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Naadiya Anvari Lisuli

Postby Naadiya on January 14th, 2022, 2:28 am


Naadiya Anvari Lisuli

Mixed Human. Benshira + Svefra

26 years old, born 12th of Spring, 495 AV in Wadrass



Starting City: Syka

Naadiya stands at 5’7” with long wavy brown hair falling down to the middle of her back, though it is often covered with a scarf or braided. Her dusky face is unmarred and usually religiously cared for. Dark hazel eyes sit below heavy lashes and thick eye brows, almost always rimmed with kohl and quick to notice detail. And then, there were her hands... her small swift hands with their delicate fingers covered in callouses from looms and reigns and stained red and black from the fabric dyes.

Having only recently left her tribe for the first time, Naadiya tends to be cautious or quiet. Behind that, she she has a bawdy sense of humor, a poor head for numbers and a sharp ear for lies. She loves the wind by the sea, even during storms and hates sweet beverages. Having grown up in a Benshira tribe, Naadiya has appreciated fine pattern work and embellishments from an early age when she started training in her father’s trade of fabrics. There she learned to embroider and weave. She’s now traveling, searching for her father, or running from home, sometimes she can’t decide what truly drove her out of the desert.

Early Life: :
Born in Wadrass to a mother of the Kois tribe and a father of the Lisuli, Naadiya grew up riding and weaving. Her father had started a small enterprise where he’d buy small cuts of fabric and embroider and bead them with wonderful patterns and make small bags, hats and gloves he’d sell to outsiders at such high prices that his business did not take long to profit. Once he married his new wife began weaving fabrics for him having come from a family of weavers. Naadiya’s mother married quite young and is only 15 years her senior and the two were often mistaken for sisters when they’d sit at their looms weaving and singing. Naadiya has 5 sisters which made her mother extremely fertile for a Benshira, though she suffered through multiple miscarriages between the births of her daughters and her youngest two suffer from physical ailments. It had been hoped that the fruit would not fall far from the tree, but Naadiya did not inherit her mother’s fertility and after three years and three husbands (none of whom she cared for too deeply) she gave up on the path of motherhood and dove instead into her weaving. Raising six daughters and no sons, Naadiya’s father made sure his daughters could defend themselves if need be. Naadiya chose the bow, her fingers warming to it quickly as they had to the loom. After her father died, and as she neared her own end, Naadiya’s mother confessed to her that he hadn’t been her biological father.

She’d been his second wife and there was already suspicion that he might have been infertile, but when they met, Naadiya’s mother fell in love. Her father, however, still had reservations. He had married his first wife for love and when they couldn’t have children their relationship began to strain. His first wife eventually became ill and died but before her passing, arrangements were already made for his second marriage. Her mother was one of 4 siblings and so he thought the match was favorable for her potential fertility above all else. Nearly a half a year had passed since the marriage and still no baby. Desperate to keep the marriage together Naadiya’s mother took extreme measures. Whenever they were by the coast, she’d sleep with a sailor or a pirate in the hopes that she’d become full with child. As she’d had six offspring, her prayers seemed to have been answered. Though, in all likelihood this may have been how she contracted the disease that later took both her life and that of her husband.

With both parents dead and her sisters all either getting married or taking over the family business, Naadiya could think of nothing else but the box her mother had left behind. A box filled with trinkets and tokens. Six objects. One for each child, from each father. Not wanting to destroy the memory of what her sisters’ believed their family to have been, or tarnish her sisters standing in the community for having been bastard children, Naadiya took the box and kept it hidden. She hadn’t recognized any of the objects except for one. A wooden compass with a pattern of fish scales around its side and a carved image of something resembling a dolphin or whale with thin delicate letters circling around it. She couldn’t read the words but it seemed clear this had belonged to a seaman, not a nomad. Naadiya could remember playing with it as a child but couldn’t recall at what point the toy had disappeared.[/indent]

