Completed Homeward Bound

Askalynn's arrival to Syka, before the dog days of summer.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Homeward Bound

Postby Askalynn on June 28th, 2022, 8:57 pm

2nd day of Summer, 522
Syka, Dock

Askalynn squinted to get a better look at the overwater ranchos as the ship neared shore. Soon enough, the journey would be over and she'd set foot into Syka. After all, she's heard so many good things about it in Riverfall, and after a decent bit of time spent in Riverfall itself, it just stopped feeling comfortable and she felt less and less free, although she was not constrained by anything, or anyone.

Her gaze followed the shoreline, which finally opened up for the dock just ahead. Askalynn's journey from Riverfall was a pleasant one, although a bit short. But, that didn't matter all too much. She knew that a relocation to Syka meant a fresh start, one that the young Kelvic felt like she truly needed. And it was a great looking fresh start, too. The smooth, warm sand that lined the beach was closer and closer. Some people walked along the beach, some were just enjoying the sun. The vibe of the place started to set in with Askalynn. It was going to be a shift, yes, but perhaps a shift for the better. Or so she had hoped.

Askalynn spotted the Svefra woman on board with her in the corner of her eye, and before parting ways perhaps forever, she decided to strike up a conversation. Walking a bit closer, she spoke.

"Isn't this beautiful? I can't believe I'm seeing this with my own eyes. This, right here! It's so unforgettable." she said and gestured towards the beach.

"You must be very young." the Svefra said, to which Askalynn seemed a little bit surprised.

"Huh, why? Because I called it unforgettable?"

"Yes. And you will forget, of course — that is how life goes. Everything is slowly lost to time. Memories fade to a blur and pain goes away. I remember my friend like one might remember a flower, or a bird. He was a shining beacon, a miracle of life in a world where everything seemed easy and beautiful. At first, I'd come all the way out to world's end for him. Now... ah, well. Best not to worry about it, Askalynn." she said and gestured outward, towards the dock in Syka.

"We're just a few minutes out, young Kelvic."

"So we are. Thank you."

"You've paid for it. Thank you for listening."

"I—of course. It's not a problem, ever." Askalynn responded in kind, and the smile on her face slowly faded back to a more neutral, resting expression. She found herself struggling to pick out the words to say.

"Young Kelvic, do you know what becomes of all the things that you do together with someone? Things left behind in the past? You see, when I asked my sister this, although I much more wanted to ask you of all people, she said: "It's so unusual to hear you speak like so. Wouldn't this morph into the present, and not disappear?", and those were some interesting words. But, do you understand what she meant by that? That all the memories that have happened, are actually mixed in with the present, which is mixing with the future, but the future is also mixed in with the past. It's only that we can't feel those things."

Askalynn stopped. She stared at the Svefra in bemusement as she tried to decipher what was just said. But it was hard. It did, however, make the journey pass by quicker. The ship neared the shore and Askalynn dipped her head downwards, moving her hair out of her face after a gust of wind messed it up. It felt like a sticky, sweaty veil that clung to her cheeks and her nose, and she shook her head to and fro just to air it out and freshen up a little bit.

She wiped the sweat off of her forehead with the back of her sleeve. Overdressed was a bold overstatement in regards to her fashion choices for the trip. The ship finally moored at the dock and was brought as close as can be. Without too much ado, Askalynn picked up her backpack and finally set foot onto the dock itself, turning to give the Svefra woman a wave of the hand.

"Thank you! I hope we cross paths again, I do! I hope to meet you again some-day, and I wish you all the best, of course. Only the best!"

The woman returned the wave and gave the Kelvic a genuine smile as a parting gift after the journey. "Be safe, young Kelvic." she said and started to adjust the rigging of the ship, occupying herself with a variety of tasks that were like second nature to the seafaring Svefra.

With her backpack now draped over her left shoulder, she stretched her legs down the dock, approaching Syka for the first time. She looked all around herself, taking it in.

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Homeward Bound

Postby Askalynn on June 29th, 2022, 1:22 am

Stepping down the dock, Askalynn couldn't stop her thoughts from wandering back towards the Svefra woman. She checked over her shoulder on occasion, secretly hoping that they'd talk some more. But, Askalynn had more important things to do. She needed to get settled into Syka and make this place her new home. It looked very welcoming, and the beaches looked incredible.

