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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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The Blood Pits

Postby Anomaly on May 11th, 2022, 8:25 pm


(Credit goes to Leviathan)


There are only two reasons a Sunberthian comes to the Den willingly. Either they need a job done that the other gangs won’t touch, or they’ve come to enjoy the Den’s oldest tradition. The Blood Pits are one of the only sources of income and entertainment available in this small community. A place where the gangs that rule the Den come together to settle their scores out in the open. At least, that is how it started anyways.

When the mizas started flowing, it became less and less about settling old scores and more about providing entertainment for the depraved masses. In fact, the pits hasn’t seen a contender from one of the gangs in many years. It is usually slaves that do the fighting, and occasionally someone who owed the wrong person money. The latter sort usually doesn’t last long, but quite a few slaves have survived long enough to make a name for themselves.

The pits themselves have been carved out of the old mining tunnels that run beneath the Den. This means that theoretically someone could navigate to the pits without having too go through the Den above, but this isn’t the sort of place someone just wanders into. Trying to skirt the cover charge is a good way to end up in the pits, and the gangs keep several look outs throughout the tunnels just waiting to catch someone trying to sneak in.

Above lies the main entrance to the pits. A squat, fat wooden house that is mostly boarded up save for the fact that it is missing its front door. Just inside there is usually a guard or two, although most are too preoccupied with the massive hole in the floor that stays perpetually dark. The only way down into that hole is a rope ladder that has been hung off the side of the hole. Once they have paid their entrance fee to the guards, they are allowed to take that rope ladder down to the bottom of the hole which takes about three chimes.

It is a dark climb down to the bottom, but once there they will notice what seems to be a light at the end of a long tunnel. As they draw closer to the light, they will hear the noises echoing out from the pits, followed by a metallic earthy smell that overwhelms everything else down here. Then once they reach the lantern that has lit the way for them so far, if they turn right they will see another light not much farther on, while to their left a tunnel stretches into the darkness. An so it goes, following the chain of lanterns for about five chimes as the sounds and smells grow ever sharper.

Finally when one reaches the pits, they are usually confronted with a small crowd cheering on a fight in progress. These fights usually take place between the bells of 22 and 2 a few times a tenday. Because of their extensive use, the earth here has been almost entirely stained a dark reddish brown and carries with it a sickly sweet rotting odor that remains with the dirt even if it were removed from the pits for whatever reason. The pits themselves are little more than large holes dug into the ground with plenty of standing room around them so betters can get a good view. Because there is no railing to speak of, its is not unheard of for a patron of the pits to fall into one and suddenly become a part of the entertainment.

Name: Raff
Race: Human
DoB: 25
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Commentator
Skills: Acrobatics: 51, Rhetoric: 30, Stealth: 45, Unarmed: 47, Weapon Dagger: 71, ect.

Because the pits exist as the sole piece of neutral ground between the gangs, they needed someone unaffiliated to manage things down there. Thats where Raff comes in. Long ago, Raff got himself indebted to the wrong sort in the Den and wound up in the pits where he surprised everyone by winning fight after fight. A slight, greasy haired man that is a hair past five foot is not exactly the sort you would expect to do well, but Raff has a knack for violence and showmanship.

After his last fight left him practically crippled, Raff was bumped up to a supervisory role in the pits and is usually the one commentating on whatever fight is taking place at the time. He travels around with a gnarled wooden cane, and noticeably drags his left foot. When commentating, he an amiable enough sort though just as blood thirsty as the rest of them. In private conversation, if one can even get one, his jovial personal sheds to reveal something decidedly more nasty.

Name: Pullet
Race: Kelvic
DoB: 3
PoB: Sunberth
Title: The Punchingbag
Skills: Endurance: 51, Running: 35, Unarmed: 15

As the fighting in the bloodpits became less of a means for settling old scores and more of an unorthodox sport, certain needs arose for people who got a taste for making money off of their fighters. Pullet is one of many slaves that are used to warm a fighter up before the real thing. The only thing different about Pullet is she has managed to last the longest, partially because she is petching good at taking a punch. Her owner keeps him well-fed for this purpose, and as far as slaves go in the blood pits, her role in it isn’t so bad by comparison.

Pullet spends much of her time outside of the pits as a hen because it is easier to store her that way, and she doesn’t much mind so long as the food keeps coming. As a human she stands around 5'4, and weighs in about 220 lbs.

Name: Kukcla
Race: Akalak
DoB: 78
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Insatiable
Skills: Endurance: 71, Gladius: 51, Khopesh: 55, Running: 45, Unarmed: 47, Wrestling: 35, ect

An up and comer in the pits, Kukcla is the one most fighters want to avoid going up against so he usually only sees action a few times a season. No one bets against him. Instead they bet on how long his opponent will last.

Not much is known about Kukcla save for the fact that he was gifted to the Den by Michaelson Bauch, and has yet to get seriously injured in a fight. He is a tall, broad Akalak standing at around 7’0 and weighing approximately 270 lbs. He moves a lot quicker than most people would guess, and has used this to his advantage to frequently end his fights before the opponent even knew the final blow was coming. While initially he concluded his fights as quickly as possible, he has since learned that he gets rewarded more for drawing out a fight so now he makes a game of toying with his opponent before concluding things.

Goods and Services
If one simply wants to view one of the fights the cover charge is 1 gm per person, 2 gm if you are a race other than human.

For betting, fighting, or entering a fighter of your own please see your Moderator about permissions.
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