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Brisa and Kane are given a task by the Sun's Birth

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Oh, Rats!

Postby Brisa on June 27th, 2022, 6:14 am

25th of Summer, 522

Brisa dragged the razor up the back of her neck, and cursed quietly in Fratava as she nicked the back of her head. She explored the wound with her fingers, rinsing the razor off in the rain barrel beside her.

The Criers booming voice had become a static background noise as the Kelvic waited just outside The Establishment grounds. She didn't like to wait. But Kane told her to wait, so she would. Apparently her presence in the The Establishment was detrimental towards their goals. There was something about her appearance, carrying no weapons and wearing only a rough oversized tunic, and her slightly-less-than-human mannerisms, that has deemed her unemployable by the many employers looking for cutthroat mercenaries and unproblematic labourers.

She licked blood off the tips of her fingers as she brought the blade up for another long stroke behind her ear. The street was busy with people coming and going from the open-air job market, most with shirts open hats pulled low to combat the summer sun. She pulled back her lip if anyone got too close, but she was largely ignored by the tired workers that had better places to be.

Brisa suddenly perked up as she sensed a change in the bond. She didn't know exactly where Kane was, but she knew he was getting closer.

"Kane!" Brisa jumped excitedly from foot to foot, but stayed obediently where she was. When she did see him materialize from the crowed she noticed he was walking with a man she had never seen before; a blonde, blue eyed man with a sunburnt nose. The two were talking and didn't acknowledge her until they were only a few steps away.

Brisa bent at the waist, presenting the back of her head to her bonded.

"I just shaved", she announced. Kane chuffed and closed the distance to scrub it affectionately with the palm of his hand.

"Baby, this is our new friend Russell. He's got interesting news."

Brisa straightened and considered the man beside him. He was not a particularly tall, but he carried himself like he was constantly looking down. He noted Brisa's bare feet and wet collar before he looked her in the eye. He was wearing the tight smile of a childless person being forced to interact with a strangers baby.

"Hey there." His hand twitched like he was about to raise it before he changed his mind. His empty hands swung awkwardly at his side.

The Kelvic looked him up and down before turning to Kane.

"Who's this?"

"He's a Sun's Birther. Apparently they've got a brat problem."

"More like a lack of brat problem", the man corrected, itching at the peeling skin of his nose. "Our brats are missing, and we don't know where they've petching gone. Kane tells me you're a good tracker. That true?"

Brisa glanced at Kane. She was a mediocre tracker at best, woefully inept at worst. A sharp stab of irritation rang through the bond before she realized he wanted her to lie about it.

"Yes! Yes. Very good. Yes."

"Good. We're putting up a handsome reward to the person who can find the bloody things. So hop to it, eh? You won't be the only ones looking."

"You haven't specified what kind of reward yet", Kane noted dryly.

The man shrugged his shoulders, somehow managing to look down his nose at a man several inches taller than him.

"Get us the brats and find out. You know we're good for it."

"Do we?" Kane's voice had dropped dangerously. A rumble from Brisa's chest backed him up.

"Look", the gangster's pale skin flushed with anger. "Either you find them or someone else will. I don't petching care who gets it done as long as it gets done. Understand? Now take your bitch and go. I've got shit to do."

"Prick", Kane hissed under his breath as the man pushed past Brisa and back out into the street. The bondmates watched him go before turning to look at each other.

"So? Rat finder is kind of beneath us, but I like the idea of Sun's Birth owing us a favour." Kane didn't mention the money, but Brisa knew their funds were low. They wouldn't be here if Goldfinger's wages were going to last them the season.

"We hunt rats all the time. These ones are just smaller and less likely to come at us with knifes."

Kane snorted. "True." He held out his hand and pocketed the razor Brisa handed him. "Lets go hunting."[/indent]
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