But, she had a lot to do. As she reached the end of the dock, she cast her gaze towards her left — observing the side of Syka she simply hadn't seen before, as her eyes were focused elsewhere. She observed the structure that is The Tidepool Bar, the beautifully-made cluster of ranchos and the splintering of docks made for a really impressive display. It intrigued her, but the whole place did! Especially the collection of swings that were all over Swing Beach.

It was not long before she took off from the dock, deciding to explore. The first goal in mind was to find someone nearby — introduce herself. Get acquainted with someone, anyone, and to perhaps get a head start towards establishing meaningful connections for the future. This idea took her to taking a turn towards the Syka Commons. Just as she was about to set foot onto the wide, wooden stairs, she heard a voice coming from the side.

"Hey, you."

"Huh, wha, me?" Askalynn turned to face no other than Randal Zor.

"Yeah, you. You're new to Syka, aren't you?"

"I... yes. Yes, I am. My name is Askalynn." she responded with a smile, stepping forward to offer a handshake. Shaking hands with Randal, he introduced himself.

"Randal Zor. I'm one of the three founders of this settlement. Now, come along with me, Askalynn. Where are you from? What brings you to Syka?"

Barraged with question, she found it a touch too difficult to focus on what was immediately being asked. Yet, she followed along Randal's steps as he went up towards the Commons, dropping in an answer when-ever she could.

"Uh, yes. Yes. I'm Askalynn and I come from Riverfall! i, um. I-ummm. Uh!" she stammered as she picked up the pace going up the stairs, her backpack rattling in her wake. It was humorous to see or hear this unfold, because despite her usual gait being one of quickness, she seemed to struggle keeping up with Randal, but that was mostly due to her eyes going all over the place. She couldn't help but gawk at the lush woodlands and the sight of the golden sand. It helped, the sound of waves crashing against the docked ship, structures and shore alike, but also the smell of sea air — it all kept her distracted from one of the most basic tasks that she could be doing.

"I come here because... I wish to stay here. I do!" she explained, tugging onto one of her backpack straps during the ascent. Wrapping that up, Randal gave the woman a nod before going on to explain. The Commons had a decent bit of people present, and although the place was active, it felt peaceful and relaxed.

"You want to stay in Syka? By this, you don't mean a vacation stay, you mean living here for an extended period of time, past the summer?"

Askalynn downed a few nods in rapid succession as a response to his inquiry. "Yes! Yes, exactly that." she explained.

"Do you know anything about Syka, then?"

"Ye-ah... um. I just heard, from people that traveled from Riverfall-and-back, that it's a nice place. Good people." she responded with a smile on her face.

"I see, okay. This, here? Commons. As the name might suggest, it's the common area for settlers here. This is where you come to socialize with others, have fun, or work on something. Whether it's recreational or not, it's up to you. There's also the roofed part of the commons. That one's available in case the weather isn't all too generous that day. Smaller gatherings or parties can be hosted here. You'll come to figure that out as you stay here, though." he said and got a move on deeper into the commons, taking Askalynn through the motions of a cursory introduction to the place. He did a quick loop around the lofted space and the kitchen, before taking off to the forge.

The forge was on the outer circle of the commons, and boasted a wonderful view of the sea just ahead. Of course, the busy beaches were also very visible from up here. The forge, vacant at that moment, still looked pretty impressive to Askalynn. Many tools and equipment were present within. "This is the forge. Artik works in here, and he's a master of his craft... and also the craft of helping you out, should the path of a blacksmith interest you. Truth be told, he has no obligation towards making things, much as he does in having a more teaching-oriented role. One of support, for new smiths. Prospectful ones, even." Randal said.

"I... okay. I see. That's great to know, thank you!"

"Just remember. It's not exactly his forge. It is the community's, so ownership is shared." Randal took a small pause, picking up a hammer that laid adjacent to him.

"Yet, we all work for the community. So, if you fancy yourself a blacksmith, you will spend much of your time in here."

"Got it!"

Setting the hammer down, Randal beckoned the young Kelvic along, keeping the tour going.

