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Syka's small boutique clothing store.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Tropical Fever Fashions

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Located east of the docks and west of Mathias' Bungalow, Tropical Fever Fashions is a beachfront bungalow with an incredible view of Syka, its Commons, and has a large living space above the retail shop for the Swiftwater Family. Tony met Dawn in Riverfall where she was employed at Red Diamond Fashions. Stealing her away was as easy as talking Randal into building a retail clothing shop for Syka and a home for Dawn, then talking her into a small vacation to Syka where he proposed to her in the shop proper and told her he'd had the whole thing built for her.

Tony took Dawn's breath away with his thoughtfulness and his sincerity, so she could not say no. And truthfully, they've been blissfully happy ever since then.

The shop itself is a bit of an overkill for Syka's denizens, but in many ways, it's also Syka's one tourist trap. Since Tony farms Isuas in the area, Dawn has a corner on the market in terms of clothing and incredible textiles. And since she is from a family of master dyers and weavers - and being one herself - the almost indestructible fabric comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The front of the shop is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors in all sorts of textures. Big glass doors are usually thrown open, allowing for the flowing fabric to wave back and forth in a riot of shades and woven textures. The fabrics range from simple jungle-inspired hues colored from raw materials around Syka, to more bold and vibrant woven and embroidered materials that can be used for formal affairs. Bolts of isuas fabric line the walls in racks designed to house the fabrics. Dawn has a huge variety of offerings, and has a large cutting table to measure out and cut fabric to any length a person might desire.

Past the fabric are notions - thread, needles, buttons, fasteners, fancy laces, and all sorts of accessories someone who enjoys sewing might need. Dawn even makes up little sewing kits for people wanting to try their hand at making their own garments.

Once past the fabrics, there is a selection of both men's and women's fashion. Some of the garments are ready-made. Other racks hold samples of apparel that people can select from and then pick out custom fabric and have garments made up from fabrics they choose in their actual size. People can buy anything from a crocheted bikini to tough double-layered jungle pants that will hold up under the worst conditions known to Syka's residents.

A master at matching color to the individual, Dawn was renowned in Riverfall for dressing men and women in the best colors and cuts most suited for each individual. Dawn is also known for designing innovative clothing that is cutting edge fashion-wise. Her experimental garments always set trends in Riverfall to the point that

Dawn can make it all. Her designs aren't limited to clothing, as she's been known to design sails for outrigger canoes and paddleboards, or produce brightly colored awnings stretched to shade bungalow decks. Her innovative flexibility is what makes Tropical Fever Fashions a success. She even hand crochets the tops and bikinis herself. Dawn is, however, always looking for help for the shop - albeit simple clerks, seamstresses, or people interesting in learning the arts of weaving or dying.

Dawn Swiftwater
Name: Dawn Swiftwater
Race: Human
DoB: 471 A.V.
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Seamstress & Weaver
Skills: Seamstressing 91, Weaving 76, Dying 65, Fashion Design 55, Crochet 61, Embroidery 45, Drawing 55, Cooking 35, Wilderness Survival 15, Singing 52
Gnosis: None

Dawn is considered an up and coming fashion designer in Riverfall. Her career there, however, was cut short when she met Tony Swiftwater and was persuaded to move from Riverfall to Syka and marry him. She's since opened Tropical Fever Fashions and sells fabric and clothing to residents and tourists alike.

Dawn was born Dawn Casalli. Her entire family is well known for their weaving and dying. While she knows these skills, she's moved away from the trade to work on clothing exclusively as her business. She still dyes her own fabrics and weaves her own cloth when it suits her, but she'd rather be wielding a sewing needle than a dye vat paddle. Dawn has a big family in Riverfall and they visit Syka often.

Price List
Price List

Please see the actual Price List for prices. Custom-made and ready-made items eagerly accepted. All items are made from Isuas Fabric unless the customer only wants simple cotton or requests something more formal like silk.

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