Landfall (Introduction)

Antelokes arrives at Syka

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Landfall (Introduction)

Postby Antelokes on May 2nd, 2022, 6:13 am


Antelokes sat in the midst of the shrine, quietly listening as he let Mattias’ words roll over him. The man was kind and earnest, qualities that he rarely saw in people who were accustomed to leadership positions—as the founder so clearly was. It almost made the young man nervous that he might be hiding something, and it certainly would have troubled him had it not been for the evidence to the contrary. This settlement itself was a testament to the disposition and competency of the people who had created it. The people here were happy, relaxed, and for the most part seemed fairly industrious as well—with the exception of the odd drunkard blacksmith. That spoke well for the character of Mathias and the rest of Syka’s founding cadre.

A melancholy cast fell over Antelokes’ face as Mathias spoke of families and friends. He managed a weak smile as he responded.

“Thank you. It has been… quite some time since I’ve had close friends. I look forward to correcting that error should fate allow me the chance,” he said. He couldn’t quash the worm of doubt that wriggled in his gut as he gave that answer. There had been precious few people in Antelokes’ life that he’d ever really counted on, and none of them were still at his side. Though then again, neither was he at theirs. The prospect of expanding his circle of trust to include more people than himself was terrifying. However, it was just as necessary. He was surviving by the skin of his teeth, and had luck turned out a little differently then there was a very good chance Antelokes wouldn’t have survived the past few years at all. He needed support, whatever form that took.

As Mathias continued Antelokes grew tense. Statues, guardians, magic, these were things he knew little about. He had seen a god before, yes, but he had never before felt so surrounded by the influence of the divine and mystical. There was an excitement to it, but that excitement was laced with danger. Surely the gods had their eyes on Syka, if they had seen fit to place guardians here. That was good, since it meant that this place was certainly worth the effort. However the presence of martial guardians here carried with it an implication that sent a chill down Antelokes’ spine. It meant the gods—this Kihala specifically—foresaw threats here that needed to be guarded against.

Antelokes maintained rapt attention as Mathias made his courtship analogy with Syka and Falyndar. Notes of genuine mirth made their way back into his eyes, and a chuckle tore itself from his lips.

“I will certainly try,” he said, then continued with a smile. “I can’t say I’ve had much luck with courtship in the past though, and certainly not two at once. I’ll just have to hope they aren’t bothered by a little persistence. I’ll learn the ways of this place Mathias, though it may take time.” This was one of the things that troubled him the most. The blacksmith was not accustomed to places this rugged, and he was certainly no hunter or explorer. He would have to adapt to the jungle, but there would be little foundation to build upon.

The young man nodded along while the discussion turned to employment and housing, but perked up at the mention of building a place of his own. By the time Mathias finished speaking Antelokes was lost in thought, eyes fixed somewhere in the middle distance. After several moments of heavy silence, Antelokes’ eyes snapped up to meet Mathias’ gaze again.

“Yes,” he said, voice soft. “A dedicated forge would be nice, as would a home. I believe I will take that offer, and I would also appreciate your judgement on a good location as you said. As for now I would be content to camp on the beach. That should be enough for me, as I have very little in the way of possessions.” Antelokes managed an apologetic, slightly sheepish smile. “Coin is one of those things I have very little of, so if I am to build a place here, I would need that loan. Trust though that I would pay it back with all possible haste.”

Antelokes held the founder’s eyes with his own before continuing to speak.

“Thank you, Mathias. I did not expect such a warm welcome for my arrival here. Truth be told I’m not sure what I expected, but I am grateful to you all the same. I’ll do my best to serve the community however I can, but I am indebted to you for your help.” Antelokes laughed, bright and clear. “Well, it seems I will be indebted financially quite soon, but I meant more than that. You’re offering me a place in this world, and that’s no small service. If you ever find that I am positioned to offer you some similar favor, just give the word and I’ll do what I can.”
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Landfall (Introduction)

Postby Gossamer on May 5th, 2022, 10:13 pm

Mathias nodded at Antelokes’ thanks. “We need young men to settle here. That’s all there is too it. If we don’t grow as a Settlement, we won’t survive.” He said quietly, knowing that being honest with Antelokes meant he didn’t have to explain things later, when something went wrong or things weren’t the paradise someone had tried to sell newcomers. He wanted people to know what they were getting into, moving here, and what their lives truly would be like.

