. Minor illusions can affect multiple people at a time.
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Alric Lysane

Postby Alric Lysane on December 12th, 2021, 2:39 pm


~ The ability to dream has been beaten out of you by the experience of life ~


Observation 100 XP MAX
Socialization 89 XP 89


Endurance | 65 XP | 65
Weapon: Unarmed | 26 SP, 35 XP | 61

Acrobatics 34 XP 34
Auristics 31 XP 31
Interrogation 45 XP 45
Investigation 9 SP, 27XP 36
Meditation 36 XP 36
Philosophy 41 XP 41
Rhetoric 26 XP 26
Stealth 10 SP, 17 XP 27
Weapon: Broadsword 35 XP 35


Acting | 3 XP | 3
Animal Husbandry: Snake | 3 XP | 3
Arcanology | 7 XP | 7
Body Building | 25 XP | 25
Brawling | 16 XP | 16
Childcare | 9 XP | 9
Cleaning | 1 XP | 1
Climbing | 11 XP | 11
Cooking | 10 XP | 10
Dancing | 1 XP | 1
Drawing | 9 XP | 9
Flux | 21 XP | 21
Geography | 2 XP | 2
Hunting | 4 XP | 4
Intelligence | 5 SP | 5
Intimidation | 16 XP | 16
Larceny | 15 RB, 5 XP | 20
Leadership | 19 XP | 19
Logic | 18 XP | 18
Medicine | 9 XP | 9
Negotiation | 5 XP | 5
Organization | 1 XP | 1
Persuasion | 16 XP | 16
Planning | 13 XP | 13
Psychology | 14 XP | 14
Reading | 14 XP | 14
Reimancy | 23 XP | 23
Running | 25 XP | 25
Seduction | 3 XP | 3
Shielding | 23 XP | 23
Spelunking | 10 XP | 10
Storytelling | 6 XP | 6
Subterfuge | 3 XP | 3
Tactics | 9 XP | 9
Teaching | 4 XP | 4
Weapon: Dagger | 7 XP | 7
Wilderness Survival | 6 XP | 6
Wrestling | 4 XP | 4
Writing | 10 XP | 10


Base 26
Endurance (E) +3
Interrogation (C) +2
Mediation (C) +2
Intimidation (N) +1
Persuasion (N) +1

Total = 35 Resolve


Anatomy: Killing Blows
Brawling: Bench Clothesline
Brawling: Chair Throw
Brawling: Dump Tackle
Brawling: Go For The Eyes
Brawling: The Headbutt
Broadsword: Anatomy of a Weapon
Broadsword: Block On Bottom Half Of Blade
Broadsword: Block Past The Blade
Broadsword: Correct Grip
Broadsword: High Roller Counter
Broadsword: Hilt Guard Knockout
Broadsword: Leverage Protection
Broadsword: Lower Blocks
Broadsword: Moving on Balls of the Feet
Broadsword: Oval of Defense
Broadsword: Parry & Slash Counter
Broadsword: Pulling Out A Stuck Blade
Broadsword: Riposte Counter
Broadsword: Sweep Block
Broadsword: The Four Basic Attacks
Broadsword: Thrust
Broadsword: Upper Blocks
Broadsword: Wrist Block Counter
Broadsword: Wrist Grappling
Fighting: A Distraction For Troubles
Pain: Hardens The Body
Unarmed: Arm Blocks
Unarmed: Basic Kicks
Unarmed: Bob & Weave
Unarmed: Bridging To Break Mount
Unarmed: Discombobulation
Unarmed: Elbow Strike
Unarmed: Flux Boosted Spinning Kick
Unarmed: Footwork Pivot
Unarmed: Getting Inside A Staff’s Guard
Unarmed: Ground & Pound
Unarmed: Hand Parry
Unarmed: Hand Wrap Applicatio
Unarmed: Jabs, Crosses & Hooks
Unarmed: Keeping One Opponent Obstructing Others
Unarmed: Kick Catch
Unarmed: Knee Strikes
Unarmed: Leg Hook Takedown
Unarmed: Punching Bag Routine
Unarmed: Rear Naked Choke
Wrestling: Ground Grappling
Wrestling: Headlock
Wrestling: Hip Throw

