Location The Children's Pavilion

This open aired pavilion houses the settlements orphans.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Children's Pavilion

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This large Drykas Pavilion has been repurposed to serve as a makeshift shelter for multiple children Syka has been importing to flush out their settlement ranks. Despite being full of healthy fertile people, Syka has a notable lack of children, namely because most of the people in the settlement have remained single. So to make sure there are residents in Syka for the future, the Founders have opened up the settlement for unwanted and orphaned children who are above the age of five. They started with an original twelve children who arrived Spring 1, 522 A.V. abord The Veronica, but the number actually fluctuates as the children thrive or ask to be returned to their points of origin.

The pavilion itself houses all the children barracks-style in a lovely open-aired environment. It can sleep multiple children - up to twenty-four - and can be used as emergency guest quarters. The Pavillion has room to expand. There are living quarters, bathing chambers, a group of showers behind the pavilion, as well an outdoor kitchen that is covered. The children all help with the chores. Michaela Hess watches over them and has a private cabin behind the pavilion itself.

The children are given lessons in an open-aired classroom and are all available for adoption or apprenticeship. Their numbers change based on who is adopted and who is out apprenticing, but there are in general usually at least twelve in residence. Visitors are always welcome, and people who need some interaction can come by and assist at mealtimes, with reading, even with bath or night time. Michaela welcomes all assistance.

Adoptions cost nothing but require the adopter to make a commitment of parenting for the life of the child well into adulthood. To be considered a good fit, the adopter must be an adult with a solid income and a temperament that is suitable for parenting. The child must be willing to be adopted. To actually adopt in character, the PC must hold a meeting with Mathias and the child in question to sort through the actual adoption.

And since the pavilion has been built, all the excess hunting meat and foraged fruit generally go to this location first. Michaela is always looking for help and will pay a decent wage since she herself is paid decently for her work.

The Children's Pavilion is also home of Patches, a tabby that Michaela brought over from Syliras with her in 522. Patches has since given birth to multiple litters of kittens, most of which have been black. Kittens and children-tamed young cats can be found at the Pavilion and taken home for adoption.

Michaela Hess
Name: Michaela Hess
Race: Ghost
DoB: 471 A.V. - 522 A.V.
PoB: Syliras
Title: Ex-Headmistress
Skills: Teaching 80, Child Care 73, Endurance 55, Drawing 47, Writing 35
Gnosis: Eryis 2 Marks, Qalaya 1 Mark

Murdered in 522 by a priest of Rhysol, Michaela Hess was a former headmistress from one of Sylira's basic schools for children. She got tired of the throngs in Syliras and wanted to get out and enjoy what was left of her life. Michaela longed to be inspired to pursue her art, namely her drawing, painting and poetry. She longed to see the other side of the world, so it wasn't a hard decision for her to resign her position, pack up her life, and move with her tabby cat to Syka to watch over the children the Sykan's were opening their settlement too.

She was survived by said tabby cat that inhabits the Children's Pavilion and goes by the name of Patches.

Name: Tori
Race: Konti
DoB: 513 A.V. (9)
PoB: Syliras
Title: Orphan
Gnosis: Avalis - 1 Mark

Tori is a special little girl. Though only nine years old, she is still gracious and loves the water as her mother did. Killed in an accident in Syliras, Tori's mother foresaw her death coming and made arrangements for Tori to end up in Syka with James and the other children. Her mother wrote a long letter to James saying Tori would be important to the Settlement and that her Call would originate here.
Name: Kelton
Race: Dhani/Human
DoB: 514 A.V (8)
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Orphan

Kelton was a fish out of water among the Akalaks in Riverfall. His parents were banished in 520 and he was found homeless on the streets. Kelton makes no secret that he is not fully human. Closed up, not willing to play with the other children, the adults in charge know he's incredibly smart and gifted in art but has no social skills whatsoever.
Name: Darcy
Race: Svefra
DoB: 515 A.V. (7)
PoB: Suvan
Title: Orphan
Gnosis: Laviku

