Curses and splashes, on their backs again (Shiress)

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Curses and splashes, on their backs again (Shiress)

Postby Cleon on May 23rd, 2022, 7:08 pm


They weren’t words that Cleon was ready to hear. His relationship with Farren was complicated with its ups and downs, mostly downs. There was a lot of baggage wrapped up in her name, stuff that he had explained, and stuff he could only allude to because to voice them might make them real. A sort of real his mind couldn’t handle right now, perhaps ever. Suffice it to say, he didn’t feel like Shiress could accurately assuage him of his guilt because he simply hadn’t told her the worst of it. No one needed that in their minds, least of all this woman beside him. So instead he painted on a fragile smile, nodding slightly at her sentiment and giving her hand a brief squeeze back.

“I’ll get her here. Somehow I’ll do it.” He said softly before getting out of the pool. That trouble was still written on his face as the subject change, and Shiress voiced her own ideas on the subject. Cleon had a moment where he looked and felt surprised at the way she spelled it all out. His instinct told him that she sounded like she might know something and it clashed with the experience they had just shared which tempered his tongue somewhat as he puzzled through her statement slowly.

“I think.. If they had the opportunity the Founders would question the person responsible if it is indeed a someone involved. Though given the severity of these curses, I don’t think such a person would go quietly.” Cleon reasoned slowly, and carefully shifted as he thought how to say what he was going to without appearing to accuse this poor woman. “Why do you think its a she?” As much as he wanted to let it go, he couldn’t help but fixate on that one choice word which rang out like a bell in his mind. It was such an innocent word in any other context then the one she used it in, and the way she had said it all just gave him the feeling that Shiress might have a better idea than anyone else did about the source of these curses.

His heart thudded in his chest as he waited for her response. He wasn’t sure what exactly he expected her to say, or how he would react. Cleon just knew that he wanted to know whatever it was behind her question for his own peace of mind if anything else. He started running back through everything he knew about the woman which was strikingly little he realized as he started to put it all together. Combined with the fact of that name she mentioned that he didn’t recognize he was left feeling distinctly unsettled. From the context he could figure out that this Rhysol figure was some sort of divine influence or a person that benefited from divine influence though he was a bit past the point in conversation where he could ask for clarification about that now.

“I think if they knew something that might be the cause however that the founders would work with them so long as it had been done inadvertently.” Cleon eventually added, although it wasn’t an idea that he believed in. The founders were kind, and welcoming people but these curses were an existential threat to this community. Times were hard, and hard times brought hard choices. He just hoped Shiress wasn’t personally involved.

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