Leaving Home: :
The next time her tribe neared the coast, Naadiya stayed. She took one of her fathers camels, her traveling supplies, as much food as she could carry and as much money she could hide and went in search for a ship, and hopefully someone who would recognize the compass and point her in the right direction. She spend nearly a season in Wadrass, scavenging to not deplete her food supply and waiting for a ship until finally one arrived. No one on the ship recognized the designs of the compass, nor could they help her in finding where it may have come from but they did confirm that it was of Svefra making, telling her the inscription on the underside read “From waters cold to dunes of old, the winds will sing forever”. In the hopes that one Svefra ship would easily run into another, Naadiya bartered with the wrinkled, salty captain for passage on the ship. After raising her price twice and begging in a most undignified manner, she reached an agreement.

They sailed for what seemed to be ages and made port twice but Naadiya had no luck in her search. She hadn’t been able to bring her camel aboard so Naadiya sold him to help pay for her trip but the voyage turned out lonelier than expected. She had dealt with Svefra before when her people stopped by the sea and traded but she quickly realized how limited her Fratava was. She had the words to describe in detail different fabrics and colors. She could count relatively high, able to jokingly keep adding zeros to the end of a sum. She could also very clearly introduce herself, even if her pace is probably on par with a Svefra child. While she did speak more Common, it was also trade focused and they wanted to talk about the sea, the creatures they’d seen, the places they’d been and the vastness they had experienced. Naadiya had never before left the dessert and didn’t know many of the words they used and before long she got the feeling they were getting tired of her.

Their conversations were mostly them stopping mid speech to explain one thing or another or teach her new words and that could get tiresome. Her Common speech improved steadily but even then it seemed that conversation got stale. They tired of her staggered speech and the scented oils in her hair and tired of her taking up space on their ship. In truth she was tired of them as well. The constant bobbing was very new and Naadiya learned it was no fun sensation, losing her breakfast more than once. The smell of salt and wetness and fish that clung to the air bellow deck kept her stomach from ever feeling quite settled. But, the wind. Oh, the glorious wind. When she held onto the taffrail and felt the cool wind whip her hair back and spray her face with ocean mist, Naadiya felt more alive than ever before. Could she trade the dessert for the sea? They were nearing their next stop, the rapidly growing, fledging town of Syka. The older captain that allowed her aboard in the first place approached her the day they reached the port and smiling jovially as she stood next to her, both of them looking people moving large boxes off the ship onto the dock. He put a heavy hand on her shoulder and said “Okay girl. Good bye now.”

Stunned, Naadiya did not know what to say at first. It took her a minute to even decide what language to reply in. What language had he just spoken to her in? Seeing the confusion that washed over her face, his smile began to wane, his eyebrows coming together in confusion to match hers. “Here you can look for him. It’s the best I can do, you can’t stay aboard forever. Ask around, and show your compass… not too much and not too freely. And should you find someone who has answers for you, you keep my name out your mouth.”

Now, with way more questions than when she’d left home, Naadiya walked down the dock in a daze. Many conflicting thoughts swam through her head at speeds too quick for the seeds to root as her feet carried her forward.

Housing: :
The Tiger Lily Loft - Naadiya's lofted cabin built in the jungle area near the Community Pools.

Employment: :
A Strange New Beginning [Gossamer] - Naadiya appeals to local leaders for a job. Competent Weaver, 6gm per day.
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Naadiya Anvari Lisuli

