To Disguise a Boy

Is that a new boy in town?

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To Disguise a Boy

Postby Evalynn Frostfawn on November 11th, 2023, 3:57 pm

Fall 56, 523 AV

Eva had a bright idea to do something fun today while she had the time. She had awakened before the sun could rise to begin the slow and tedious work of braiding and locking her hair to fit under a cap she had found laying out in the streets one day. First she would wet sections and stretch her hair, then use some thin thread to gently braid it until it reached the bottom of her shoulder blade. She would braid a few sections before she moved on with making locs. She didn't want to actually lock up her hair and cause a huge mess later, so instead she used the thread to stretch and wrap into one big piece of hair. It wasn't perfect, but it did the job to a not so discerning eye.

She did this with multiple sections of her hair until her arms burned and the hair was finished. She made sure to be extra careful with the areas where her colors could show through and made sure when she put the cap on it was low in the back. However, there were plenty of loc like braids on her head to cover the areas of concern, but just in case she took the cap and tucked all her hair in before securing it down on her head. Next, she would work on her make up and sat in front of the mirror to examine her face. She had a diamond like face and big eyes with plump, full lips. A shallow scar ran down her right cheek from the bottom of her eye to her jawline.

She didn't know how to turn her face into a mans, but she definitely knew how to hide her womanly looks. She got up from her seat and made her way around the house, looking for anything she could use. She went to the fireplace and grabbed some charcoal and ash, crushing it together and sort of dabbing along her arms, neck, and face so she would look dirty from either the mines or the streets. She also applied some to her hair as an added bonus for scent, maybe she could be a soot cleaner if that was such a job here.

Going back to the mirror, she examined her work and did some touch ups, blending out some places and making some stand out more. She then dirtied her clothes, which wasn't difficult since they were already dirty from her messing with the fireplace. Now she looked nothing like the little housewife that lived out near the graveyard, and more like a dirty paperboy who would stab you if needed. Which reminded her that she needed to have a street worthy weapon with her, and what better weapon than a shiv she snatched off a dead body. She tucked it away in the back of her waistband and sort of hid it with her shirt before giving herself one last look at her outfit. She nodded with confidence and made her way out the door right as the sun started peeking up over the horizon.

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