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Naadiya's cabin East of the Community Pools

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Tiger Lily Loft

Postby Naadiya on May 30th, 2022, 3:46 am


Just a little to the East of the Community Pools, a short walk into the jungle will reveal a clearing where Naadiya chose to set down her roots. Artik found a spot where an old tree had fallen. Unsure of what had caused the death of the tree, they quickly set to work on clearing the area, later raising the cabin where the tree once stood and using as much of the scavenged material as creativity allowed. Then, with magical aid from local verusk mages, most if not all of the Image the dangerous Gympie-gympie plant, often called "Suicide Plant", was removed with all care to not disturb the rest of the ecosystem. More numerous than the gympie and much more easy to spot, were the lilies. From pale scarlet to vibrant tangerine petals, all speckled with the characteristic spots. Unable to escape the flowers, Naadiya adopted the name given to the residence by the locals, calling it 'The Tigerlily Loft'.
Despite it's name, the tiger lilies are not the only flora to crowd the area. Vanilla orchids droop down from above in the areas where narrow streams ran to the northern edge and the ground had foxglove and catnip pop up inovergrown patches here and there, among a variety of fruit trees and bushes the bounty of Syka has to offer.

ImageNaadiya’s Place hides up amongst the trees, partly hidden from below by the ever-shifting growth. White and grey river stones magically melded together into a narrow path running to Naadiya's loft on one side and joining the Cobbled Pathway gradually and seamlessly on the other.

Raised a full story up off the ground, the small house is built in the usual Sykan style, with large windows for ventilation and shutters to ward off both uninvited wildlife and stormy winds, though located as far inland as she was, Naadiya rarely felt the brunt of the coastal gusts. At the urging of Talivindra, a local Verusk with a particular eye for design, Naadiya accepted the idea of carved columns and beams, as well as woven rattan treatments on some outside walls. Details one might miss from further off, but that often catch the eye upon closer inspection.

On the forest floor below her home, Naadiya will sometimes have large vats of dye, or bulk supplies of yarns of all kinds being stored in sealed trunks to block moisture and insects from getting to her raw material, if ever the attic ran out of space or if she was in the process of dying yarns and fabrics. A layer of gravel was laid out, some of the stones already stained with blues, reds or purples.

Up the staircase on the front porch, is the entrance to the residence, but it too is sometimes partially hidden as Naadiya will often have rugs, tapestries, towels even blankets hanging down or rolled up and leaning against the front door or its adjacent walls. Having the fabrics splayed out makes it easier to look at and sometimes she needs time to decide if a color combination is just right or far beyond insane.

ImagePassed the double doors at the entrance is a small room with large windows on either side and a wide archway at the back, all of them framed with white isuas curtains. To the left is the main sitting area, a collection of leather and fabric poufs and highly decorative floor cushions surrounding a wooden chest that usually bears candles to illuminate the room with gentle flickers and fragrant plants hang from tables, reach up in corners or crawl in from the windows. Almost every surface in her place doubles as storage with trunks and chests of drawers scattered over intricately woven carpets, even the patterned cushions are often overstuffed, being used to store the occasional errant piece of clothing or towel that has no other place to be stashed away from a visitor's view.

ImageBeyond the curtained archway, is the kitchen. Simple but organized and clean, Naadiya's kitchen has all the basics as well as a constant breeze when the windows and left un-shuttered. Small pots holding a few of the herbs she used most frequently occupied the surfaces near the windows, drawing in Syna's rays as often as possible. At the back corner, to the right side of the kitchen is a winding staircase leading up to the second floor.

ImageAs soon as you reach the next story, you'd find yourself inside Naadiya's workroom. A couple of looms can usually be found already set up with her latest projects to one side of the room. On the opposite wall, are storage shelves and closets hiding yarn, fabrics and tools and in middle of the room was a table, smooth, long and usually displaying something that had needed to be mended or more closely inspected for flaws.

The wall of shelves, bore a door in left-most corner that lead to the bedroom. To the immediate right of that door is another one, where a small but airy privy is nestled. A tub of beaten copper is rimmed with potted plants and lanterns in case she wished to bath at night. Near her wash basin, Naadiya usually leaves a good deal of cosmetics cluttering the area and waiting to be used and a large square mirror hanging on the wall.

ImageThe bedroom itself, is less ornamented than the rest of the house. Carpets still cover the wooden floors, and the occasional tapestry is hung, but With windows on almost every inch of outer wall, Naadiya usually just marvels at nature's mural.

While the windows at both sides of the stilted house are mostly blocked with foliage, the front of the home has an open view of the area between the river and the community pools. Most of it is entirely obscured by the rapidly growing jungle, but occasionally you can get a glimpse of the glittering blue and the music of running water never stops day or night. Standing on the balcony, smells of vanilla and lilies can be wafted while one listens to the music of the Sykan birds.

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