Darcy, unfortunately, fell victim to being born Svefra without blue eyes. Her parents, in shame, cast her off. But rather than leaving her for dead, they dropped her at an Orphanage in Syliras where she was picked out by James to accompany him to Syka. Despite being a brown-eyed girl, Darcy loves the sea and jumped at the chance to live in tropical Syka.
Name: Julian
Race: Human
DoB: 510 A.V. (12)
PoB: Ravok
Title: Orphan - Escaped Slave

Julian was sold into slavery at the age of eight. His owners moved from Ravok to Riverfall for business. Julian escaped his slavery and was rescued by James and put aboard the Veronica on this last trade trip with the promise of an apprenticeship and a chance to get an education and have a life. Julian is something of a leader of the young people. They tend to listen to him and look to him for direction before the headmistress.
Name: Senora
Race: Vantha (Masquerading as Human)
DoB: 511 A.V. (11)
PoB: Avanthal
Title: Orphan

Senora has been in hiding for a long time. Both her parents fell to the Vantha hunt and she's been dyeing her hair and adverting her eyes ever since. Paranoid to a fault, Senora doesn't get close to anyone, doesn't make friends, and the caretakers of the children in Riverfall were happy to ship her to Syka when James requested a few of their excess children to fill apprenticeships.

Name: Dalton
Race: Benshira
DoB: 510 A.V. (12)
PoB: Eyktol
Title: Orphan

Dalton has been passed from trader to trader, not exactly as a slave, but more as an endentured servant. James purchased the right to Dalton's contract when he decided the young man was hard working and deserved a better life than tending pack animals and shoveling manure. When Dalton arrived in Syka, James tore up Dalton's papers and burned them in front of the boy. He has the right to his own life now.

Name: Brea
Race: Eypharian
DoB: 514 A.V. (8)
PoB: Eyktol
Title: Orphan

Brea speaks multiple languages and was acting as an interpreter in Syliras when James found her. He offered her a better life and she took the chance, coming to Syka instead of staying in Syliras and eaking out a living doing small translations and writings. Brea was homeless, in rough shape, and ostracized with her six arms.
Name: Luke
Race: Iyvess (Sea Krait)
DoB: 513 A.V. (9)
PoB: The Suvan
Title: Orphan

Luke's history is a little sketchy. James found Luke swimming out in the middle of the Suvan all alone in the Spring of 522. He already had a boat load of children, so taking on one more wasn't an issue. Luke is non-vocal, but loves the other children and gets along well with them.
Name: Dalhia
Race: Inarta
DoB: 514 A.V. (8)
PoB: Riverfall
Title: Orphan

Dalhia was the extra child, the one the woman in Riverfall didn't want because it interefered with her ability to take a contract with an Akalak male and earn some real wealth. So, Dalhia was dropped off at a local hospital at the age of 7 and had no where to go. She hung around the place, doing odd jobs and sleeping in corners until James found her on a visit to purchase some medical supplies. He added her to the group of children he was bringing to Syka in hopes of giving them a new life.
Name: Axim
Race: Human
DoB: 508 A.V. (14)
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Orphan

Axim is Dalton's wing man. Though older, the boy has made friends with the unofficial leader of the kids and they stick together. Axim came from Sunberth and knows nothing but gang life therein. He has tattoos even at his young age and a hundred scars from battles on the streets. Axim is the first to fight, but he sticks by Dalton who even though he's a few years younger is larger and stronger than the Sunberthian.
Name: Lexi
Race: Drykas
DoB: 508 A.V. (14) - Secretly Born 504 A.V (18)
PoB: Cyphrus
Title: Orphan

Lexi is a small willowy girl with large eyes and a flirty smile. Pretending to be thirteen or fourteen, Lexi is actually an adult who just wanted a free ride to Syka and an opportunity to learn a trade. She hasn't yet realized that James would have seen to that anyhow if she'd just been honest with him. Lexi ran to Syka to escape an arranged marriage where she would be a fourth wife to an Endal who consistently and accidentally has wives die. To her, any life is better than the one she was leaving behind in Endrykas.

PM Gossamer if you are interested in adopting or taking on an apprentice.
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