Location Standing Tall Builder's Emporium

Syka's main building supply and contractor organization.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Standing Tall Builder's Emporium

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Located just south of the Sawmill on the coast, Standing Tall Builder's Emporium was purchase and constructed slowly in the Winter of 521 A.V. to open Spring of 522 on the anniversary of the Valterrian. It is a massive place that is well stocked with all kinds of supplies for builders and carpenters. Spanning two floors, Standing Tall truly rises in the air, a two-story masterpiece of engineering based on all the products only available in Syka. It has been built with the mindset that its retail space will showcase what the contractor that owns the place can provide. Thus, windows face the sea bathing the store in light that illuminates the tools that will make Sykan's lives easier.

The top floor is dedicated to offices, workshops, planning areas, and a large meeting room where clients can be escorted in and projects discussed. There is an impressive display of materials available that becomes a bit of a showcase displaying local woods, stone, and all sorts of collectible or harvestable materials.

Access to the top floor is by permission only.

The ground floor, which is still raised in case of high tides and flooding, is accessible by all. This sprawling area is filled with the retail space holding tools, materials, a small philtering lab for paints and paint tinting, and all sorts of other products. If Standing Tall doesn't carry the items, they can be ordered and acquired via either The Outpost or The Veronica's numerous trips.

Grand staircases made of polished wood and gleaming metal give people access from the beach or the cobbled pathway.

Sorian Blackward
Name: Sorian Blackward
Race: Human - Drykas
DoB: 487 A.V. (35)
PoB: Endrykas
Title: Head Builder
Skills: Carpentry 95, Building 83, Wilderness Survival 78, Business 47, Warhammer 68, Composite Longbow 65, Interior Design 64, Unarmed Combat 61, Mathmatics 55, Drawing 50, Magecrafting 57, Arcanology 35
Gnosis: Akvin 2 Marks

Sorian was incredibly unhappy living in Riverfall among the Akalaks. But with his Gods Given talents, he was wasted among the Drykas. So when Akvin appeared to him and told him his skills were needed in Syka where he would be happy and thrive, Sorian immediately hit the boat with his accumulated wealth. He's invested all his lifetime accumulated coin into his project and feels like he can make a real impact in Syka providing them with a full-time building advisor and contractor.

Price List
This business has two-fold products. First of all, Standing Tall has all kinds of tools and fasteners for sale. If you need anything besides lumber (which is available at the sawmill) then Standing Tall has it. This is an absolute paradise for anyone wanting or needing any sort of tool for gardening, building, measuring, cutting, and any assorted things.

Standing Tall can mix paint, plaster, and all other sorts of supportive building supplies.

See The Price List for details.

Standing Tall also has a building service that provides contractors for new builds, additions, and remodels. He will personally oversee any project and in many cases build them himself.

Standing Tall has employment available for Clerks in the Shop as well as Architects, Carpenters, and Builders of all sorts. General Laborers are encouraged to apply as well. On-the-job training is provided.

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