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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Speckled Sorrows

Postby Cleon on May 14th, 2022, 2:17 am

59th of Spring, 522 A.V.

They decided to host everything by the Tidepool Bar because it made it signficiantly easier to feed everyone and there were quite a few of them aside from the horde of children Randal had invited to the gathering. An looking at all of them assembled it was hard to believe that this wasn’t even all of them. Lexi, Julian, Kelton, Brea, and Luke were at a similar gathering near the Protea Inn just so they didn’t think anything was amiss. Cleon didn’t much like it at first, but it was better than risking their lives here if he did indeed stumble on something sinister tonight.

Speaking of lives, there were quite a few of them in his hands tonight. Of course there was also Randal, Stu, and Buraga there who would be far more help in a fight if it came to that, which Cleon certainly hoped it did not. He hoped that these children just knew of an item that caused this curse and that one of them was not behind it. An if one of them was, he hoped that they would not sense his attempts to read their minds. He was hoping a lot of things he realized just then, with not much skill to back it up. Its not like he hadn’t been learning, but it seemed so petching slow when there were lives being currently ruined by these curses. Syka was practically coming apart although everyone was putting on a brave face about it.

Cleon decided it was time to stop brooding and walked over to the fire where a few logs had been laid on their sides to give plenty of sitting room. On one log Kyle, Tori, Darcy, and Senora were sitting together, and on another Dalton, Dahlia, and Axim were sitting with Stu who was regaling all of the gathering by playing his drum while humming a deep, happy melody from his core. He smiled, listening to it for a while before he crossed behind the gathering to where Randal and Buraga were standing together. On the outside it looked like they were stirring a pot of stew that had been cooking for the occasion, but when he crossed over he picked up where their conversation left off.

“-elives that it is really one of these children?” Buraga was asking as Cleon walked up, and Randal turned towards him, snorting a greeting.

“Yep.” Randal said, keeping his words simple. His curse must be particularly foul tonight if he was less talkative than usual.

Buraga’s too for that matter as Cleon couldn’t help but notice how the man stopped stirring occasionally to rub the muscles around his joints.

“Well have you decided how you are going to break the subject of curses to get them thinking about it without making them suspicious?” Buraga asked.

Cleon nodded. “I’ve got an idea.” He said, a little more sure than he felt at that moment. Even so, he did his best to put on a brave face as he smiled at them both before turning towards the gathering. Then he almost faltered when he realized he had forgotten to bring a weapon, but then he recalled the snake charm on his wrist. With a silent prayer to whatever god or goddess had left him this gift, he rejoined the gathering.

First he headed to the only empty log that was being used to hold the silverware. There he found amongst the bowls plenty of other implements and after fussing through the pile he found an eating knife which would do the trick as good as anything else. He didn’t stand up right away though. Instead he stayed hunched over, pretending to be clumsily sorting through the stack while as discreetly as he could manage he sneaked the knife up near his wrist. Close enough that he could touch it to the snake fang charm and whisper under his breath “Envenom.”

With that done, he straightened up with a bowl and the knife still tucked against his forearm as he walked to stand near the rest of them. When Stu eventually slowed down with his drumming, Cleon took the moment to clear his throat, smiling widely at the gathering.

“I’m glad we all got to get together today is spite of all that has been happening with these curses. It has certainly made it harder to be festive, but the fact that we can I think shows just how strong we all are together. I would like if none of you mind to say a small prayer to Laviku and Sivah for this gathering by the beach.” Cleon said, and when no one objected he bowed his head slightly, and closed his eyes.

Laviku. Thank you for saving me when you didn’t have to. I am forever in your debt and deeply pleased to have met your son Luke if that is his given name. I would ask that you please bless this gathering as well as what I am about to attempt. Sivah. I do not know you exactly, but I know of you. I thank you for letting gatherings such as this be possible, and I ask that you bless today’s gathering as well. If it be in both of your will, guide my mind and the magical power in this bracelet so that I might learn what I need to in order to help Syka.

Once he was through with his prayer, he reached out mentally to the bracelet on his wrist and activated it.

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