Location Ride The Waves Board Shop

This shop is the place in Syka one can get surfboards and paddleboards plus instructions for both types of sport. Classes and excursions are held often

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Ride The Waves Board Shop

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After doing the lion's share of building in Syka, Randal was happy to turn the task over to the folks at Standing Tall Builder's Emporium and retire quietly to his new first love; all things waterboards. He has crafted a very lovely surf shop in Syka that sells surfboards, paddle boards, kite boards, and just about anything else someone who wants to recreationally play in the sun on the water without a boat might need.

Randal also runs classes and has group excursions going on to explore some of the places in Syka that are not safe for individuals to go alone.

Ride The Waves has two distinct sections. It has a retail shop on the top level with finished boards, a group meeting area with a large center table and a dozen chairs, and a huge bulletin board where people can sign up for excursions. This retail area is posh, definitely tropical Syka-style retail, and is comfortable to hang out in. Randal has his own wet bar supplied by Stu over at the Tidepool Bar to keep people at meetings and browsing boards from being to thirsty or sober.

Beneath the retail store is a workshop where Randal has multiple boards in progress, a section for painting them, and an area to wax. Randal is more than willing to hire people to work at the shop paying clerks wages. And if they are interested in building surf boards, he teaches the art on-site and will apprentice anyone who is interested with a decent wage.

This retail spot sports an amazing deck with a beautiful view of Syka and the island lurking right off the coast. It has become something of a local hang-out spot as well. People understand they can come by, talk shop, story tell, and have no pressure to buy boards.

Randal also does repairs and repaints when such maintenance is welcome.

This location is situated next to The Tidepool Bar a bit inland from Stu's business itself. It technically is still part of the Sykan Commons though it is definitely on the edge of the city center.

Randal Zor
ImageName: Randal Zor
Race: Human
DoB: 486 AV
PoB: Riverfall
Skills: Wilderness Survival (Jungle) 95, Carpentry 70, Animal Husbandry 65, Tracking 62, Hunting 60, Leadership 55, Surfing 46, Medicine 30, Whip 25 etc
Gnosis: 2 Marks Tavasi

Randal accompanied Mathias and Captain James on their second Syka expedition. He was along as an animal expert, tracker, and handler. His skills at carpentry proved invaluable as it was he himself who started the six rentals to visitors and new residents to Syka. He found it a fruitful way to make trade coin to fund Captain James' occasional trips to Riverfall to resupply.
Prices And Equipment
Prices For Boards

Paddleboards - 4 GM
Surf Boards - 3 GM
Kite Boards - 10 GM

All paddleboards come with one oar made to the user's height and can be purchased in multiple styles. Kite boards come with kites sized appropriately to the user's body mass and weight. Surf boards come in multiple types depending on the type of surfing.

Custom Paint is 10 GM extra.

Prices For Excursions

Each excursion costs 20 GM for a full day with meals provided. Half-day excursions cost 10 GM. Equipment rental costs an additional 1 GM per person per excursion.

Prices For Repairs

Repaints - 10 GM

All other repairs based on damage and how extensive the repair needs to be.

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