"As I mentioned many a-times, we are a community, here in Syka. In order to stay in the community, you need to contribute to the community. What can you do?" he asked.

"Well, I... I am good with people! I'm talkative, communicative, and I am an excellent listener, I am!" Askalynn said with a proud smile on her youthful face, moving her hands around while speaking.

"I am... I am a community-oriented person, and I'm not-bad at foraging! Although, to be perfectly honest with you, I have never foraged in an area like so. I'm more used to the vertical nature of Riverfall. But, surely I'll adapt to this! Trees are vertical, too! Are they not?"

"Yes... yes, they are. Come on. Let me show you around some more, we're far from done."

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Homeward Bound

Postby Askalynn on June 30th, 2022, 2:37 am

Randal moved away from the forge and ultimately, out of the Commons. He waved Askalynn along, and she obliged, for sure. She tailed him and picked up her pace. Her brown eyes now took less of their surroundings, and her focus was more on him. The whole introduction moved along pretty quick, and they spoke while walking.

"So, Askalynn. Tell me about yourself, then. Syka, here, is a community. It thrives based on what we all collectively do for Syka. We must grow as a settlement. It is that kind of nurture, the nurture of life that keeps us going. A cycle, sure, but otherwise — we won't be surviving. It's not going to be easy work, what ever it is that you decide to do." he paused, stopping to take a look at the young Kelvic who was panting a little, clearly finding her own attire a bit too much of a burden for a hot summer day, even if it was this early on into the season.

The truth was a simple one — she was overdressed for the occasion. Noticing Randal's gaze upon her, she beamed a genuine smile and did away with the hair that was in front of her face. Despite it being relatively short, it knew how to get in the way at the most inopportune times. Yet, hair was something she struggled to tame.

"Well, I..."

She paused, thinking on how to answer that. It was a very open-ended question that allowed the conversation to flow.


"Well, I... I am a Kelvic. A crow! I, um... um. Uh. I feel like I am in touch with nature — very much so. Maybe not with the jungle here, just yet, but I can do my best to adapt and learn, you see! I—I am here for a good time, but also, hopefully — for a long time, as well! I will work, I can work."

"Right, right."

Askalynn focused onto Randal's eyes, establishing some prolonged eye contact. She didn't want him to think that she'd waver, no. She wanted to assert herself as somebody who's trustworthy and reliable. Maybe, just maybe, it would help her get situated a little bit better.

"Say, I have a question."

"Yes, what is it?"

"About... the living situation here."

"Well, you're in luck, Askalynn."

"I am?"

"Yes, you are. We have some options. There's plenty, infact. If you're struggling, Askalynn, you can stay at the Guest Quarters. They're pretty open, but they're free. Rangers pass by so it's pretty safe, and it's close to the Commons. As we are a community, of course, you're expected to work for your stay. If you wish to stay there, you'll have to contribute. It's not paid, though. Just so you are well-aware of this fact." he continued to walk, beckoning the woman along.

Naturally, she followed.

"Your next option would be The Protea Inn. It's a beachside lodge, very pet-friendly, very clean and overall? It's just a really nice place. The food is excellent, and you can always use it for other things. Such as gatherings — basically, anything that you can think of for the Commons? You can do it in Protea. Simple enough? Moving on!" Randal clapped his hands together as the two wandered towards the beach. They haven't exactly stuck on the path, though they have slowly — but surely — made their way towards the Bungalows. Randal went on to explain.

"Now, this — this is where you can purchase or rent one of the many bungalows. Very comfortable and decently-sized, not a bad choice at all. You can buy them, or rent them." he gesticulated as they approached.

"I want the beach one!" Askaylnn said with a lot of joy and excitement to her tone.

"One of the overwater ranchos?"

"Ahuh, y-yeah!" she nodded her head to affirm.

"I see... well. You're also in luck, since I have some available. You've seen them. Built on pilings and lining the coastline. They're very airy, and very comfortable. It does look like you need something to freshen up with." he pointed out. "You're as sweaty as one can get, and it's a little worrying to me now."

She giggle-snorted and shook her head briskly. "It's fine. It's fine. So... how much are we talking if I were to, uh... rent one of those? You know — for a whole season."

"Hm... that'd cost you a hundred and fifty gold-rimmed Mizas."

