Location The Velispar's Eye

This is the sacred pool where Qalaya gifted Talsinar with Myrna's memories and the Velispar chose to end his life so he could join her in the next.

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The Velispar's Eye

Postby Gossamer on March 28th, 2022, 2:47 am



The longest-living members of the region might remember the story of how The Velispar's Eye came to be.

Velispar, enormous highly-intelligent reptiles, used to roam the world in a far higher frequency than they are found today. Born from abandoned clutches consisting of hundreds of eggs, these reptiles are voracious feeders until they grow to adulthood. After breaking their shells, they'd often eat their clutchmates and every living thing around them for decades.

When Velispar are young, they are incredibly vulnerable to predation by each other and by larger stronger predators. They can also be easily captured. Ancient peoples in Mizahar used to pride themselves on keeping young Velispar as captives which they'd feed convicted criminals rather than execute when people broke the laws. Many of these creatures were also used during various wars and were set loose on cultural groups to perform genocide or to clear overcrowded land of native peoples for invaders.

If one city wanted to annihilate another city, they'd often loosen juvenile Velispar into those enemy cities in the middle of the night to wreak havoc on the populace, destroy buildings, and 'soften' the targets for the enemies to invade.

Born the size of large dogs such as Imperial Watchers, these creatures absorb the memories and djed of the creatures they eat. When they feed on intelligent life, they gain that intelligence, djed, and the memories those life forms housed. Velispar are slow to grow, and can take hundreds of years to slow their feeding and mature.

Over time, the Velispar lose their bloodthirsty insatiable appetite. Large mature individuals can hold thousands of individual memories and the djed of all the creatures they have consumed. Some, depending on their history, can house the memories of entire cities or cultures. Because of this, the adults are all incredibly magical and highly intelligent - far exceeding humans but just falling well short of divine beings.

As they age and develop intelligence, they gain compassion, integrity, honor, pride, and a sense of self. And as they grow older and wiser, they also stop consuming flesh and food and only feed off the djed of the world, giving it back in purer forms. After the Valterrian, the Velispar remaining in the world were vital to the healing of the world because of the purification they performed. They filtered the djed, absorbed wild djed, and while many became huge and even stronger than they had been historically... most succumbed to the toxins they absorbed and perished... losing their long lives in the effort of making the world safe again.

This was doubly tragic because mature Velispar live thousands of years, and once into adulthood are rarely killed. They become a vital part of the food chain when they change over from flesh to pure djed and can breathe life into extremely damaged physical and spiritual locations. They can even assist in healing damaged, abandoned, and rogue domains and other pockets of space in the Ukalas.

Since they tend to hold the memories of the people and creatures of the world, Velispar falls well into Qalaya's domain. It is said they can read and write most languages of the world and if the language falls into another form - woven patterns, hieroglyphics, chemical scents, color codes - they understand them as well. Velipsar are incredibly wise, long-lived, and as adults incredibly peaceful. In times past, adults have had relationships with humans and other intelligent races, making their homes in cities and prominent places throughout Mizahar.

Though their true forms are giant lizards that fall into elemental categories, they often are master Morphers and can take any size or shape they choose too. They move through the world in all forms, rarely taking their true visage unless they are completely comfortable in their surroundings. Velispar of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water exist, living all over the world in regions that are most comfortable for them.

Many creatures have Velispar attributed to their origins. The Ixam, for example, are considered distant relatives of Velispar with far less intelligence and size. Though it is said they have the loyalty and bravery of their far larger cousins.

And onto the story of The Velipsar's Eye.

Back when Pavena was young, an Earth Velispar was one of Myrna's closest friends. They were actually far more than friends. The pair had a spiritual connection that ran deep and were companions for most of Myrna's short life. When Myrna vanished through the World Gate and all of Pavena's resources were unable to locate her... Talsinar aided Marcus Kelvic in his search. It was said this Velispar was one of the largest single-handed driving forces behind the search for Myrna besides her twin Himself. He was gone decades, searching, even consuming flesh once more in his need to find out what happened to the love of his life.

When Qalaya finally called him home, the pair met at this exact location. It was here that The Goddess of Memory and Writing forced Talsinar to give up his search once and for all. And once he did, she gifted him with Myrna's memories - all of them - so that Talsinar could always hold her feelings for him and her memories close to his heart. It was said that for every year of Myrna's life, Talsinar stood like a statue at this very location and wept as he relived her life to feel even closer to her than he was.

Talsinar and Qalaya are the only ones that knew the fate of Myrna and in knowing that, Talsinar gave up his mortal life and transformed into something else. When questioned, Qalaya simply told her followers that Talsinar chose to end his own life so that he could rejoin the circle of life and rejoin Myrna in the next. For when Qalaya gifted him with her memories, she not only gifted him with the memories of this life, but in all the lives the pair had lived before.

The pool that formed from The Velispar's Tears is some of the purest water around, slightly salty in taste, and is said to have the power to give anyone who drinks from it memories from their past lives. When viewed from above, the oddly shaped pool looks exactly like someone gazing into the eye of a Velispar with the colors in the stone around the pool reflecting the earthtone scaled hide of the Velispar himself. Mica and topaz can be found in the rocks here, though no one has ever attempted to rockhound or mine the gems. It creates a glittery affect. There is a small waterfall at one end of the pool, however its water tastes the same as the water in the pool indicating that the pool self feeds, most likely to keep itself refreshed and prevent evaporation. It was thought the pure djed that existed in Talsinar's body also circles through the pool, powering the movement of the small falls into it.

Anyone can visit The Velispar's Eye. However, it is deep in pure jungle so they must have a guide if they don't know how to properly survive in The Maw.

If you visit The Velispar's Eye and wish to see a past life, you can roll a 1d100 to get an idea of how long and how in-depth your vision will be. Rolls go as follows:

1-25 : A short five-chime glimpse into one past life. You might notice clothing style or date somehow... but that's rare. Usually this will just be a singular scene.
26-50: A knowledge of where, when, and who you were. With one or two memories. You will not know of your death.
51-75: A dozen memories and a knowledge of where, when, who, and what you were. Also you will remember your death.
76-100: The entire story plus a great many memories of a past life.
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