Postby Naadiya on January 14th, 2022, 10:31 pm



Languages: :
Fluent: Common
Basic: Shiber
Poor: Fratava

Skills: :
Skill Current Level Notes Rank
Animal Husbandry 2 Novice
Botany 1 Novice
Cleaning 4 Novice
Climbing 1 Novice
Cooking 4 Novice
Cosmetology 9 Novice
Dancing 1 Novice
Design 13 Novice
Drawing 4 Novice
Embroidery 6 5 SP Novice
Foraging 3 Novice
Gardening 1 Novice
Geology 1 Novice
Herbalism 4 Novice
Interrogation 3 Novice
Intimidation 1 Novice
Logic 7 Novice
Machete 2 Novice
Math 1 Novice
Negotiation 3 Novice
Observation 60 Expert
Organization 1 Novice
Philosophy 2 Novice
Philtering 1 Novice
Planning 4 Novice
Riding 5 5 SP Novice
Rhetoric 6 Novice
Running 1 Novice
Seduction 2 Novice
Singing 6 Novice
Socialization 41 Competent
Stealth 5 Novice
Subterfuge 4 Novice
Teaching 1 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow 14 14 SP Novice
Weaving 49 26 SP Competent
Wilderness Survival 14 10 RB Novice
Writing 3 Novice