A Journey To Answer The Question “Who Am I”
Alcohol: Numbs The Pain
Acrobatics: Backwards Flip
Acrobatics: Best Practised Somewhere Soft
Acrobatics: Cartwheel
Acrobatics: Catrwheel into Backwards Roll
Acrobatics: Don’t Over-Extend Stretches
Acrobatics: Larceny Applications
Acrobatics: Strangely Useful Combat Skill
Acrobatics: Stretching Techniques
Acrobatics: Tuck & Roll
Acrobatics: Using Arms For Balance
Acting: Alcohol on Breath Fakes Drunkenness
Bathing: A Time For Lack Of Concerns
Blacksmithing: A Prized Artform
Blacksmithing: Basic Armour Mechanics
Bloodline Armsrace: Bloodline Competition To Be The Best Created Stronger Mages Over Time
Childcare: Comforting A Child
Childcare: Dealing With Ward/Work Life Balance
Childcare: Needing A Break
Childcare: Negotiating With A Child
Climbing: Building Callouses
Climbing: Finding Toe & Finger Holds
Cooking: Boiling Water
Cooking: Brewing Tea
Cooking: Chopping Veggies
Cooking: Making Stew
Courage: Only As Valuable As What It Overcomes
Dark Memories: Serana & Kalas
Dealing With Drunks
Death: The Stench Of
Dream Trade: Cloak for Bodysuit
Dust: Sensation Of The Fall
Dust: Sensation Of The High
Dust Drug: Ruins Lives
Enemies: Sassing Them For Fun
Geography: The Pre-Valterrian Map
Geography: The Post Valterrian Map
Geology: Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Types & Characteristics
Geology: Jade Characteristics
Illusionism: Its Full Usage At One Mark
Interrogation: Being Interrogated
Interrogation: Demanding Answers From Florentin Arcadius
Interrogation: Interrogating A God
Interrogation: Interrogating The Interrogator
Intimidation: Fending Off Threats To A Ward
Intimidation: Threat Of Haunting
Intimidation: Threat Of Spanking
Investigation: Bribing For Information
Investigation: Grid Mapping Method
Investigation: Numbered Grid Method
Isolation: Can Only Last So Long
Iskyny Tea: Sleeping Agent
Iywart Ointment: Healing Ointment
Knot: Double Column
Knowledge: A Siren Song
Knowledge: Comes With A Price
Knowledge: Dangerous
Knowledge: Earned Or Has No Value
Knowledge: Recovering The Past
Knowledge: The Enjoyable Pursuit
Knowledge: The Need To Know
Knowledge: The Root of Wisdom
Krolar Poultice: Healing Poultice
Larceny: Avoiding Being Pickpocketed
Larceny: Change Locations Often
Larceny: Identifying Gold On Legs
Larceny: Mark – The Peacock
Larceny: The Purse Cut
Leadership: Browbeating
Leadership: Show By Doing
Logic: Brutally Mechanical Calculus
Lykata: Lormar Symbol
Lykata: ‘Reading’ A Room
Lykata: Reads Djed Impressions
Lykata: Requires A Still Mind
Lykata: Sifting For Impressions
Lykata Impressions: Jolly Fat Red Man
Lykata: Works Through Touch
Medicine: Applying Bandage
Medicine: Applying Ointment
Medicine: Applying Poultice
Medicine: Belief Is Half The Battle
Medicine: Checking Breathing
Medicine: Checking Head For Temperature
Medicine: Checking Pulse
Medicine: Check Twice
Medicine: Checking For A Heartbeat
Medicine: Cleaning A Wounds
Medicine: Clean Hands
Medicine: Signs Of Blood Poisoning
Medicine: Symptoms of Flu
Meditation: Breathing Technique
Meditation: The Flame & Void Technique
Memories: Hidden Deep Beneath
Memories: Part Of Our Djed
Mulgon: Creature From Another World
Mystery: The Irrefusable Draw
Myth: Truths Forgotten But Still Told
Negotiation: Bartering For Days Off
Nymkarta: Akavalashi & Rabaodos
Nymkarta: Akavalashi – Eyris’ Alvina
Nymkarta: Masters Of Power, Stable Sane People
Nymkarta: Not All Were Bad
Nymkarta: Present Day Reputation Product Of Smear Campaign
Persuasion: Asking A God For Answers
Persuasion: Begging
Persuasion: Why Growing Up In Sunberth Sucked
Philosophy: Conviction Vs. Creed
Philosophy: Destiny Vs. Self-Determination
Philosophy: Ending Evil, Some Costs Are Worth It
Philosophy: Everyone’s Got Problems, Deal With It
Philosophy: Life
Philosophy: Need Vs. Want
Philosophy: Only Through Struggle Can We Grow
Philosophy: Power Vs. Freedom
Philosophy: Ripples Of Life
Philosophy: Survival Vs. Purpose
Philosophy: Taking What One Can Get
Philosophy: The Right Of Power
Philosophy: Wanting Peace Isn’t A Weakness, Assuming There Will Be Peace Is
Philosophy: What Is The point?
Planning: Avoiding The Same Web A Second Time
Psychology: Anger Is Easily Roused By The Right Words
Psychology: Basic Reading of Body Language
Psychology: Guilt And One’s Failures
Psychology: Notice Deflection
Psychology: Purges Of Anger
Psychology: Putting One’s Self In Another’s Shoes
Psychology: Repressing Problems
Psychology: Stop Tearing Down, Start Appreciating The Self
Psychology: Treating Troubles With Cheerfulness
Rhetoric: Telling Arcadius Off
Rugberry Tea: Good For Chills
Rugberry Tea: Speeds Up Body’s Healing
Running: Heel-Toe Rhythm
Scarlet Sanctum: Associates Like Alric
Seduction: Complimentary Comments
Seduction: The Act Of Kissing A Hand
Sickness: Makes Everything Difficult
Spelunking: Darkness Kills Quicker Than Beasts
Spelunking: If In Doubt Follow Your Nose
Spelunking: Keeping Night Vision
Spelunking: Marking Your Way For Return Journey
Spelunking: Night Vision Has Its Uses
Stealth: Crouched Movement
Stealth: Different Surfaces Make More Noise
Stealth: Holding Breath
Stealth: Keep Breath Shallow
Stealth: Matching Footsteps
Stealth: Slow, Purposeful Steps
Stealth: Use Balls of Feet
Stew: Good Sickness Food
Storytelling: Recounting One’s Life Story
Street Smarts: Take Corners Widely
Sundyra Water: Heals Moderate/Small Wounds In One Day
Syka Bound: A Decision Made That Cannot Be Undone
Sykan Curses: Believed Caused By Rhysol
Tactics: Doubling Back To Detect Tails
Tactics: Playing Up Sunberth’s Natural Tendencies
Teaching: Basic Unarmed Techniques
Teaching: Instructing One’s Enemies The Facts Of Events They Didn’t Understand
Teaching: Rules Don’t Exist In A Fight
Tears Of Rhysol: Effects & Outcomes
The Art Of A Good Smoke
The Art Of Falling Asleep In One’s Stew
Twilight Star: Appearance And Effects
Vas’ Mortanis Visions: An Ever Present Burden
Vildani: Ionu/Croix’s Mark
Weapons: Escalate Things
Wilderness Survival: Square Frame Kindling
Wilderness Survival: Starting A Fire With Flint & Steel
Wisdom: Conciliatory
Wisdom: Knowing You Know Nothing
Wisdom: The Build Up Of Experience
Wisdom: The Other Half Of Knowledge
Wisdom: The Reflection Upon Knowledge
Yoga: Awareness Of Body
Yoga: Basic Standing Poses
Yoga: Increased Flexibility

