Evalynn's Plotnotes

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Evalynn's Plotnotes

Postby Evalynn Frostfawn on July 6th, 2022, 7:55 am

Current Events


Evalynn came to Syka in hopes to establish a foot into a society and have possible protection. She so far has acquired a job and has a mutual love interest with a local just one season in.

Season To-Do

  • Finish 2 Job threads - One Complete
  • Entangle people into my Story - Possibly 2 victims
  • Continue writing my Past life Dream - Probably solo the rest
  • Discuss with others about my Dream - Need more victims
  • Improve more skills - Target skills are for Sykans

Skill Advancement Goals

  • Carpentry - C+
  • Weapon - Dagger - C+
  • Disguise - M+
  • WS - Jungle - C+
  • Meditation - C+
  • Construction - C+
  • Herbalism - C+
  • Botany - C+
  • Scavenging - C+

Relationship Goals

  • Tell Moritz about being Vantha
  • Bond with Moritz - if accepting of race

Living Goals

  • Save up money to buy land
  • Start construction on land

Personal Goals for Evalynn

  • Create a writing schedule
  • Stay on task and be timely
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