Flashback Field of bones (Wrenlo Gravence)

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Field of bones (Wrenlo Gravence)

Postby Anomaly on June 14th, 2022, 12:15 am


Karos inspected the axe carefully, touching the blade with his dark emerald fingers and listening as he ran his hand down the edge of the blade. “Hmm.. She sounds okay. Come on boy, lets give her a few swings.” Karos said, hefting the axe easily in one hand and balancing it over his shoulder as he guided them out to the front of the shop. Compared to the heat of the shop within, it was downright cool outside as they walked out into the sun and Karos gave the axe a few practice overhead swings. He flipped the weapon over in his hand a few times then gave it a quick spin before catching it.

“Not bad for your first attempt. You might even do well here if you keep your head down and pay attention. Alright, I’ll give you the job on the condition that you do whatever me and Lawrence tell you to do, and don’t make us fall behind on any of our orders.” Karos said simply, slapping the axe into Karos’ hands as he fixed him with a stare. “For your first task, how about you get us some beer to celebrate.” The isur chuckled, slapping Wrenlo on the arm as he passed him to walk into the shop. When Wrenlo turned around it was not Karos there but Lawrence standing in the doorway, polishing the end of a small hammer in his hands.

“Don’t take it personally. Karos isn’t a man of many words but his thirst is mighty so I’m afraid he’s quite serious about the beer.” Lawrence chuckled. “Well start you in at an apprentices wages until you show us what you are capable of. If you’ve got the mettle to handle orders without falling behind, I can make sure that you are well rewarded no matter what Karos might say. So see that you don’t disappoint either of us Wrenlo. Also, welcome aboard.”

Lawrence then turned to go back into the shop but then paused just outside of it before he stepped inside. “Oh, and don’t worry about using Karos’ tools. We’ll get you a set of your own here soon that you can place wherever you like.” Then he disappeared into the shop, leaving the door open for Wrenlo.

oocI figure we’re about ready to wrap this thread up. If you want, you can get in one more post with Wrenlo and then I’ll go ahead and grade the thread for you. I had a lot of fun with this thread, and I hope you did as well.
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Field of bones (Wrenlo Gravence)

Postby Wrenlo Gravence on June 16th, 2022, 5:01 am

After all was said and done, Wrenlo felt a huge weight off his shoulders in the final voice of Karos’ judgement. This was a huge turning point for him to actually have a career under his trade of work. No more peddling around for his Uncle’s sake, or stealing and looting for the sake of surviving; he was free to make his own worth from here on out, an honest wage. To come out on top even as a grimey, low-life Sunberthian meant a lot in his pride. He basked in his victory for a lingering moment, chuckling lightly before confirming, “I will gladly get a round for the lot of us,”

In pivot to follow the burly Isur inside, Lawrence stood in place and Wrenlo gave a kind smile to his new boss. “It’s an honor to work with you both, I won’t let you down. Thank you.” Lawrence almost seemed like a gracious god compared to his latter boss, but the two together really makes the team work effortlessly, at least in Wrenlo’s eyes. They both squared into the front of shop and Karos had set the axe down on counter before turning round to the back room. “I’m curious, how much would material cost be if I wanted to purchase this axe?” Wrenlo traced the idea lightly out loud for Lawrence to hear, but Karos was still in earshot in his walk and roared from the back room. “That’ll be ten gold Miza from you, boy! No bargains!” Lawrence smirked in direction to the door Karos bellowed from before turning back to Wrenlo. “I’ll take it,” Wrenlo grinned between words. “Add one stock of leather armor to the bill and I’ll be all set to wonder off and find some booze.”
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Field of bones (Wrenlo Gravence)

Postby Anomaly on June 16th, 2022, 10:33 pm


Grade Award!



Blacksmithing: 3
Endurance: 2
Logic: 1
Negotiation: 1
Observation: 5
Persuasion: 1
Rhetoric: 2
Tactics: 1
Socialization: 5
Weaponsmithing: 3


The Sunset Quarter: Layout & Appearance
Nate: Appearance & Mannerisms
Storyseed: Painted red square
Nate: Associate of Karos
The Mudway: Layout & Appearance
Sunberth: Svefra accept barter for passage
Nate: Knows more than he lets on
Knight’s Armory: Layout & Appearance
Nate: Talks a lot of shite
Nathaniel: Appearance & Mannerisms
Karos: Appearance & Mannerisms
Lawrence: Appearance & Mannerisms
Weaponsmithing: Removing a mold
Weaponsmithing: Using a metal file
Weaponsmithing: Smoothing with dogfish skin.
Weaponsmithing: Softening metal
Weaponsmithing: Hammering out bubbles
Weaponsmithing: Using a grinder
Weaponsmithing: Filing a sharp edge
Knights Armory: Apprenticeship


- 10 gm Weapon Materials
- 10 gm Leather Armor

Notes: I greatly enjoyed this thread, and look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Feel free to pm me with questions or concerns about your grade, and don’t forget to edit your grade request! :)
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