Location The Sapphire Cenote

Syka's closest young cenote and its backup water supplies.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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The Sapphire Cenote

Postby Gossamer on April 1st, 2022, 9:56 pm



This large freshwater cenote is the closest to the vicinity of the Settlement of Syka. Used as a backup freshwater supply, this relatively young cenote is protected from the elements and has filled up with rainwater since it started forming after the Valterrian. Unlike many of the cenotes that are interconnected with cavern systems and underground rivers, there is no deep saltwater layer nor are there any fish or other aquatic life. Insects abound, however, and a wide variety of amphibians can often be found in this cenote.

The settlers have taken measures to discourage bat colonies in this cenote to protect the purity of the water supply.

This cenote is considered within the actual settlement of Syka being on the backside of Treasure Point. The Cobbled Pathway will lead people to this location regardless of their ability to survive in the Jungle Wilds.

This cenote, named for its deep blue water, has some of the purest most crystal clear water found anywhere. It's hard to tell the color, however, since the cenote is mostly closed off to the outside world except for two access points. One point is in the center of its ceiling at its highest points. Vines dangle down from its opening, though often - especially when the wind is blowing - the sky is visible and sunlight or starlight streams down into the cenote from this point.

The second access point is off to one side of the cenote where the settlers of Syka have built a stairway down and a multiple-level dock to give residents access to the waters. The dock within the cenote is built on multiple levels because the water level in the cenote changes frequently meaning that sometimes most of the dock is submerged and other times the water is just about untouchable from the lowest layer of the dock.

This cenote is stunning inside. It has a multitude of bioluminescent moss and a huge multitude of clusters of clear crystals that illuminate to sound giving off incredible light shows to even the softest most hushed whispers of conversation. A bard or musician playing or singing within the cavern can create a stunning visual for an audience.

OOC Note :
Feel free to use this location any time. No WS requirement to get here. It should be known by all residents.

Crystals can be removed from this site and still color react to soundwaves outside of this cenote.
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