Askalynn rubbed her wrist for a moment before nodding. "Yeah? Well... we have a deal in that case."

"Are you sure you can afford that? You did just arrive here, and from my knowledge, you don't have a job."

"I don't have a job yet!" she said with a proud smile on her face, giving him a reassuring nod. Her brown eyes settled upon his, and the subconscious suggestion was there.

Randal narrowed his eyes at her, but then conceded with a nod.
"Fine, fine. You can rent it out, but you'll still have to get introduced to the rest of the settlement. Remember, it is a place that lives and breathes. It has its own heartbeat thanks to the community. Be a part of it."

To this, she could only nod her head rapidly in agreement. The sweat-slicked strands of hair bobbing up and down with no control whatsoever. "Thank you! I'll do my best, I promise."

"Mmhm... anyways. The other two founders are Captain James. He's the Captain of the Veronica. She's a story on her own, you should definitely ask him about it. Excellent sailor, by the way. If that is your interest, well, he is bound to be an excellent mentor for you."

Their trek continued along the edge, towards the ranchos.

"And last but definitely not least is Mathias. He is a man of academics, who decided that the academic life was no longer for him. So on he went, sea-faring as he did. Nothing short of an excellent man, and this you'll come to learn."

"Very... well." Askalynn said and stopped in her tracks, taking a peek at Randal.

"Do you know if the inn is hiring? I think I could do okay there. I'm not the best with super-demanding stuff, but..." she trailed off.

Randal couldn't help himself but smile at that. "You'll have to make a visit and find out. Your rent is due on the last day of Summer. This one is yours." he said and gestured towards one of the ranchos in the distance. "Claim it as you will."

But, without further ado, Askalynn swung her backpack up front and went through it like a wild animal going through a stockpile of food. She rummaged through it with haste, starting to count out her coin. In increments of ten, she paid it all up-front, having a bit of trouble standing still in place due to the excitement. A new home, hopefully one for the long-term, in a paradise-like location. What more could she ask for?

"Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty... sixty-five, seventy, seventy-four-five-six—eighty. Ninety, one hundred—ten,twenty,thirty,forty... five... fifty. Okay. One hundred and fifty, right here!" she said with a tone filled to the brim with excitement.

Hesitant at first, Randal took the money after a few moments of deliberation, counting through it all in order to make sure things are in order. And it was all correct, she wasn't fibbing with it. One hundred gold-rimmed Mizas, just like he had requested of her.

"Great. Great! You didn't have to, but it is fine. Now, much as I'd love to... answer any questions that you might have, I do have some things to do now. To say the least, this was a little bit unplanned. You should still introduce yourself to the others. You seem to have your heart in the right place, and that's what matters. If I'm being honest... I'm not entirely sold, but I believe that you'll do well. See you later, Askalynn — it was nice meeting you." Randal concluded and waved at her. The young Kelvic eagerly waved back before hastily stepping down the dock towards her new home.

Going in through the doorway, Askalynn took her backpack off and left it by the counter on her left-hand side, immediately moving in to the bedroom, where she laid down and took a moment to herself. To think, of course. Ultimately, this led to her falling asleep with the soft, refreshing breeze cooling her in this well-ventilated piece of heaven.

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Homeward Bound

Postby Gossamer on July 10th, 2022, 9:14 pm

The Fates Have Spoken
Here is your thread grade!


Observation +5, Socialization +5, Psychology +1, Logic +2

Syka: Overwater Rancheros – Location & Appearance, Cost, Syka: Dock – Location & Appearance, Syka: Warm & Humid, Randal Zor: Appearance & Mannerism, Syka Commons: Appearance & Location, Syka Forge: Location & Appearance, Socialization: Explaining Oneself – Describing One’s Needs, Guest Quarters: Cost (Free), Location & Appearance, Syka: All The Housing Options, Bungalows: Location, Appearance, Cost, Founders: Captain James, Randal, and Mathias, Home: Establishing A Place To Call Home In Syka, Psychology: Overcoming Shyness To Ask For What One Wants

Mod Note: This was a fun first read. I like your writing and how you add so much outside detail to bring the scene to life instead of just streamline this happened, then that happened, etc. It was a nice little read.

As always PM me if you have issues.

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