Alric: Djed Well Access & Appearance
Auristics: Auras Different For Each Practitioner
Auristics: Categories Of Information It Can Read
Auristics: Changes Eye Colour To Emerald
Auristics: Foodstuff Taste
Auristics: Flaming Edges - Signs Of A Fever
Auristics: Flickering Aura = Dying
Auristics: Headache Follows Overuse
Auristics: Iron Smell For Own Shield
Auristics: Magical Items - Variable Aura Sizes
Auristics: Passive Aura Detection
Auristics: Principles Of Focusing
Auristics: Reading Magical Items
Auristics: Rust Smell – Weak Shield
Auristics: Senses Djed Feeding
Auristics: Signs Of Structural Weakness
Auristics: Smoke ‘Echo’
Auristics: Tiredness Follows Use
Auristics: Uses & Limitations
Auristics: Uses All Five Senses
Djed: Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed, Only Transformed
Djed: Extruding For Shielding
Djed: Need Focus To Manipulate
Djed: Own Is Silver-Gold Colour
Djed: The Force Behind All Existence
Djed: Varies In Concentrations & Purity
Djed Wells: Basic Facts
Djed Wells: Difficult To Know Depth
Djedlines: Akin To Mage Family Lines
Djedlines: Adoption By Initation
Djedlines: Selected Breeding For Djed Pools
Flux: Awareness Can Be Distraction'
Flux: Body Connection (Basic)
Flux: Djed ‘Borrowing’
Flux: Djed Pathways (Basic)
Flux: Djed Patterns
Flux: Djed ‘Pinging’
Flux: Djed Rationing For Strikes
Flux: Emotion Is Dangerous
Flux: Ever Present Desire
Flux: Self-Critical Reigning In Of Self
Flux: Spiritual Practise
Flux: Sweet Whispers
Flux: Tai Chi Meditation
Flux: Targeting – Back Muscles
Flux: Targeting – Lower Body Muscles
Flux: Targeting – Upper Body Muscles
Gnosis: Gifted Divine Magic
Gnosis: Potentially Gifted For Worship Or Exhibiting Exemplary Traits
Magic: A Dangerous Necessity
Magic: Hate It
Magis: It’s Fun
Magic: Lost Disciplines Exist
Magic: Makes Your Skin Crawl
Magic: Manipulation Of Djed
Magic: Only Use When Focused
Magic: Only Use When Rested
Magic: Personal, Gnosis & World Classifications
Magic: Transmutation Of Djed
Magic: Unpredicatable & Dangerous
Magical Bodysuit: Protects Against Dagger Stabs
Magical Corn Cob Pipe: Apple & Cinnamon Scent
Magical Fancy Belt: Cinch To Shrink
Magical Minty Stick: Shake Into Staff
Overging: Can Cause Anything
Overgiving: Migraines
Overgiving: Minor Vs Major
Overgiving: Over-stimulated Smell
Overgiving: Over-stimulated Touch
Overgiving: Pushing Beyond One’s Own Limits
Overgiving: Symptoms & Escalations
Personal Magic: Four Key Traits
Personal Magic: Manipulation Of Own Djed
Personal Magic: The Eleven Disciplines & Basic Description
Reimancy: Basic Orb Shape
Reimancy: Clay
Reimancy: Earth
Reimancy: Extruding Res
Reimancy: Geomancers
Reimancy: Initiation Ritual & Mechanics
Reimancy: Initiation Sensations
Reimancy: Jade Armour
Reimancy: Jade Armour Destructive Projectiles
Reimancy: Jade Armour Fluid Uses
Reimancy: Jade Armour Shield
Reimancy: Jade Armour ‘Whirlwind’
Reimancy: Multiplying Res Constructs
Reimancy: Novice Area Of Control
Reimancy: Novice Degradation Rate
Reimancy: Obsidian
Reimancy: Obsidian Dagger Projectile
Reimancy: Partial Res Conversion
Reimancy: Primal Magic
Reimancy: Physical Gesture Assists
Reimancy: Res Control - Split Attention (Basic)
Reimancy: Res Orb Orbit
Reimancy: Res ‘Bolas’
Reimancy: Res ‘Rope’
Reimancy: Res ‘Rope Knots’
Res: Breath Extrusion
Res: Conversion Into 'Stone'
Res: Conversion Stops Control Ability
Res: Emotional Triggers
Res: Extruding Liquid
Res: Feels More Primal Than Djed
Res: Hungry Need
Res: Mental Control
Res: Mine Is Silvery In Colour
Res: Partner Rather Than Tool?
Res: Skin Extrusion
Res: Tazrae’s Res Appearance
Shielding: ‘Chainmail’ Weave
Shielding: Coppery Taste for Shield
Shielding: ‘Crack’ Patching
Shielding: Finger Movements For Djed
Shielding: Hand Movements For Djed
Shielding: Shaping Djed Like Clay
Shielding: Shield Breaking Signs
Shielding: Shield Shape Manipulation
Shielding: Shields Can Bend Under Pressure
Shielding: Shields Get Stronger If Survive Attempt To Break
Shielding: Task - Biological Blocking
Shielding: Task – Block Fire
Shielding: Task – Block Light
Shielding: Task – Block Mud
Shielding: Task – Block Smoke
Shielding: Task - Block Water
Shielding: Tasking
Shielding: Tasking Gives Structure
World Magic: Drawn From The Environment Around You