“You will find it freeing, Antelokes. You will find yourself here, I suspect, as many have already. But its not easy work and its not without its scars.” He added. “And it is not like we are pressuring you to settle down and start a family. Joining the community is good enough. Finding something here worth protecting? That is priceless. “Just do yourself a favor. Treat others as you want to be treated. Be as open and honest with them as I’ve been with you. Learn how to live… not just survive. Once that starts happening, a whole new aspect of life will reveal itself for you.” Mathias claimed, certain he was right in that aspect.

“There’s been a lot talked about here. Some of it is going to need to settle in your brain… I suggest a walk about the Settlement with freshly opened eyes to take a second look at what I was talking about. Stop by the statues…. even the one of the bronze parrot that gives the birds here the ability to speak. You need to resign yourself that greater forces are at work. Come fish on my deck a time or two. You might have the opportunity to sit with a God over tea and talk about the weather. I even have some books you might enjoy reading. My library is fairly extensive if you know how to read.” Mathias offered. “I do allow people form Syka to borrow from it if they take good care of the books and return them promptly.” He added, chuckling.

“And if you ever need someone to talk to… myself or James… or even Randal who’s closer to your age is around. We want to help. We want to see everyone here succeed.” He added, returning Anteloke’s smile at the whimsical statement of not having much luck with courtship.

“I’ll give you coin… and give you the chance to pay it back in full. As for a place… pick one. That Monk that came from Nyka just took a parcel past the Tidepool on the beach. The one next to his past where his jewelry shop will be is available. It’s a beautiful spot too. There are also lots available past The Protea Inn on the beach to the north.. and there’s also spots past the Bungalows clear through to the Ranchos. I’d stay close to the Commons if I were you though… unless you value privacy and don’t want beach land. Then you can settle almost anywhere off the Cobbled Path that suits your fancy. Just let me know where once you’ve had a good look around and we’ll get you laid out with an expense account… we usually really need no coin for this. James can get what you need from Syliras or other places, or you can go shop at the Outpost. The Standing Tall group can help you with building or you can build it yourself and learn as you go. I know Standing Tall just hired an architect named Crylon… an Isur who’s also a stone mason. He might be just the person to talk to about your forge. I think its in their blood… those Isur… to design forges. It’s part of their religion, in fact.” He added.

Mathias nodded at Anteloke’s final words. “That you’ve come here… that you’ve decided to add your unique perspective and everything you can offer to the Settlement is in and of itself very telling and valuable to me, Antelokes. But if I do need a favor, I will come look you up. And don’t be surprised if I do. We work on favors out here quite a bit. So I have no issues calling one in or owing one myself.” He offered the man a final shake, rose, and smiled.

“I’m serious about the loan. Decide what you want… not just want you need… but what will make you happy. Then find a few spots… and come talk to me. We can walk them together, and I can set up your loan and get you started. I’ll expect a second visit from you in a day or two… no later than the next tenday. We don’t want to wait on this. And the sooner I have a reliable blacksmith putting down roots here, the better I will feel about a few things. I don’t like being dependent upon other cities and settlements for things we should be able to produce ourselves.” Mathias admitted, then gave Antelokes a gentle slap on the shoulder.

“It’s time I made my way home. I’m expecting some company for dinner later today. Remember, my home and my deck… including all the fishing supplies… you have an open invite to visit, borrow books, or take tea with whomever might be on the deck anytime you might want or need too.” He added with a smile. Then he’d wander slowly away, leaving Antelokes to process everything he’d just been told and start thinking about what he wanted in a business and potential home.

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