Lore: :
Akalak: Appearance & Attitudes
Anita Inka: Appearance and usage
Anita Inka: Command phrase
Anitia Inka: Ink properties
Artik: Adorable In Braids
Artik: Appearance and Mannerisms
Artik: An Awkward Conversation With My ‘Brother’
Artik: Carnal Knowledge
Artik: Don’t Want to Cause Him Pain
Artik: His Home
Artik: Marked by Laviku
Artik Curse: Rapid hair growth
Artisans: Strive For Perfection
Beetle Catcher: Appearance & Use
Bitter Ginger: Appearance & Smell
Bitter Ginger: The Uses Of It’s Oils
Boas: Average Size
Bottomless Miza Purse of Exchange: Appearance & Usage
Canines: A Magic All Their Own
Captain James Chaliva: Founder
Chamomile & Mint Tea: Helps Nerves
Chickens: Don’t Defend Their Eggs
Cleaning: Having Garra Rufa Clean One's Feet
Cleaning: Personal Hygiene
Colours: Complimentary Shades
Community Pools: Appearance & Location
Community Pools: Layout
Cooking: Adding flavor with lemon grass and chives
Cooking: Boiling mint tea.
Cooking: Cauliflower needs to fry longer.
Cooking: Chopping up herbs coarsely
Cooking: Frying Cauliflower
Cooking: Hot oil jumps out of the pan
Cooking: Muddling mint leaves
Cooking: Prepping Avocado
Cosmetics: How to prepare Sassolite
Cosmetics: How to test for a skin reaction
Cosmetics: Ricewater treatment for hair
Cosmetology: Application Of Hair Color
Cosmetology: Applying Serums
Cosmetology: Applying cosmetics with a paint brush
Cosmetology: Basic Skin Care
Cosmetology: Blending pigments on the skin
Cosmetology: How To Mix Hair Dye
Cosmetology: How To Set Hair Coloring
Cosmetology: Layering cosmetics
Cosmetology: Washing Someone’s Hair
Creature: Partner In Crime
Curse Insight: Cold drink causes a masculine change
Dawn Swiftwater: Appearance & Mannerisms
Dawn Swiftwater: Expectations Per Season
Dawn Swiftwater: Tropical Fever Fashions Owner
Duncan Maelstrom: Good Swimmer
Duncan Maelstrom: Water Reimancer
Design: Choosing a looser pattern for a carpet
Design: Plotting out a pattern
Design: Taking inspiration from the desert
Drawing: Designing A Basic Weave
Embroidery: Stitching Out A Tiny Flower
Emerald Tree Boa: Appearance & Behavior
Emerald Tree Boa: Non-venomous
Freckles: Docile Mussurana
Geology: Sassolite - Mineral rock
Green Anaconda: Average Size
Herbalism: Boiling Tiger Lily’s In Water to Make Lily Water
Herbalism: Making Conditioner
Herbalism: Making Shampoo
Herbalism: Mint can be used as a remedy for sunburns
Herbalism: Mint can be used to treat halitosis
Human Sexuality: Men Ejaculate Faster & Easier Than Women
Isuas: An Easy Material
James Chaliva: Appearance & Mannerisms
James Chaliva: Captain of the Veronica
Juli Chaliva: James's Living Daughter
Juli Chaliva: Mercantile Manager
Location: Site Of Naadiya’s Future Home
Lemon Juice: Used For Lightening Hair
Lye Soap: Used For Lightening Hair
Machete: Grip Gets Slippery When Sweaty
Messenger bag charm: Appearance & Usage
Moritz: Bartender At The Tidepool
Moritz: Kelvic Okomo
Moritz: Lives At The Bungalows
Moritz: Three Years Old
Mussurana: Appearance
Mussurana: Eats Venomous Snakes
Naadiya’s Home: Strange Smell Near The Property
Naadiya’s Home: Surrounded By Orange Flowers
Naadiyo: Enjoys ‘Stressful Situations’
Naadiyo: One Hairy Boy
Naadiyo: Spontaneous ‘Eruptions’
Negotiation: Bird Style
Observation: Monkey- Appearance & Mannerisms
Organization: Organizing Skin Care Items
Paddleboard: Appearance & Usage
Philosophy: Be Thankful For The Little Things
Philtering: Infusing water with herbs
Planning: Taking Weaving Inspiration From A Hermit Crab Shell,
Protea Inn: Cleaning Schedule
Protea Inn: Food Service
Protea Inn: Layout & Floor Plan
Protea Inn: Location & Appearance
Protea Inn: Meals times
Protea Inn: Paddle boards For Rent, Lessons & Tours
Protea Inn: Rules & Regulations
Randal: Appearance & Mannerisms
Randal: Honest in his dealings
Randal: One of the founders
Randal Curse: Bestial features
Rainmere: Jilted Lover
Religion: Prayer To Syna
Reptile Garden: Location & Appearance
Reticulated Python: Average Size
Rhetoric: Bantering With A Friend
Rhetoric: Defending One’s Social Boundaries
Snakes: Odor Of Ash As Deterrent
Sorian: Appearance & Mannerisms
Stuvantis: The Bartending Counselor
Subterfuge: Lying About One's Past
Swine Swells: Overcrowded With Pigs
Syka: Abundantly Available Fruit
Syka: Build high to avoid flood damage
Syka: Communal Facilities
Syka: Curses are putting everyone on edge
Syka: Getting a loan for building projects
Syka: Overwater Ranchos
Syka: Relaxed Dress Code
Syka: The Commons
Syka: The Dovecote
Syka: The Protea Inn
Syka: Tropical Fever Fashions
Syka Dock: Location & Appearance
Sykan Birds: Talkative Creatures
Syna: Goddess of Light
Talivindra: Appearance & Mannerisms
Talivindra: A keen eye for design
Talivindra: Gives Haircuts & Dye’s Hair
Talivindra: Sources her cosmetic ingredients from the jungle
Tazrae: Appearance & Mannerisms
Tazrae: Armband Makes Her Immune To Snake Bites
Tazrae: Fantastic Cook
Tazrae: Father & Mother Are Benshira
Tazrae: Grandfather Is Power-hungry Mage
Tazrae: Grew Up In Riverfall
Tazrae: Has A Charm That Helps Find Lost Things
Tazrae: Has A Charm That Locates Snakes
Tazrae: Lisuli Connection
Tazrae: Loves Alric
Tazrae: Loves To Sing
Tazrae: Mother Is Kois Warchief
Tazrae: Owner Of The Protea Inn
Tazrae: Plays The Drums
Tazrae: Plays The Mandolin
Tazrae: Raised By Aunt & Uncle
Tazrae: Survived Bite From Eyelash Viper
Tendays: Sykan Festival
The Curse: Curse…Or Evolution?
The Curse: Changed Walk
The Curse: Deeper Voice & Bumpy Throat
The Curse: Floppy Things
The Curse: Gender Shift
The Curse: Logic Experimentation Impractical
The Curse: So Many Afflicted
The Curse: Stomach Cramps Signal
The Curse: Not The Moon Or Emotion
Trapping: How To Lure A Snake
Trapping: How To Build A Snake Trap
Uta: Like’s Unusual Hair Dye Jobs & Asymmetrical Hair Cuts
Veronica Chaliva: Ghost That Wanders Around Syka
Veronica Chaliva: James's deceased daughter
Weaving: The Art Of The ‘Shimmy Weave’
Weaving: Assembling A Loom (SP)
Weaving: Benshira Decorative Patterns (SP)
Weaving: Braiding Fringes
Weaving: Calculating Weave Threads
Weaving: Carpet Weave
Weaving: Colour Relative To Positioning
Weaving: Colour Switching
Weaving: Combing & Tightening
Weaving: Contrasting Warp Yarns
Weaving: Differences Between Weaving & Basketweaving
Weaving: Every Weave Is Unique
Weaving: How to make insect netting
Weaving: ‘Lovebird’ Weave
Weaving: Making a tiger stripe pattern
Weaving: Patterned Towels
Weaving: Reverse Patterns
Weaving: Terry Weave
Weaving: Time Saver, Leaving Loom Ready
Weaving: Uses Of A Swift
Weaving: Setting up a loom for a carpet
Weaving: Working Isuas Into A Loom
Weaving: Working with camel wool
Wilderness Survival: Mushrooms are potentially deadly
Wilderness Survival: Using A Machete To Clear A Path
Yarn: Easiest To Use When Balled
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Naadiya Anvari Lisuli

