Location Turtle Cove

This lovely cove along Syka's coastline is home to a multitude of turtle species that are friendly enough to swim with. They make their home in this cove year round and often nest on the beaches. This area also includes a small shrine to Leth and the.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Turtle Cove

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Located about halfway between The Komorebi Estuary and Treasure Point, Turtle Cove is a peaceful stretch of secluded beach that is still considered part of the Settlement of Syka. This little cove is sheltered, protected by fingers of land reaching out into the sea, and enjoys relatively calm clear waters. Filled with coral, this area is perfect for practicing swimming, driving, or even paddleboarding. Along with the multitude of sea life, the cove had a very large population of loggerhead, green sea, and hawkbill turtles. They are incredibly indifferent to humans and other creatures invading their cove, so they are easily viewed and interacted with.

Miranda, the resident Eth, often will educate people about them and their habits. Contrary to how tough the turtle carapace (top shell), the plastron (bottom shell), and skull of these reptiles seem, these areas are very sensitive. For this reason, Miranda encourages people to not touch the sea turtles unless invited by the creatures to do so.

Resident Ixam often is found frolicking on the beach and hunting in the shallows since the sea turtles are a delicacy for them. The turtle population is in no danger from the Ixam who also tend to keep their populations in check. The turtles nest on the beach and the Ixam have started guarding the baby turtle's hatchings against bird and other attacks - often seen escorting them to the sea - to preserve their food sources for the future.

Along with a small cabana that Randal has discovered and made improvements on, there is a small shrine to Leth the God of the Moon. It is overgrown with moonflowers, holds a pedestal-type moon pool, and a small statue of the God himself. Overhead, the moon can be seen through the tangled moonflower walls and is often reflected into the moon pool.

New rumors abound that staring into the moon pool while Leth is reflected in it can assist a person in seeking answers about change or reflection on situations they currently find themselves in. The pool is said to show answers in the form of pictures or even scenes in the future or past that might add introspection. Occasionally the pool with sing with a song to add a bit of encouragement to a person feeling lost or alone.

Name: Miranda
Race: Ethaefal (Leth - Human Seeming)
DoB: Spring 522 A.V.
PoB: Turtle Cove
Title: Keeper Of Turtle Cove
Skills: Compound Longbow 83. Wilderness Survival 79, Animal Husbandry 65, Foraging 60, Biology 58, Hunting 52, Chemistry 46, Horiculture 42, Auristics 38 etc.
Gnosis: 2 Marks Leth

Miranda fell into Syka with the onset of the anniversary of The Valterrian in 522. While the settlement was dealing with its individual curses, Miranda was trying to figure out what happened to her and survive. She built a nice little shelter next to the cove and quickly learned that the denizens of the Sea in this area provide ample companionship and entertainment to make her long lonely days a bit fuller.

Since Miranda is one of Leth's Ethaefal, she has a subtle sheen of moon tint along their opalescent skin pale skin at night. Her eyes are large with violet irises. In the Winter, her hair is white while her horns are violet. In the Fall, her hair changes to pale gold and her horns are almost identical in color. In the spring, her hair turns lavender and her horns take on a pearly white coloring. In summer, her hair darkens to black and her horns turn a bright jungle green.

Her mortal seeming during the day is a tall dark-skinned woman with long black hair and deep topaz eyes. Her hair is usually braided in cornrows. She often adorns it with shells and has seashells braided into it. Miranda is fit and often seen swimming with the turtles she so loves.

Deeply devote of Leth, Miranda has constructed a shrine to him on the beach in this location.

This Eth of Leth discovered Syka's existence a bit later in the season of Spring 522, towards its third quarter, and became one of its citizens at that point. Miranda can provide a knowledgeable font of information for the ways of Leth, sea turtles, and other marginal sea and jungle life.

General Information
ImageThis location is open for anyone to visit. Since it is technically in the Settlement, there is no Wilderness Survival requirement. Swimming is encouraged. One can swim in this beautiful location, visit the shrine on the beach, talk to Miranda, or even just use it as a picnic spot. This location is designed to just be another small slice of Syka's overall setting.

Feel free to visit the Moon Pool and seek reflection in its depths, especially at night or during the day when the moon is reflected in its waters.

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