Alice: Brega’s Medicine Woman
Alric: Always Wanted A Dog
Alric: An Apparently Memorable Chest
Alric: As Strong As Ancient Nymkarta
Alric: Biggest Problem Is Ignorance
Alric: Can Take A Life And Be Reverent Of It
Alric: Can Take Out Sran or Make Him A Stronger Figure
Alric: Descendant Of Eyris
Alric: Deserves Punishment
Alric: Dislikes Drug Dealers
Alric: Failed Bronwen Terribly
Alric: Feels Guilty For Pushing Lys Away Before Saving Her
Alric: Feels Sorry For Himself
Alric: Free Because He’s Strong Or Lucky
Alric: Good At Surviving
Alric: Has Seen The Possibility Of Being A Future Mortanis/What It Would Be Like
Alric: His Riches Listed – Awareness of His Past, Incredible Sense Of Self, Love, Family, Fortune of Magical Items
Alric: Haunted By His Weaknesses
Alric: Know Thy Self, Be Invincible
Alric: Knows What Being Trice-Marked By Krysus Feels Like
Alric: Manifest Your Own Destiny
Alric: Mortanis Want Him As A Replacement For Kalas
Alric: Natural Endowments Are A Result Of The Pressures Of Competition and Challenge Based On Innovation And Aggression
Alric: Nightmares About Becoming Arcadius
Alric: No One Insults My Family
Alric: Squeamish About Infected Wounds
Alric: Would Be Worthless Raised In A Court
Alric: Vas Feels He’s Pigheaded Stubborn
Alric: Westfall’s Line
Alric: You Are A Wildcard
Alric: Zatani Djedline
Alric & Lys: You And Me Against The World
Arcadius: Demanded Of The Gods Why They Hadn’t Stopped The Bodysnatcher
Arcadius: Doesn’t Know Both Granddaughters Lived
Arcadius: Grateful To Alric For Not Turning His Back
Arcadius: Loves His People, Loves His Family
Arcadius: Resists The Body Snatcher At Every Turn
Arcadius: Vessle for A Monster
Arcadius: Was Taken Because Of Fatigue
Baker: Performer At Large
Bronwen: Damsel In Distress
Bronwen: Doesn’t Fight On Dust
Bronwen: Druva
Bronwen: Dust Betrayal
Bronwen: Dust Addict
Bronwen: Good Soul, Really
Bronwen: Hates Herself
Bronwen: Never Been In A Gutter
Bronwen: Offer Of Help
Bronwen: Pretty Guard
Bronwen: So Very Lost
Bronwen: Tired Of Searching For Sister, For Everything
Bronwen: Watching Her Slow Self-Destruction
Craven: An Old, Hated Name
Craven: Buried In Sunberth
Croix/Vas: Vex Krysus At Every Oportunity
Croix: Appearance and Mannerism
Croix: Requests You Kill Mortanis On Sight; Not Save
Croix: Wants Alric To Kill The Arcadius Lieutenant
Croix: Will Make The Mortanis Forget Alric’s Existence If He Kills The Lieutenant
Culprits: Winter 521 Fire
Dogs: Unconditionally Loving
Dreamwalkers: Can Walk The Chavi Of People, Can Alter The Chavi Of People
Druva: Knightly Lineage
Eyris: Appearance A Little Like Serana
Eyris: Doesn’t Tale Sides
Eyris: Gave Alric A Riddle To Puzzle
Eyris: Goddess of Knowledge & Wisdom
Eyris: Grant Me Guidance, Please
Eyris: Likes Riddles
Eyris: Linked Together, Can Almost Feel At Times
Eyris: Nymkartan Ancestor
Eyris’ Suggestion: Explore Sunberth’s Secrets
Faust: Crazed Sunberth Dovecote Keeper
Florentin Arcadius: Can Step Into Other People’s Bodies
Florentin Arcadius: Doesn’t Take Breaks
Florentin Arcadius: Has a stronghold in Eyktol
Florentin Arcadius: Meeting The Real Man In Spirit
Florentin Arcadius: Older Than The Valterrian
Florentin Arcadius: Rapist Of Djedlines
Florentin Arcadius: Very Angry At, Croix: Knows Alric Was Inducted In The Outpost By Arcadius’ Granddaughter
Garrett: Dust Dealer
Garth: Amused By Alric
Garth: Dark Storied Bouncer
Garth: Save Alric’s Life
Garth: Sleeps Standing Up
Gasvik: Appearances & Mannerisms
Gladiator Team: Hunter, Oscar, Ballak and James (Appearances And Mannerisms)
Gods: Too Arrogant To See
Humans: Each Generation Get Stronger
Humans: Get Stronger Because They Breed Fast And Live Life Fast
Iganth: Arcadius’ Lieutenant
Iganth: Beheaded By Alric
Iganth: Means Cold Wind
Ionu: Croix Is The God of Illusions
Itzel the Swift: Weaponsmaster
Jade: Appearance and Mannerism
Jade: Sent With Alric To Assist Him
Jade: Will Take Simple Directions
Jebediah: Not Quite Right In The Head
Jebediah: Sunberth’s Grave Keeper
Jessol The Firm: Fake Mercenary
Kalas: Burned Himself Out Fighting Krysus
Kalas/Serana: Still Alive Because They Are Worthy Adversaries, Not Because They Are Useless
Kalas: Escaped The Mortanis
Kalas: Gifted Alric His Power Plus His Mother’s Nymkarta Blood
Kalas: Infamous
Kalas: Known By Legend, Not By Personal Acquaintance
Kalas: Left Alric Where He Would Grow Up Strong/Thrive
Kalas: Still Alive, Alric Can Still Know Him
Kalas: Survived Draining His Djedpool – Mostly Impossible
Kelvics: Transform At Will
Kova: The Real Truth About Her Life & Sacrifice
Krysus: Baby Goddess Protected By Other Gods Including Rhysol
Krysus: Has Caused Croix/Vas And Others A Great Deal Of Trouble
Krysus: Murder Pain Torture Goddess
Lily: Appearance And Mannerisms
Lily: Tall Johnny’s Girlfriend
Lys: Alric’s Unarmed Student
Lys: Always Knew You’d Find Her
Lys: Felt Abandoned By Alric
Lys: Has Alric, For As Long As She Wants
Lys: Her Pain Is My Pain
Lys: Loveable Urchin
Lys: Magnificent Pouter
Lys: Orphaned Outcasts Together
Lys: Please Stay Alive
Lys: Thinks Alric Is Better Than He Thinks
Lys: Thinks Alric Needs Manners
Lys: Westfall’s Line
Lys: You & Me Against The World
Lys: Young Cutpurse
Moritz: Amusingly Eccentric
Moritz: Kelvic Okomo
Moritz: Mage At Large
Moritz: Magic Eyes
Moritz: Sykan Resident
Mortanis: Assassins for Krysus
Mortanis: Beyond Redemption
Mortanis: Krysus Driving Them Insane
Nessilie: Patched Alric Up
Nessilie: Sweeter Then Suggested
Nessilie: Surprisingly Kind
Nessilie: Symenestran Seductress
Nymkarta: Cherry-Picked From Best Bloodlines To Infuse As Much Power As Possible Into Their Family
Nymkarta: Don’t Repeat Their Mistakes
Nymkarta: Long-Lived Line, Best Of The Best
Nymkarta: No Finer Scholars Warriors Or Mages
Nymkarta: Treval Codex
Nymkarta: Two In Sunberth, Worldwide >20
Nymkarta: What It Means To Be One
Nysel: God Of Dreams
Nysel: Selfish Sharing Power
Obel: Sunberthian Scourge
Odreck & Olsten: Sunberthian Heroes
Oralie: A Kelvic
Oralie: Appearance and Mannerisms
Oralie: Marked by Priskil
Ovek: Appearance And Mannerisms
Remmy: Angel In Snark’s Clothing
Remmy: Direct & Blunt
Remmy: Helpful Associate
Remmy: Sarcastic Librarian
Rhysol: Behind The Valterrian
Rhysol: God Of Evil And Chaos
Ruby Demoya: Appreciative of Alric
Ruby Demoya: Benshira
Ruby Demoya: Glorious Beauty
Ruby Demoya: Her Figure In Glorious Detail
Ruby Demoya: Has A Jealous Streak
Ruby Demoya: Likes Testing People
Ruby Demoya: Likes To Toy With Alric
Ruby Demoya: Sanctum Owner
Ruby Demoya: Twisted Sense Of Humour
Samantha Druva: Bronwen’s Sister
Self: Arcadius’ Target
Serana: Barren By Sran
Serana: Respected The Divine
Serana: Scholar Of Knowledge
Serana: Tried To Teach Alric Wisdom
Serana: Worshipped Eyris
Shiress: Stronger Than She Thinks
Shiress: The Elijah Jordan Curse
Sran: Can Be Waited Out/Doesn’t Have To Be Confronted
Sran: His Reckoning Will Come
Sran’s Artifact: Medical Device, Pre-Valterrian Used To Store The Souls Of People With Extreme Wounds Until Their Wounds Healed Enough To Restore Them To Their Bodies
Sran’tuka: Alric’s True Enemy
Sran’tuka: Has Artifact That’s An Ancient Medical Device He Used To Take Over Bodies
Sran’tuka: Right Of Power Can Defeat Him
Sylir: The Gods Miss Him; Would Let Him Sacrifice Himself All Over Again
Tall Johnny: Appearance And Mannerisms
Tazrae: A Sometimes Feral Nature
Tazrae: An Outline Of Her Daily Life
Tazrae: Two Djedlines – Arcadius & Zatani
Tazrae: Carries A Part Of Me In A Necklace
Tazrae: Cursed To Be Forgotten
Tazrae: Enchanting Audius
Tazrae: Energies Intertwined
Tazrae: Enjoy Being Taken Care Of By Her
Tazrae: Forgotten Close Friendship
Tazrae: Gives Courage
Tazrae: I Want To Be With You, Don’t Give Up
Tazrae: Losing Herself To The Curse
Tazrae: Low Self-Esteem
Tazrae: Lykata Personality Construct
Tazrae: Lykata Rembrance
Tazrae: Shared Initiation Marks
Tazrae: Showering Imaginations
Tazrae: Tried Everything To Remember You
The Gods: Can’t Directly Interfere
The Gods: Can Use Pawns, Slip In Wildcards, Drop Hints, Leave Marks, Carve Unsuspected Pathways
Vas: Appearance and Mannerism
Vas: Can Show Possibilities Of The Future
Vas’ Gargoyle-like Creatures
Vestra: Medicine Woman
Westfall: Kova’s Brother
Westfall: Sacrificed His Life Saving Most Of His Family
Yolanda & Jessie: Sanctum Associates
Yshul: Put Alric In A Mage’s Path
Zach: Good Man
Zach: Has A Love
Zach: Hunter
Zach: Lhavit Citizen
Zatani: We Are Family
Zethas: The Mulgon