Postby Naadiya on January 14th, 2022, 11:44 pm


Spring of 522 AV Ledger: :
Transaction Money In Money Out Balance
1844 gm 4 sm
Isuas Robe 12 gm
Isuas Chemise (4) 9 sm
Isuas Blouse (4) 96 sm
Isuas Skirt (4) 48 sm
Isuas Dress (4) 96 sm
Isuas Pants (4) 96 sm
Leather High Boots 15 sm
Leather Gloves 15 sm
Hair Kit 25 gm
Sewing Kit 20 gm
Food Preservation Kit 5 gm
Breath Bag 2 gm
Blank Notebook 3 gm
Charcoal sticks (10) 5 cm
Rucksack 1 gm 1738 gm 4 sm 5 cm
Spring L.E. Common 135 gm
Spring Rent 120 gm
Isuas Scarves (3) 9 sm
Silver Earrings 2 gm
Silver Armband 15 sm
Silver Rings x4 12 gm
Silver Bracelet x5 10 gm
Blank Notebook x2 6 gm 1451 gm 0 sm 5 cm
Spring 522AV Wages 552 gm 2003 gm 0 sm 5 cm
Housing Deposit 187 gm 5 sm
1st Loan Payment 500 gm 1315 gm 5 sm 5 cm
Simple fias x2 hands 20 gm
Ornate fias x2 hands 100 gm 1195 gm 5 sm 5 cm

521 AV Ledger: :
Transaction Money In Money Out Balance
Starting Package 100 gm
SP Purchase Loom 5 gm
SP Purchase Compass 75 gm
SP Purchase Embroidery Kit 20 gm 5 gm
Greige Linen Skirt 4 sm
Greige Linen Chemise 1 sm
Sisal Sandals 1 sm 4 gm 4 sm
Winter 521AV Wages 480 gm 484 gm 4 sm
Winter L.E. Common (80 days) 120 gm 364 gm 4 sm
Winter Rent 120 gsm 244 gm 4 sm
Last Minute Challenge 1600 gm 1844 gm 4 sm
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Naadiya Anvari Lisuli

Postby Naadiya on January 15th, 2022, 1:25 am






-Brown leather boots SP
-Undyed Sisal Sandals
-Leather High Boots1 black


Mundane Jewelry
-1 Pair of Silver Earrings
-1 Silver Armband
-4 Silver Rings
-5 Silver Bracelets

