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Slaver's Row

Postby Anomaly on May 11th, 2022, 7:14 pm


(Credit goes to Archelon)


Slaver’s row is one of the first things people see upon disembarking from the docks along Baroque Bay. An often, its entirely the reason they came to this cesspool of humanity, to see perhaps the largest open air slave market in all of Mizahar. Most of the row is characterized by colorful-looking wooden warehouses lined up side by side with enough space between them and the boardwalk to build a viewing stand to show off their wares. These stands are little more than planks of wood slapped together to make a platform but they get the job done of making sure the slaves are visible for anyone walking the boardwalk. Here someone with a sufficiently loud voice and decent charisma could find good work calling attention to the wares on display.

Walking along this stretch of the boardwalk has a reputation for being quite the experience for an outsider. The salt breeze of the bay mixes with the mass of unwashed bodies and the unique burnt slag stench of Sunberth to make quite the bouquet of odors as one looks upon a sea of sallow faces. When they aren’t kept crammed into one of the warehouses, the slaves are forced to wait just outside of it, waiting for their turn on the stand or back into the warehouse. Because it can get pretty hot, during warm days the doors to these warehouses are left open while the slaves are kept shackled to one another to deter any escape attempts.

The conditions in these warehouses are marginally better than one would get on a slave ship. Because space is a premium on the Baroque bay, slaves are packed into these warehouses leaving little room to move about during their idle hours. To make sure they don’t all die of thirst, a few large barrels of river water are kept inside, and food is thrown in on occasion when someone can remember.

Purchasing a slave is as simple as going up to one of the stands and speaking with the only person not wearing a collar. Usually the row is far busier in the morning than in the afternoon, so those who want to avoid the rush might want to wait out the morning crowd. Then again, morning is when the best are usually sold off so most don’t bother waiting around because all that is left would be the worst of the lot.

Michaelson Bauch
Name: Michaelson Bauch
Race: Human
DoB: 45
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Mr. Bauch
Skills: Rhetoric 76, Negotiation 51, Persuasion: 55, Weapon: Cutlass 51, Intimidation: 70, ect.
Gnosis: Krivas 1

While there are numerous slavers along the roll, Michaelson has managed to carve off the largest piece through trickery, cajoling, and the occasional bribery. He owns most of the warehouses along the row, the rent of which makes up majority of his revenue these days. If fact, Michaelson owns very few slaves for a slaver, but the ones he does own tend to be the pick of the lot because Michaelson always gets first dibs.

He is not a hard man to find, not by any means. His stand is the first on the row when you get off the docks, and is better constructed than its counterparts. It is painted a deep soot gray, its signage simply reading ‘Best slaves on the row’. No one has yet to challenge him on this title, mostly because of the rumors that circulate of his connections to the Night Eyes.

Goods and Services
Most of the slaves along the row are unskilled, and poor quality. The exceptional ones get bought up by Michaelson to be resold during the morning rush. For the really special cases, Michaelson doesn’t bother displaying them and instead keeps them at his private residence until he can find a buyer that can afford his fee.

If you are just buying a slave along the row from a random slaver you have the choice between a:

- Unskilled laborer male (300 gm)
- Unskilled laborer female (350 gm)

If you are going to purchasing from Michaelson you have the following choices:

- Skilled human male (400 gm)
- Skilled human female (450 gm)

Anything more than that will require moderation, so pm Anomaly if you have any questions.
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