Alahea: Thrived Under The Nymkarta
Baroque Bay: Sailor’s Haven
Castle Commons: Prime Larceny Location
Castle Commons: Sunberth’s Beating Heart
Dust Bed: Daedalus Craven’s Grave
Graves: Dangerous Spirits Within
Kois: Laid Waste To By The Bodysnatcher; In Shambles As A Tribe
Kois: Scattered Worldwide By Sran
Pavena: In Ruins
Pig's Foot Tavern: Haven Amidst Anarchy
Lhavit: Far West City
Outpost: Luxurious By Sunberthian Standards
Scarlet Sanctum: Excellent Views
Scarlet Sanctum: Layout
Scarlet Sanctum Rules: No Exceptions
Scarlet Sanctum: Talented Associates
Sea of Grass: Dangerous
Sunberth: Aquilar Hot Springs
Sunberth: Brega’s Happy House
Sunberth: Dust Bed
Sunberth: Enslaves Kelvics
Sunberth: Full Of Scholarship
Sunberth: Grain Storages
Sunberth: Library
Sunberth: No One Is ‘On The Level’
Sunberth: Ruby’s Scarlet Sanctum
Sunberth: Shadow of Treval; Last Place Someone Would Look
Sunberth: Some Parts Should Be Burned
Sunberth: Storage Houses
Sunberth: Street Layout
Sunberth: Stumble Alley
Sunberth: Tall Johnny’s Cage
Sunberth: Tent City – The Refuse of Citizenry
Sunberth: The Rotting Mansion (Exterior)
Sunberth: Underground Tunnels
Sunberth: Yedra’s Fountain
Sunberth Creature: Brat
Sunberth Dovecote: Doorway To The Outpost
Temple Of The Unknown: A Relaxing Place
Temple Of The Unknown: A Relic of the Past, Knew Very Little Poverty, Had Sewers And High Employment
Temple Of The Unknown: Construction Material Recognition
Temple of the Unknown: Tunnel Network Beneath
Temple Of The Unknown: Screaming Into The Dark
Treval: Home of The Nymkarta
Outpost: The Watergarden
Zeltiva: Library Of Knowledge

Alahea: Lasted 8000 Years
Brats: Bolder In Packs
Brats: Don’t Like Fire
Brats: Fear Shouting
Brats: Signs & Sounds Of Presence
Drykas: Bond To Horses
Drykas: People of the Grassland
Grasswinds: Emerald Clan
Recipe: Cave Crawler’s Stew
Skyglass: Divine Material
Slavery: A Despised Trade
Sun’s Birth: Itzel The Swift
Sun’s Birth: Recruiting New Blood
Sun’s Birth: Sunberth Gang
Sunberth: Anarchic Freedom Deserved
Sunberth: A Greater Past
Sunberth: A Past Worth Searching
Sunberth: Beast Of Blood & Misery
Sunberth: Disdain For The Dead
Sunberth: Gold On Legs
Sunberth: Hates Outsiders
Sunberth: Mage Hating City
Sunberth: Minimal Uniting For Self Interest
Sunberth: Reading The City’s Mood
Sunberth: Torched Man Inebriation Tradition
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~ Items That Make The Man ~

