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Favors from below (Rhydian)

Postby Cleon on July 20th, 2022, 4:04 pm


Cleon sat back on the swing, rocking gently back and for the the breeze. His eyes drifted over to the sea for a moment as he soaked it all in. Syna glittering across the water. The waves frothing as they reached the shore, pounding the sand flat. This man who life put in his path. An interesting juxtaposition of the old and new with a belly full of wine to mellow it out. It would be getting dinner time soon, his belly already making the first few rumblings of hunger.

“I’m sure I could convince Faye to come along, and I’m sure Tazrae wouldn’t mind joining as well.” He remarked with a slight smile as he took off the hat to scratch at the top of his head. Something bluish green flickered in the corner of his eye, just out of sight when he removed the cap and his eye followed it down to he sand were he saw an otherworldly gem embedded there, glittering like a fallen star. Cleon hopped off his perch to scoop up the strange gem and turn it over in his hands. Strangely, someone had obviously worked on this gem before because it was was completely smooth, polished to a glassy sheen, and the most obvious part of all, there was a metal fastener on the top of the tear drop shaped gem. Cleon held it up to the sunlight, wondering exactly where it came from when he remembered himself and abruptly put his hand down, palming the gem.

“Seems Omae forgot something in my hat.” Cleon grinned turning the small gem over between his fingers before he brought it up again and tried it on the metal bracelet that encircled his wrist. Metal clicked against metal, but nothing happened. The gem did not attach which meant this was something different than another magical charm finding its way to him. Cleon quirked an eyebrow mildly interested then afraid him might lose it before getting the chance to investigate it, he pressed the small gemstone against his wrist again, this time against the messenger bag charm and in a blink it winked out of existence. ~There it would be safe for now. Cleon looked back up to Rhydian.

“I’m not sure how much experience you have with magic Rhydian but this place seems to be rife with it. I… well I guess I was prepared in a way for this. If everything hadn’t happened as it did in the order it had, I don’t know if I would have reacted the same way.” Cleon said, not realizing he wasn’t making any sense until a few ticks later. He tapped the side of his head with two fingers as his head briefly swam, and then slowly he retrieved his belongings off the ground, taking extra care not to make any sudden movements that might cause him to lose his balance. “I think I might have drank a bit too much wine. My head feels like I’m swimming in it.” He said, smiling a little regretfully. “I’m sorry, I’ve been trying not to over indulge like this but I let the moment get to me. Do you think you might like to grab a bite to eat?” He asked as he strapped Orenmir onto his hip, and then slid the straps of his bag over his shoulders. He’d linger a moment while he awaited Rhydian’s response, ready to head back to the Protea either way.

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Favors from below (Rhydian)

Postby Rhydian Lamoze on July 31st, 2022, 4:09 pm

A soft yawn would escape from the Eypharian's lips as he had maintained his attention on his newfound companion. The thought of himself, Brea, Faye, Cleon, and Tazrae all coming out here to enjoy themselves with one another had filled his chest with a tightness. It was a strange feeling that he couldn't quite understand. One that had simultaneously made him both exceedingly happy and yet somehow pained. "Yeah... It'll be really nieshhh to have all of ushh out here... I'm sure that Brea and Faye will have the besht of timesh together." With all of the liquor that is currently flowing through his system, albeit the overall quantity not being all that much, Rhydian had begun to think about the fact that it would have been quite nice to have some food in his stomach to kind of counteract the effects of the alcohol.

As this thought had been crossing his mind, Rhydian would take note of the tear drop shaped gem that Cleon had been inspecting at the moment. It was a bit difficult for him to make out at first but once his vision had stabilized a bit, Rhydian would fully take note of the gem. Surprisingly, this was something that he had recognized almost immediately. With eyes going wide in shock, Rhydian would begin to shoddily crawl towards Cleon. It was only by the time that he had been beside the swinging chair that Rhydian would manage to push himself up off of the ground. Of course he would trip upon standing and have to stabilize himself with the rope of the hanging chair. "I.. I know what that ish! I have a few bits of thoesh too..! They are Dreamglaze Gems!!" Having finally managed to get the words out, Rhydian would collapse down onto his knees, his highest set of hands still holding onto the rope that clung to the swinging chairs. "An'un gave me a boxsh with thoesh inshide..."

It was then that Rhydian would begin to realize the other things that Cleon had told him. Unfortunately his brain had been lagging behind a bit with the effects of the alcohol. "Yesh, thish plashe is crazy magical..! Musht be from all the godsh and godeshes. And the monolith! Like that myshtery god with the large claws!" A small bout of laughter would escape from the Eypharian's lips as he would use his two lower sets of hands to mimic slash claws out at Cleon. To this date, he still wasn't quite aware of whom the mystery god whose symbol had resided upon the monolith had been. Given that he still hadn't known anything about the god or goddess, the innate curiosity that had dwelled within the Eypharian had continued to grow.

Of course there was an even more important part of the conversation that Rhydian had almost skipped over entirely. The fact that Cleon had been recommending that the two of them go out together to get some food. The thought of having something in his stomach at the moment had honestly filled the Eypharian with complete and utter joy. Tazrae was by far one of the best cooks that he had ever had the joy of enjoying their food, if not the best cook whose food he had tasted. There was no doubt in the Eypharian's mind that she had been a master cook. One could only hope that she would eventually teach him how to make such delicious meals. "Letsh go get some food! I would loooooove to dig into one of Taz's sandwiches right now."

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