Enter Jinmei Xaolung

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Enter Jinmei Xaolung

Postby Jinmei on March 27th, 2011, 2:35 am

How long has it been now, since my body went cold? Who knows...All I can think is...I'm dead. And I know who killed me...

Jinmei looked down at his now rather decayed remains, nothing more than bone and scraps of cloth. Actually, most of his clothing had been removed from his corpse by passing by beggars and thiefs or the occasional homeless person. He sighed, leaning up against wall.

Honestly...if I had just a shred of wisdom back then...I'd still be alive...I wouldn't just be sitting here, and waiting for something to happen...

Something to happen?

What that something is though...I'll never know..at least...not until it's finally happening.

Then why wait for it..? Why not seek it yourself?

It's....not that easy...is it?

I don't see why it couldn't be Jinmei...

.....I can't. I don't even know where I'd begin or what I was to do....

Do what you please. It's that simple.

If you say so....

I do. All it takes is that first step...so tell me Jinmei Xaolung, are you man enough to take that first step...?

I don't know...

That's not an answer. Yes or no?

I don't know.

Answer me Jinmei-!


JINMEI--! Answer the question! STOP avoiding it!! You KNOW You'll have to make a choice! MAKE IT NOW!

Yes! Yes I'll take the step! I need to get moving!

And it was with those words that Jinmei took his first steps out of the alleyway hidden within the city of Alvadas.
So who is the Culprit? There may be more than one answer to that question,but the means to confirm that answer is about to disappear. So, Who is the culprit? Come, If you don't hurry up...my hands are going to kill you. You don't have much time.So who is the culprit? You know the answer to that question,because everything happened in front of your eyes.So who is the culprit? The person standing in front of you. Come, say that person's name....My name!!"
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