Tools of the trade

Heirloom: Signet Ring - a simple silver ring that could fit on Alric's middle finger, though he prefers to wear it around his neck on a simple but sturdy leather thong. The motif is strange, comprised of various lines, dots and similar with no discernible pattern and not any traditional seal. Given to him by his father but said to be his mother's originally. The story goes that it was found on a spelunking when she was young in some ruined part of the city but Alric is fairly sure this was a tall tale for a child. As far as he is concerned it is a family keepsake though the pattern intrigues him and he wishes he knew what it represented - if anything.
Now has Power of Reflection - earned here

Starting Package1 Set of Clothing - Simple Shirt, Simple Trousers, Simple Undergarments, Simple Boots 1 x Waterskin, 1 x Backpack – 1 Toiletries, 1 Weeks Food, 1 Eating Knife, Flint & Steel
Simple Leather Gloves
Undergarments, Linen
Shirt, Linen
Shirt, Isuas, Dark Green
Shirt, Isuas Dark Blue
Vest, Linen
Jacket, Coarse Wool
Trousers, Coarse Wool
Trousers, Isuas, Storm Grey
Boots, High Leather
2 x Padded Brown Fine Wool Breeches
2 x Azure Ramie Bandana
2 x Leather Jacket
2 x Leather Gloves
2 x Fine Wool Emerald Scarf
1 x Fine Wool Shirt
1 x Steel Bagh Nakh
1 x Steel Broadsword & Scabbard
3 x Steel Dagger & Sheath
1 x Steel Kukri & Sheath - Power of Frost earned here
1 x Hand Crossbow
1 x Quiver & 20 Bolts
Weapon Harness
Leather Gauntlets
1 x Leather Utility Bracer
1 X Spring Blade
5 x Torches
50ft Hemp Rope
1 x Flask Oil
1 x Chalk Stick
Magical Grey BodysuitNaNo 2021 Award: While wearing this suit, which has long sleeves (though they can be rolled up in the summer) you will be warm and comfortable, or cool and refreshed depending upon the season. Wearing the suit will nourish you the equivalent of a small meal a day so that you will never completely starve. The suit itself makes you immune to normal fire, and the damage of any small bladed weapon such a dagger. You can still be struck as normal from any other weapons, such as swords, maces, and high-velocity weapons like arrows or stones from a slingshot. This suit also grants you a bonus to your climbing skill. It will boost you one level in climbing to the bottom rung of the next level in attempting a climb. So for example, if you have a 5xp in Climbing, you will jump automatically to a 26xp in climbing if you attempt a climb while wearing the suit. If you have a 74 in climbing, it will automatically boost you to 76 in climbing if you attempt a climb while wearing it. Once you have reached Mastery in climbing, the suit will allow you to cling suspended to anything (tree, wall, cliff, etc) you've attempted to climb while wearing the suit with no effort and no fatigue.
Red Velvet JacketThis long red velvet jacket is adorned with a variety of silver embroidery and is amazingly comfortable. When first worn, the jacket may remain in its natural shape or take that of a similar type of body wear suitable for the environment/region it is acquired in. For example, in warmer climates, it may take the form of a light vest or sash. It will always be red however and once its form is chosen, it cannot change. When worn, the jacket provides the wearer with the uncanny ability to avoid being seen by those around them. This only works when the wearer stops in place and ceases to move. When they stand still, people around them will not acknowledge seeing them. If they look in the wearer’s direction, they see a slight twinkle in the corner of their eye, forcing them to their gaze from the wearer. This effectively makes the wearer invisible to non-magical sight while standing still. Magical sight will also be able to detect them IF the person using the sight has a higher skill level in that particular magic than the wearer of the jacket has in Stealth. While worn, the jacket grants a +10 to stealth when standing still which is the skill it relies on in dice rolling
Black Leather Belt with Gold BuckleThis leather belt is a size-fits-all and comes complete with a buckle made from woven leather and gold. When worn, the belt grants the amazing ability to alter the wearer’s size for the sake of fitting through openings that they would otherwise be too large to fit through. The belt can only shrink a person to half their original size in order to pass through an opening relative to that size decrease. This is done by cinching the belt which in turns activates the ability. Once the wearer passes through the opening however, the belt returns them to their original size. Also, while worn, the belt grants a +10 bonus to Escape Artist
Black Leather BootsThese leather boots are made with amazing craftsmanship. Depending on whether the wearer is male or female, the boots may have buckles and straps and/or eyelets and laces. When first putting on the boots, they may remain in their thicker, heavier natural form or they may take a form more appropriate for the environment/region they are acquired. Perhaps they become black sandals with a silver buckle or a pair of moccasins with laces. They will always be black however and once their form is taken, it can’t change. When worn, the wearer will find they are able to walk on uneven surfaces with greater ease and can find balance where footing would otherwise be precarious. They give the wearer a +10 to acrobatics for the sake of balance and movement on otherwise difficult to traverse surfaces
Red Velvet GlovesThese velvet gloves are impossible comfortable and provide amazing grip. When first worn, the gloves will adjust to fit and may remain in their natural shape or take that of hand wear that is appropriate to the environment/region where they are acquired. When worn, the gloves make things feel lighter than they really are and allow for the picking up and carrying of a single item that weighs twice as much as the average amount of weight the person could normally pick up and carry without undo fatigue and weakness. For example, the average human may be able to pick up and carry 50 lbs for at least some amount of distance. The gloves allow for 100 lbs to be lifted and carried with mild exertion. This does not grant increased strength for anything other than lifted and carrying. Thus striking, throwing, squeezing, etc., are not affected. The gloves grant a +10 to endurance while worn
Red & White Minty StickThis four-inch-long hooked stick is made of an unknown material that faintly smells of mint and is colored with red and white stripes. At any time, if the stick is held in hand and shaken three times, it will instantly grow into a 6-foot-long hooked staff of the same color and scent. Once per day, the staff can produce a localized explosion of swirling red and white colors centered on a single target. The explosion causes the target to become slightly confused for a moment. If dice rolls are used, the target may suffer a -10 to any single roll
Corn Cob PipeThis simple smoking pipe is made from a hollowed-out corn cob with a birchwood shank. When used to smoke tobacco, the smoke itself will smell of a mix of cinnamon and apple regardless of the actual smell of the tobacco. Once per day the person smoking the pipe can inhale a deep breath of the smoke and then release it. Doing so will create a cloud of apple-cinnamon scented smoke that will fill a 10-foot radius around the person; effectively creating a smoke screen that grants the person a +5 to stealth while in the area of effect. When simply used to smoke tobacco, the unusually pleasant smell will hang in the air for days after
Ornament of Peaceful RelationsThis small blue glass orb has a gold cap attached to it with a metal hook sticking out of it. When hung in a room inside a building, all who enter that room will find it difficult to engage in conflict while remaining inside the room. This effect is nullified if the owner of the ornament engages in conflict first
Golden Dice of LuckYou roll the dice before making a major action and they provide you with just a little luck. In discord chat, if you decide you want to roll them…. once per day… you can roll a !roll 2d6… and take whatever number that gives you… say 1+5 and add a fifteen to any roll you are doing in chat. This is once per day and if you do it a second time, it will work the same way, but take off whatever score you get in a roll … so say you roll a 4+5 in a 2d6 roll… that’s a negative 45 to whatever the !roll 1d100 is. These dice give you a modifier. Rolling them a third or more roll a day gives you no dice roll modifiers.
1x Backpack
1x Rucksack
2x Waterskin
2x Belt Pouch
2x Traveller's Stock (20 Day's worth)
Book - Tales of Obel, Ordreck and Olsten - Collected Accounts
Bronwen's Gift Smoking Pipe
1 x Punching Bag
Bowl 5" - Wood
Cooking Pot, Gallon - Clay Glazed
Cooking Spoon - Wood
Cup, 6oz - Wood
Serving Spoon - Wood
Tea Spoon - Wood
Soup Spoon - Wood
Blanket, Winter
Barrel, 4 Gallon
Simple Wooden Chest