Magical Jewelry
Magical Sykan TrinketAcquired Winter 12, 521. A single earring with a white turquoise stone that hangs in the center of a silver ring with dangling silver tassels around it. Grants Naadiya the ability to distinguish when someone is telling a lie by signaling her with a ringing in the ear.Image
Charm Bracelet Acquired Spring 20, 522. Gold. It's an indestructible silver chain, bracelet. The clasp is worked to be the shape of two cat's heads biting a ring. Image
Anklet of Tracking Evasion Spring 522 Calendar Reward. Anklet of Tracking Evasion - When worn, this woven leather anklet holding multiple semi-precious gemstones, prevents the wearer from being tracked through urban or wilderness areas. They simply leave no trace. Image

Charm Bracelet
Cat Charm Acquired Spring 20, 522. Gold. Permanently attached to the bracelet as it also functions as the clasp. Allows Naadiya to appear as a friend or ally to any feline. Allows her to understand the feelings of an animal she is in contact with in an empathic sort of way. Image
X-Shaped Charm Spring 75, 522. Rose Gold. This charm, when fondled, brings memories into clarity as if you are reliving them at that very moment. When Naadiya releases the charm, things will go back to normal though she will retain the memory relived vividly. Image
Key Charm Acquired Spring 70, 522. Bronze. This tiny little key will open any normally locked door. It does not open magically locked doors. It works by transforming itself, when grasped, into the perfect key that fits only that lock. Image
Bent-arm Cross Charm Acquired Spring 74, 522. Silver. When Naadiya is extremely fatigued, she can activate this charm and her mental and physical energy levels will return to their normal well-rested state. This charm can be used once per ten-day period. Image
Messenger Bag Charm Acquired Spring 73, 522. Copper. It holds the contents of a standard leather messenger bag of 13"x18"x5". When Naadiya touches items with the charm, the charm will store the items within itself. To retrieve an item, she only has to think of it and it will appear in her hand. Image
Worn Leaf Charm Acquired Spring 67, 522. Brass. It looks like a wavy, tattered autumn leaf. Instead of falling based on her weight and speed, the charm allows Naadiya to fall as if she was a light gracefully shed autumnal leaf. Image
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Naadiya Anvari Lisuli

Postby Naadiya on March 12th, 2022, 4:42 pm





Mundane Tools

Magical Tools
The Listener: Anita Inka Acquired Spring 70, 522. An iridescent, black feather quill with a white golden filigree grip with the name 'Anita Inka' scrawling in calligraphic etchings. When Naadiya asked it to, the quill begins taking notes for her, copying her every word. Depending on Naadiya's mood, the ink will be different colors. Image
Bottomless Purse of Miza Exchange Acquired Spring 73, 522. It appears to be made of brown felt with a gold stitch drawstring that is used to keep the purse closed when not in use. Throw unknown magics, it can store an unlimited amount of mizas or other coinage depending on your region and can automatically convert those coins to any other currency needed. Image
Small Cosmetics Bag Challenge Reward. This purple velvet cosmetic bag has a new cosmetic or hair item that materializes in it once per day. If it is not retrieved, the item does not reset. But if say a jar of lipstick appears and is removed, the next day eye khol might appear. It will rarely be the same cosmetic or if it is, the shade will be drastically different. The cosmetic item may be application-type cosmetic items such as face powder puffs and eyeshadow brushes. The items from the bag do not vanish, though all the product can be used from their containers. Image

Coupon Bank
-Exotic Pet Coupon

Simple Fias Simple sets of fias. left and right hand sets. Image
Ornate Fias Right Hand- Transformer: Transforms into a mundane item of clothing or jewelry upon command. Commanding Presence: Enhances one's force of personality; more intimidating, persuasive, seductive, etc. (+5 bonus to Intimidation, Persuasion and Seduction while wielded/held) Left Hand- Transformer: Transforms into a mundane item of clothing or jewelry upon command. Universal Translator:Translate any language spoken to the wielder so long as the wielder keeps its hands on it. (Does not allow the wielder to speak the language) Image
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Naadiya Anvari Lisuli

Postby Naadiya on June 16th, 2022, 4:38 pm

Thread List

Spring 522 :

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