Name Profit Cost Total Note
Starter Package 100gm 0 100gm
Fall 521 SE 0 -45gm 55gm
Fall 521 Wages +637gm 0 692gm
Purchase 0 -19gm 4sm 672gm 6sm
Bribe 0 -3sm 672gm 3sm
Purchase 0 -20gm 652gm 3sm
Purchase 0 -15gm 4sm 11cm 636gm 8sm 89cm
Lesson 0 -7gm 629gm 8sm 89cm
Lesson 0 -7gm 622gm 8sm 89cm
Lesson 0 -7gm 615gm 8sm 89cm
Thread Gain +15gm 0 630gm 8sm 89cm
Property Purchase 0 -500gm 130gm 8sm 89cm
Winnings +25gm 0 155gm 8sm 89cm
Thread Gain +25gm 0 180gm 8sm 89cm
Purchase 0 -1gm 1sm 9cm 179gm 7sm 80cm
Thread Gain +15gm 0 184gm 7sm 80cm
Feb 2022 Challenge +1000gm 0 1,184gm 7sm 80cm
Winter 521 Expenses 0 -135gm 1,049gm 7sm 80cm
Medicines 0 -63gm 986gm 7sm 80cm
Thread Purchase 0 -5gm 981gm 7sm 80cm
Purchases 0 -8gm 973gm 7sm 80sm
Threads Purchase 0 -132gm 851gm 7sm 80cm
Purchases 0 -7gm 7sm 844gm 80cm
Thread Earnings +400gm 0 1244gm 80cm
Winter 521 Wages +900gm 0 2144gm 80cm
Thread Cost 0 -13gm 2131gm 80cm
Thread Cost 0 -31gm 6sm 2099gm 4sm 80cm
Thread Cost 0 -55gm 2044gm 4sm 80cm
Spring SE 0 -270gm 1774gm 4sm 80cm
Summer SE 0 -270gm 1504gm 4sm 80cm
Fall SE 0 -270gm 1236gm 4sm 80cm
# - - -

Charm Bracelet


Four Leaf Clover
Silver Lips (Ancient Tongue)
Snake Charm
X-Shaped Charm

Magic Tomes
Silas's Glyphing Tome


Challenge Prize from Here

Relationship - Not Yet Started



45 inches long and wide enough to be 3 inches across at its broadest point, edged fully along one side and the top third towards the tip on the other. The blade has a deep warm brown leather sheath that looks old and well used. The hilt and guard depicts a coiled Valispar, with two blue azurite eyes that had speckles of deep green in the cut stone. It is a warm metal of some sort, a rose gold in colour that is streaked with emerald/azurite tones in the right angled light. It's metal make up is currently unknown and so cannot be duplicated.


Wound Healer - Heals wounds minor wounds and causes wielder to heal at twice the speed for major wounds as long as the weapon is equipped

Universal Translator - Translate any language spoken to the wielder so long as the wielder keeps its hands on it. (Does not allow the wielder to speak the language)

Off-World Material - Made of extraordinarily rare materials from another world. Enhanced durability and greater capacity for further enchantment
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~ Companions To The Journey ~

Tazrae Ardera


Relationship: Friend
Race: Human
Age: Twenty Four
First met in: Games Aplenty

Caring, nurturing and self-sacrificing she has done much for Alric in a very short time. He cannot fault her honesty, a quality he admires. Possibly the only person he has recently shown vulnarability to, he finds it difficult not to be more open with her after their shared experiences. The reason he even knows who he is she is likely the only person he could be said to be 'loyal' to. He thinks her beautiful and is confused by the fact she seems to not agree. Learning of her own burdens has helped him realise that he is not the only one with problems. Headstrong and meticulous to a fault, she has managed to get him to at least consider pursuing his 'birthright' of magic. He hopes to spend many seasons getting to know her better and growing their bond.

Zach Grasswind


Relationship: Acquaintance
Race: Drykas
Age: Thirty
First met in: Creatures & Connections

Alric met Zach whilst at the Outpost and quick enough they were discussing everything from culture to history and exchanging personal stories. Despite being a stranger, and not entirely human, he found it easy enough to discuss such things with the man, possessed of a quality of thoughtful openness that asked to have the silence filled. He gave Alric much to think about - from his fate to his path and those he cared about, though he was not told why Alric needed such guidance. The fact he gave it anyway speaks highly to Alric who would like to get to know the older man better over time and perhaps confide in him when ready.
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~ The Journey ~

Past Records

Year 522
Date Title Status
Various The T&T Letterbox Completed
1st Spring Torched Man By Twilight Graded
11th Spring Do You Know My Name? Graded
12th Spring Liar Liar On Going
12th Spring Fate Intervenes Graded
13th Spring Stone Dreams Pt I Graded
14th Spring Aural Explorations Completed
15th Spring Future's Seeds Graded
16th Spring Reconciliations Graded
17th Spring Long Overdue Check Ups On Going
18th Spring Stone Dreams Pt II Graded
19th Spring Stone Dreams Pt III Graded
20th Spring Exchanges Most Bazaar On Going
21st Spring Just A Wager Completed
35th Spring Latvian Gambit Graded
38th Spring Stone Dreams Pt IV Completed
49th Spring Hearthside Heart To Heart Graded
50th Spring The 5th Tenday Of Spring: A Shot In The Dark Completed
73rd Spring I Solemnly Swear... On Going
75th Spring Home Is Behind, The World Ahead Graded
85th Spring A Wizard Is Never Late... Completed
85th Spring The River & The Highway On Going
85th Spring Revealing The Revealer Pt I Completed
86th Spring Sykan Sifting On Going
TBD Stone Dreams Pt V On Going

Date Title Status
1st Summer A Little Boy's Birthday Party Abandoned

Date Title Status
26th Fall [Challenge]The Inequities Of Life I Completed
26th Fall [Challenge]The Inequities Of Life II Completed
26th Fall [Challenge]The Inequities Of Life III Completed
26th Fall [Challenge]The Inequities Of Life IV Completed
26th Fall [Challenge]The Inequities Of Life V Completed
26th Fall [Challenge]The Inequities Of Life VI Completed
31st Fall Jungle Odyssey Pt I Completed
31st Fall Jungle Odyssey Pt II On Going
38th Fall Sometimes The Stars Bear Witness On Going
40th Fall A Claw To Pick... Completed
41st Fall To Claw A Blank Completed
41st Fall Resonance Pt I Completed
43rd Fall Resonance Pt II Completed
48th Fall Some Things Remain The Same On Going
50th Fall Taking Out The Trash On Going
50th Fall Murphy's Claw On Going
59th Fall A Redone Reunion On Going
70th Fall Only The Wind Knows On Going
80th Fall Missing: Ian Zaniah Caldera On Going

Year 521
Date Title Status
1st Fall Stocking Supplies Graded
2nd Fall Rotten Reasoning Graded
3rd Fall Jessol, Who Art Thou? Graded
4th Fall Petty Larceny Graded
5th Fall A Whole New World Graded
5th Fall A Whole New World Pt II Graded
6th Fall Honest Work Abandoned
7th Fall Books, Scrolls, Journals Abandoned
8th Fall Scarlet Associations Graded
10th Fall Investigating the Inhumed Graded
11th Fall Games Aplenty Completed
11th & 12th Fall To Follow Sifted Memory Completed
14th Fall Questions & Answers Pt I Graded
17th Fall Preparations Graded
18th Fall Sick & Tired Graded
19th Fall Fever Dream Graded
22nd Fall Questions & Answers Pt II Abandoned
35th Fall To Try For Old Bones Graded
40th Fall Storage Skulduggery Graded
45th Fall Proving Incompetence Graded
50th Fall Temple Training Graded
55th Fall Curious Courtesans Graded
62nd Fall Shanghai'd Scuffles Graded
68th Fall Creatures & Connections Graded

Date Title Status
1st Winter Instincts Graded
2nd Winter Waging War Inside Graded
5th Winter Unity Through Self-Interest Graded
6th Winter Flaming Ruby's Completed
11th Winter Guarded Knowledge Graded
13th Winter Crafty Counters Graded
14th Winter Brat Management I Graded
17th Winter Promises Fulfilled Completed
18th Winter Of Conviction & Creed Pt I Graded
20th Winter Soaked Sandbagging Graded
20th Winter Beginnings Pt I Graded
21st Winter Beginnings Pt II Completed
22nd Winter Of Sense & Shield Pt I Graded
23rd Winter Discerning the Transmundane Pt I Graded
23rd Winter Discerning the Transmundane Pt II Graded
24th Winter Of Sense & Shield Pt II Graded
27th Winter Seasonal Treasure Pt I Graded
28th Winter Of Sense & Shield Pt III Graded
30th Winter The Flesh House Fellowship Graded
31st Winter Explorations Pt I Completed
31st Winter Explorations Pt II Completed
33rd Winter Of Sense & Shield Pt IV Graded
34th Winter Consulting Time's Tapestry Abandoned
37th Winter Brat Management Pt II Graded
40th Winter Of Body & Spirit Pt I Graded
42nd Winter Riotous Ruby's Graded
50th Winter Of Body & Spirit Pt II Graded
51st Winter The Gallows Swarm Abandoned
60th Winter Of Body & Spirit Pt III Graded
68th Winter Chance Meetings Completed
70th Winter Of Body & Spirit Pt IV Graded
73rd Winter A Delivery Graded
80th Winter Of Body & Spirit Pt V On Going
85th Winter Of Sense & Shield Pt V Completed

Date Title Status
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Travelling NPC's

~ Travellers Upon The Path ~



Name: Lysandara 'Lys' Whitelock
Age: 15
Birthday: 27th Summer 516 AV
Height: 5ft 2"
Weight: 95 lb
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Eye Colour: Greeny-Blue

Skills: Stealth - 10, Larceny - 10, Medicine - 10

Possessions :
1 x Linen Undergarments
1 x Linen Dress
1 x Coarse Wool Dress
1 x Leather Cloak
1 x Leather Gloves
1 x High Leather Boots



Name: Jade
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6ft
Weight: Unknown
Appearance:Gasvik - Unique & Gargoylesque
First Met:Latvian Gambit

Skills: Unknown - See Spoiler - Invisible to all but Alric & Lys so far

Info :
Jade will stay with you. Lys will be able to see him as well. If he favors her more, he might attach himself to her instead of you. Otherwise you have about a six foot tall gargoyle looking companion that no one can see following you. He is capable of combat (on his own terms) and could carry in flight someone as small as Lys easily in the air in his arms. You may treat the Gasvik as an NPC. I will not reveal his skillset but you can discover it over time
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